All of these screenshots were taken on Kali at about the time the AI enemies were ruining online play. For about 2 weeks I couldn’t get a fight and just started taking screenshots with friends. All taken in Direct 3D mode, 640×480 original screen resolution (these are cropped), using a Monster 3D card.

The flying Cheetah Mk2 with the railgun is the legendary =DC= Bean, trying unsuccessfully to land on and ride President Gearstomper’s mammoth. We must have spent about 2 hours trying to accomplish this silly feat.

I was taking rapid fire screenshots and caught this image of an anti-gear missile, something we don’t usually get a good look at. How do they fit that thing inside the AGMK backpack? Notice that the main weapon is the Light Particle Accelerator… completely useless in real multiplayer fighting (unless your enemy is incredibly stupid and/or brings a strider), but I liked the cool green beam and was trying to get a pic of it. I borrowed it from President Gearstomper, who is in the heinously over-armed Hunter XMG off to the left.

A bunch of us took some mammoths and such in for some screwing around; I think this one was piloted by =DC= Beorning, and had already lost its arm weaponry and was just dancing around. Notice the torso twist, something which is technically impossible in a mammoth (=DC= Jackal and I worked on trying to make this a usable feature later). The lighting on this pic and others from this session is fantastic… western desert at high noon yields some great lighting effects.

President Gearstomper’s favorite pic. Running into rocks and falling down is one of my favorite activities, and I wondered how I could make my stupid B5 skirmisher look appealing…

When I realized I wasn’t going to be getting many fights after laying down the law in a few 4 and 5 on 1’s and everyone was off beating on the AI, I made some gears strictly for comedy value. This one is modeled after something I saw Azrael, an old-time player, use once, except the south model looks more ridiculous. Nothing but antipersonnel weapons and hand grenades on this sucker, and no wheels used… it ruins the image.

For some reason I was taking pictures of =DC= Beorning in some of his southie contraptions, and got some nice images of his gold mamba biting the dust. I just love when that happens. Notice the blocky pixellated explosion, a necessary compromise when one is trying to get decent graphics and good speed out of an old clunky tired engine *coughTitaniumcough*. They do look better in v1.2 with voodoo2… if that ever gets finished.

Did I mention the gorilla gear has jump jets? Another useless accessory designed to waste valuable loadout. Way down on the ground is President Gearstomper, who is obviously in awe of the Gorilla’s incredible lack of combat effectiveness.

The gorilla in his best Heisman trophy pose.

Poor old President Gearstomper, in a crippled Mammoth… the way they usually wind up.

The way I usually wind up, drunk, passed out, with a freaking strider beating on me. Those little flying donuts are =DC= Bean’s railgun… he couldn’t resist shooting off President Gearstomper’s left arm MBZK and interfering with my photo shoot.

That’s me in the ridiculous unguided Hunter XMG, pretending to exert authority over mammoth pilots =DC= Beorning, =DC= Jackal and =DC= DJ (I think… maybe it was =DC= Cat’s Meow… as long as it wasn’t that friggin Gearstomper again). Notice the HRP48 on my gear… I was a big proponent of this weapon after I got a few lucky kills at short range while circling, and put it on every unguided gear I could. After this game I stopped doing that, realizing that I couldn’t even peg a porky mammoth at medium speeds.

Just a nice pic of =DC= Beorning in southie disguise illustrating the size discrepancies between an anti-gear missile and a medium bazooka shell. What were these rendering artists thinking?

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