Shadwolf (forum)

posted 5/14/99 9:00:57 PM

One of the great things about being an American is the fact that every once in a while you get a particularly stupid individual like Amy Fisher, OJ Simpson, or Tawana Brawley. This gives us a chance to make fun of some worthless loser and have a good laugh at other’s expense. Lately, we’ve been handed a doozy as some loser kids decided to get back their lunch money with some guns and crappy homemade pipebombs. Score one for the angsty goth types – NOT! Suprisingly, no jokes have come out yet, so I am taking it upon myself to start them off:

What do you call an angsty teen with a gun?

A fucking loser!

Please feel free to share any good jokes you might have heard on the subject.

Shadwolf (forum)

One more thing
posted 5/14/99 9:03:51 PM

Ancient Goth – one of the fierce barbarians that sacked the Roman Empire.

Modern Goth – a vegetarian pretending to be a vampire.


Doom Trooper (forum)

Howard Collins hurt you deeply.
posted 5/15/99 7:22:55 AM

I want one of those T-shirts.

nice white on black, and a big-ol’ picture of Mu’s face on the back with that trademark bug-eyed grimace he’s famous for.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’ll be a big hit with the kiddies.

even better… Mu’s face on front, text on back.

ICQ message

5/15/99 11:42 AM

just read ur C dalton thing
im a gen Xer and now im being put in the same catagory as the baby boomers lol. say it aint so. im not that freaking old am I? i’ll kick that whipper snapers ass

Black Bart (forum)

There’s a new sherrif in town!
posted 5/15/99 12:56:22 PM

Thar bringin in sum new dude from Dodge. I here his name’s Dalton. You’d best clean up yer act. I heer’d he kilt a whole school fulla kids all by hiself. Fastest pipebomb this side o’ the Missisipi, they say.

Max Longstreet (forum)

Hi Dalton
posted 5/15/99 2:41:51 PM

Just read the Dalton Zone–fantastic! It’s clearly the most entertaining read I’ve ever had on Mu’s site.

Let me get up on my soapbox for a moment. Does it ever occur to people like Dalton that one actually has a choice not to be offended by another’s words? This a website, and a silly one at that; it’s not life or death. It’s seems to be a cottage industry in this country to take offense at things other people say. What about the possibility of simply enjoying the wit of another’s insults? A war of insults is both more entertaining and less harmful than a real fight, unless someone is stupid enough to take it seriously. I think most people grow up having to deal with assholes in high school. You can deal with it in one of two different ways; you can can get upset and bitter and become as big an asshole as those insulting you, or you can realize that someone simply said something you didn’t like and that as long as it’s just words, it’s no big deal. I hope our friend Dalton takes the second path.

Musashi (forum)

re: Hi Dalton
posted 5/15/99 5:15:36 PM

What a lame post. You suck you lamer. Corp Por. Corp Por.

Max Longstreet (forum)

re: Hi Dalton
posted 5/15/99 5:18:41 PM

This is a perfect example. I could get all upset, go over to Mu’s house, attempt to pull his hair and call him a poopiehead. But I’m way beyond that kind of juvenile nonsense; I’m the embodiment of maturity, calm, and grace under pressure.

P.S. Mu, I’ll meet you in the Octagon tommorrow–I’ll cut your heart out and eat it for lunch!

Dostovei (forum)

Well at LEAST call him a poopiehead. (NT)
posted 5/16/99 12:55:59 AM

Shadwolf (forum)

C.Dalton is a poopiehead! (NT)
posted 5/16/99 3:51:59 AM


Shadwolf (email to C. Dalton)

Subject:  10 inch intellects
Date:  Sat, 15 May 1999 15:42:54 -0400

A couple of helpful pointers for debating with MU:

    MU is about as far away as you can get from the so-called norm that you believe him to represent.

    Get a different Thesaurus.  Mindless rhetoric, wrapped in verbosity and couched in obfuscation impresses no one.  Points are better made through direct and intelligent use of common language.

    Read between the lines.  This is really unnecessary, as Mu has gone to the trouble to be very unsubtle that you might better understand him.  No matter how much you may want to fight about it, he has made more than adequate response to most of your claims.  You might try making intelligent counter-arguments rather than claiming that he’s dodging the point with semantics.

    I hope this has been instructional (though I somehow doubt it).  Please don’t be scared off by us "Macho" types.  I hope to see more of your enlightening correspondence.  There is so little humour left in the world today.



Hyacinth (forum)

Why bother slapping one kid down…
posted 5/15/99 7:24:33 PM

When you could get the whole generation at once with an appropriately searing review of generational angst and gothic fashion design a.k.a. "The Matrix." [*ducks*]

Dostovei (forum)

But….but I like the Matrix!! I’m gonna keal U!!  (NT)
posted 5/16/99 12:57:06 AM


Email message

Subject:  Greetings from the old man…
Date:  Sun, 16 May 1999 01:16:17 -0500


    …I read the C. Dalton Zone also. All I can say is C. Dalton isn’t worth the squirt of cum that produced him and he suks me also.




Beorn (forum)

C.Dalton vs Mu
posted 5/16/99 1:17:16 AM

If you’re looking for humour here, be aware that it may only appear as a bi-product.

As far as I can tell, C.Dalton endorses the actions of ‘FUCKING IDIOTS’ who go on a shooting spree.  ‘They got what they deserved.’ he states somewhere in that ongoing argument entitled ‘The C.Dalton Zone’.

Now, Mu has led us astray, lumping ‘goths’ and angst suffering teenagers together with the now deceased ‘FUCKING IDIOTS’.

Of secondary importance, media wise anyhow, was this particular group’s fascination with hitler. This itself points to the ‘responsibilty for one’s actions’ argument, as any who feel hitler was such a great guy already feel the world owes them something.


Take some one to be a leader. must have some sort of intelligence, or at least some competency with reading. Preferably some suckie who feels wronged by everyone around him.

Do lots of research on The Great Losers. Be just like them, and find groups of ‘outsiders’ to blame for your own inadequacies. Any group will do, the main requirement being their availability as targets. If you are stuck finding a way in which the targets are different from you and thus deserving of contempt, you are not trying hard enough – leeway is allowed here to use imagination for the sole purpose of dividing ‘US’ from ‘THEM’. Feel free to romanticize the worthless deeds and accomplishments of your chosen hero[es], censoring any realistic views as needed. Rest assured, the world is filled with gullible, if not downright stupid people, after all, hitler made the cover of time magazine as man of the year, and although that was some years ago, there is no indication of a modern vaccine against stupidity.  Recruit as many of these stupid/gullible people as possible. Minor brainwashing is permitted, but be sure to use a gentle cycle.

Never admit your group is doing wrong, or could do wrong, or is responsible for their failures; that way
leads to thinking. If you step on a pile of dogshit, blame the owner of the dog, or the city for not keeping the street clean; most of all don’t blame yourself for not looking where you were going – you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to do the same stupid thing over and over again. The group must maintain it’s blind progress [if that happens to be towards oblivion, just think of oblivion as a permanent change of pace].  If you still feel such a group is a good idea, I can only state that I have failed in my attempt to encourage free thinking. Perhaps it was my choice of words…

[stay tuned for the next installment on the nature of words]

Shadwolf (forum)

You go boyee!  (NT)
posted 5/16/99 3:43:11 AM

Beorn (forum)

The nature of words [Mu was wrong]
posted 5/16/99 4:34:18 AM

those hatefull things.
I just returned from my second visit to ‘The C. Dalton Zone’. And come to this conclusion:  Though possessing some sort of intelligence, C. Dalton’s comprehension skills are lacking. Perhaps it’s just me, I can’t get over his statement that some sort of peotic justice occured in Colombine. He attempts to disguise this by turning it into a debate about goth accessories and generation gap, and a whole lot of flowery phrases [you get an A for vocabulary, but you still talk shit], and some justificationary crap alleging violence will be reduced as a result.

Mu, he’s in category 1. the kid really is an asshole.

Hypocritical Blue Whining Co-cksucker  (forum)

re: The nature of words [Mu was wrong]
posted 5/16/99 11:05:32 PM

Pure Genius, Mu, pure genius. I have to agree with your side of the arguement. I have to admit that i felt a little bit for the shooters that committed the crime, because i was ridiculed in high school, but that doesn’t make going out and killing everyone ok, you see those who did ridicule me in HS are dropouts who are flipping burgers, and i’m sitting contently in my house with a wife, a great job, and i’m giving the finger to all those people. The point of my rant is to say When someone ridicules you, don’t get angry, that person is giving you an observation from which they judged you. Either you fit the judgement, or you change. You Don’t Go out and kill people cause they called you bad names. (boo-hoo) :>

This kinda is like UO as well, When those of us that play uo were newbies we HATED pk’s. Now we are the pk’s. Simply because we got tired of being taken advantage of, and changed something about our playstyle. We didn’t go out and start using those 3rd party programs ( well maybe some of us did), from which came swift banning. We play the game like it was meant to be played. And now it’s better than ever

Shadwolf (forum)

re: The nature of words [Mu was wrong]
posted 5/17/99 11:36:58 PM

I’ll give you .35 cents for "justificationary."

Beorn (forum)

re: hehe liked that one did ya.
posted 5/17/99 11:41:07 PM

I’ll settle for a farthing.



Dostovei (forum)

I’m baaaack!!!
posted 5/16/99 1:18:14 AM

Hi there. I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been sick in bed with the flu. That was boring, so I decided to post on Mu’s forum with the flu. I just read half of the C. Dalton Zone, (I think. My head hurts too much to actually hit that back button or whatever it is.) at which point I had to stop because of nausea. Okay, yeah, I hang out with those freak outcast guys, but only because they dress so k3wL! That and they are actually much more intelligent than the freaking jocks. "oooh! Look at me! I play football!! I cannot read, write, or use all the buttons on a blender, but I am an popular person!!" They’re not all bad, though. I have lots of friends who are preps in the extreme. There were also a few freaks that I hated. It really just depends on the person. To display to all of my little forum buddies that I am not a shortsighted, or overall homicidal twit that cannot let go of a grudge, I will not make a few apologies. *ahem* Shadwolf, I don’t really remember what it was that threw us into our long argument, but I apologize for whatever it is that I said to offend you.  …and that’s it. All of the rest of you deserve it!! muahahahahaaa!!

Balbanes (forum)

re: I’m baaaack!!!
posted 5/16/99 11:19:39 PM

Ya know, I played HS football,and recieved all state honors.I was in the computer and chess clubs,and now all i do is bring excellence such as this to the internet =) i did drugs and had piercings. I studied for tests when i could’ve gotten laid. I dressed conservativly. I was in ALL of the cliques, but didn’t fit in with anyone, shit, 28 composite on the ACT,1350 SAT, and i’ve been in drug rehab for 6 months when i was 17, and i’m currently enrolled in Cal Tech Computer Science studying for my AAS. You see I played football, COULD read and write, and use all the buttons on a blender, was not a popular person, and most of my friends were dropouts and addicts, i just don’t fit into any category but i guess you could say i’m FUCKED UP cause i do things that certain "cliques" would never do, i wasn’t exclusive to any kind of clique in high school. I just did whatever the fuck i felt like. And didn’t give a rats ass about what people thought about me. I wasn’t in it to please them or give them the time of day But an interesting piece!  Indeed! Damn i get defensive too fast :P

————la la la Feel free to fire away!

Dostovei (forum)

Wannabe.  (NT)
posted 5/17/99 7:30:24 AM

Vanyel (forum)

Enigma.  (NT)
posted 5/19/99 5:14:45 AM

J. (forum)

Jock.  (NT)
posted 5/17/99 3:47:01 AM



J. (icq)

5/16/99 10:54 PM

*reads the C. Dalton rants*

u r0k!

5/17/99 2:16 AM

Post this comment, if you care to:

That Dalton kid had a lot in common with those two kids from Littleton — all three were in serious need of good blow jobs.

5/17/99 2:22 AM

Now, if you’re looking for real insight into what’s up with kids being messed up and shooting stuff, consider the Senate testimony of Henry Jenkins, director of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Program and author of "From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games," in PDF format at

Now can we get back to talking about UO?



Beorn (forum)

Dalton Disappoints
posted 5/17/99 2:15:42 PM

The latest installment to the C.Dalton zone reads like a series of footnotes referring to more footnotes. We have progressed from circular logic to a circle jerk. I hope Mu doesn’t start cutting and pasting Dalton’s cutting and pasting.  Mu has the advantage of sticking his comments in a place that makes sense. Dalton’s attempt to mirror this creates confusion, and worse, boredom.  A thoroughly unimaginative response.  I had such High hopes.

At least ShadowWolf’s offerings made me feel like I didn’t waste a trip. :)

Musashi (forum)

posted 5/17/99 3:32:29 PM

Actually, my next update is almost nothing but cut and paste! I’m so confused by all this contradictory arguing, that I just concatenated all of his statements and tried to group them under headings. They still don’t make much sense.

Beorn (forum)

re: hmmm
posted 5/17/99 5:15:52 PM

Mu’s cutting and pasting may potentially help those who were wise enough, or fortunate enough not to have read the earlier, pre-responded to hate mail.

Actually, the real benefit is Mu’s replies. Dalton still gives nothing new, unless new flip flopping counts.

I confess to not reading through the entire mess again, having suffered enough the first time. I merely skimmed and rushed to Mu’s responses.

Shadwolf (forum)

re: Dalton Disappoints
posted 5/17/99 11:24:04 PM

I just calls um like I sees um.



Max Longstreet (forum)

more C. Dalton nonsense
posted 5/17/99 11:22:17 PM

Reading the latest back-and-forths between Mu and Dalton, I am reminded of the words of the immortal Flounder, who, when the town parade is completely trashed and pure chaos is breaking out, gleefully exclaims something like "Boy, isn’t this great!"

I find this most entertaining debate to be an example of Max Longstreet’s first rule of life, which I will explain shortly. I noticed that one element of the argument between Mu and Dalton seems to be about complaints. Dalton apparently has the deluded notion that Mu believes that all complaints are bad and that no one has the right to complain. Mu tries in vain to convince him otherwise, but to no avail. This is quite funny to me, as a person who has known Mu for many years; the idea that somebody thinks Mu doesn’t believe in complaining.

In fact, Max Longstreet’s first rule of life says that people choose their friends by the quality (entertainment value) of their complaints. Anyone who doesn’t believe this should ask themselves what they are doing on Mu’s board, or why they are reading Mu’s rants. I have long ago realized what any visitor to Mu’s page soon discovers: Mu is in fact an excellent compainer, combining an excellent vocabulary and an original, acerbic wit to come out with countless entertaining ways to talk about things that suck. Mu enjoys using his talents, and clearly derives much of his life’s pleasure from complaining. In fact, I believe, this is one reason why Mu continues to play UO even though he knows that the game blows; if he ever stopped playing he would lose a valuable source of entertaining nonsense to complain about.

This is not to say I generally find complaints entertaining. In general, complaints are only useful when they are made with a purpose, i.e. the complaint is made constructively in order to actively change something that isn’t working. Now in the case of the myriad complaints on this message board and most of Mu’s complaints, no one has any commitment to change anything; rather, the only commitment people seem to have is towards whining endlessly. Given that’s the case, it becomes paramount to at least amuse in the course of one’s whining, otherwise one quickly becomes intolerable. Cretins who just flame things without any wit or argument to back them up deserve to be insulted just for boring us.

Which brings us full circle back to the case of Mr. Dalton. This fellow is the rare example of the complainer who is unwittingly entertaining; in his case because of his passionate naivete. Who doesn’t chuckle over such speeches as: "Those of you from past generations are inferior species mentally…We will drown you in our wake; all your preconceived notions will be invalidated. Our generation will make the world more of a better place than you had even dreamed of. Then perhaps you will admit you were wrong, completely wrong, for saying we had no value as people just because we were teenagers."

The only problem is that Dalton is so serious and so predictable that his dogmatic idealism quickly becomes tiresome. Mu’s retorts are now just leading to semantic arguments and risk that greatest of all possible message board sins, that of boring the reader.

Therefore, to spruce up the comedy, I suggest that Mu take a more dadaistic (is that a word?) tack with Dalton rather than continue regular debate. I suggest Mu start becoming much more concilatory in private e-mails to Dalton, suggesting that perhaps Dalton was right about a lot of what he said. Once his trust is gained, Mu could then confess a secret: he is in love with Dalton, and his bulging intellect, and that he only responded so viciously to Dalton’s first e-mails to hide his manly desires. Any uncomfortable response from Dalton could then be posted as the crowning pinnacle of….THE C. DALTON ZONE!

J. (forum)

More to the point
posted 5/18/99 4:37:12 AM

Let’s consider why C. Dalton is likely to assume Mu thinks complaining is wrong. The most obvious reason is the illogical assumption that satire is directed at people who are wrong, and that the message of satire is that everything the satirized do is wrong.

The gunboys at Columbine High weren’t wrong for being screwed up or complaining. They were wrong for expressing their screwed-upness by killing other students, many of whom didn’t know them and weren’t involved with their arguments with specific jerks.

Dalton assumed Mu was satirizing the two for being complainers, assuming that Mu thought complaining was wrong.

Kids shouldn’t drive Beamers to school.

Rich parents ought to be able to afford time with their children.

Sam Brownback should stop eating Doritos at work.




Warnhack (forum)

posted 5/18/99 1:17:57 PM

I just read the C. Dalton thing. I have come to a conclusion using C.Dalton’s Wisdom ???. I think that C. Dalton has been tying to bully Mu. I think C. Dalton has been harassing Mu with his words. I think C. Dalton has been putting Mu down.  Now based on these observations, I think Mu should so what C. Dalton has inferred. I think Mu should waste him. It would serve him right.

BTW I resent that Mu calls his site Cheesy. It’s not. I use to have the Cheesies site on the Web until I moved ISP’s. I haven’t put it back up yet.

Musashi (forum)

Applying C. Dalton to Cheese
posted 5/18/99 2:04:07 PM

How can you judge my cheese when you don’t understand my generation? You have had your cheese, which is why it’s called YOUR cheese and not MY cheese. Your cheese has no bearing on my cheese. I have more cheese than you give me credit for. Keep blathering on about "cheese".

Those of you from past websites are inferior species mentally, as you’ve proven so graciously here. We will drown you in our Java; all your preconceived HTML tags will be invalidated. Our generation will make the web more of a better place than you had even dreamed of. Then perhaps you will admit you were wrong, completely wrong, for saying we had no value as webmasters just because we were angsty. What, isn’t that what you’ve been trying to prove in your entire post, that our code is meaningless just because we’re dumbasses?

Hmm… I didn’t see your site. I’ll ask J. about it later, as he knows every UO site in existence. 8P

Beorn (forum)

posted 5/18/99 2:11:45 PM

Warnhack (forum)

re: Applying C. Dalton to Cheese
posted 5/19/99 6:17:45 AM

How can you judge my cheese when you don’t understand my generation?

We are probably close to the same generation.

I gradutamated in the Mid 70′s.

Hmm… I didn’t see your site. I’ll ask J. about it later, as he knows every UO site in existence. 8

Actually the site wasn’t a UO site. It was before I started my life here.

I enjoy the site. I think C.D. is a lost cause, but you never know. As you pointed out, his thought for the most part are not cohesively coherent and aligned, and he has the apparent Charlie Brown (of Peanuts Fame) / Bill Clinton disease of Wishy Washieness, and says one thing one moment, and another right after that, that are at odds with themselves, then gets offended when such statements are pointed out to him.

Oh well.

Musashi (forum)

Man you’re like ooooold! 8P
posted 5/19/99 12:14:53 PM

Heh, actually having graduated in the mid-70′s you’re a bit older than I am. Therefore, we can make several conclusions:

(1) you are an inferior species mentally (C. Dalton logic rules!)

(2) you probably got more sex in college than I did. I’m telling you, nothing worse than going off to college right when AIDS madness is taking over everyone’s mind, in the most reactionary and paranoid city on earth.

I think he was using a defense mechanism that I’ve seen in a number of pseudo-intellectual cult members when weaknesses in thier belief system are pointed out to them… they twitch a little, look at something else, and pretend the statement never happened.

Warnhack (forum)

re: Man you’re like ooooold! 8P
posted 5/19/99 1:41:22 PM

Yeah. I’m in that 40 range. Ancient.

Heh, actually having graduated in the mid-70′s you’re a bit older than I am. Therefore, we can make several conclusions:

From High School. Then went into the Marnie Crops.

(1) you are an inferior species mentally (C. Dalton logic rules!)

Hey. I’ll stack my inferior intellect up against anyone elses inferior intellect, and up against most to the superior ones coming out of school these days.

(2) you probably got more sex in college than I did. I’m telling you, nothing worse than going off to college right when AIDS madness is taking over everyone’s mind, in the most reactionary and paranoid city on earth.

College?? What is College?? Oh yeah. I remember. That is kind of like my going to a Tech School, and needed 60 hours to graduate, and have gotten 110 hours, and still need 15 more hours to get the degree (2 year). Oh well.

Nope. Never got to have that fun in College.

I think he was using a defense mechanism that I’ve seen in a number of pseudo-intellectual cult members when weaknesses in thier belief system are pointed out to them… they twitch a little, look at something else, and pretend the statement never happened.

Well, if he is like most liberals. If you can defeat the argumenst, attack the speaker. And let us not forget, that if you say something long enough, it becomes your truth, even if everyone knows it’s a lie.

And the last Argument is this. Symbolism over Substance. In the liberal circules, when you say you want to do something, it equates to actually doing it, regardless if you did it or not.



Bozek, Former King of Poland (email)

Subject:  The C.Dalton Argument Strategy™
Tue 5/18/99 8:26 PM

 Make a brutal attack on some guy who owns a web page because you got nothing to do on your Friday nights.  Man this guy bugs me, he makes fun of people, I bet he is like that girl who won’t dance with me or that football player who beats me up.  Uh oh, I don’t have any good points, good thing I can use my cheesy vocabulary and strange sentence structure to make my dumbass points seem well thought out and valid.

 Uh oh, Mushashi can make a better argument without giving anyone a headache from deciphering complex and pointless sentice structures, time to go from "teen offended mode™" to "teen passive mode™" in which I say mostly "whatever" and point out that you just misunderstood my previous ranting.

See, I can Recap whatever that black trentch wearing punk can say, without looking at English textbook or even without correct spelling!



Ahab (email)
Subject: fan-mail
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:10:08 -0700

Greetings Musashi,

I just thought I’d drop a line to say that I love your site!  It’s extremely well put together and hilarious.  I found out about your place through Ra’s home.  I love the Mr. T comics.  The Mushroom War and C.Dalton Zone were especially entertaining gems.

I found your comments on philosophy (at the end of the C.Dalton saga) to be on the mark.  For fans of Wittgenstein (such as myself), philosophy is indeed an investigation into language and the confusions generated therein (typically treated as ‘philosophical problems to be solved’ by other philosophers).  I think that much of the work of the current Wittgensteinian consists in getting clear on what Wittgenstein wrote, and also thinking about language for oneself (possibly developing new ideas).  As Wittgenstein would say, there is not A solution to the problems posed by language.  As there are always new confusions to deal with (such as ‘the puzzling nature of time’), there must be new ways to deal with the confusion (not solve it, but instead to cure us of our temptation to ask philosophical questions).  The work of Wittgensteinian fans is also taken up in trying to convice other philosophers that their theory-constructing and complicated footwork (however clever it may be) are not accomplishing anything.  One way to put it is this:  we need to be dissolving confusions, not solving them (i.e. construct an elaborate philosophical theory to explain x).  Most philosophers are still engaged in theory-building and problem solving.

You are also right that the Tractatus is a dry read.  I find his Philosophical Investigations to be much friendlier.

I don’t know if you are interested in philosophy, and perhaps you wish you hadn’t gotten this paragraph on philosophy!  But I saw you mention Wittgenstein and became excited.  Also, I love your site,  and I wanted to say thanks for your humor!

Ahab, who desperately wants to be a shut-in philosopher
(aka Raistlin, ex-webmaster for the Atlantic Mage Tower)



GmoX (email)
Subject: C.Dalton
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:25:17 -0700

Hey man,

Please, dont post too many stupid email’s like C.Dalton on your site anymore! Aaaaargh!

That guy was ridiculous…all he did was try to blame it all on the jocks and the "conformed" society of USA…jesus, give me a break. All I got from that was " Whine, whine, whine, bitch bitch bitch!"

Ya man! Killin kids in HighSchool to make a gay point is the way to go! C’mon, I have been in 2 highschools cause of moves…and sorry I didnt see any "Jocks" beating up and a harrassing "goths".  All I saw were "Goths" bitchin and sayin that " You just dont understand!"

Understand what? That everyone has a tough life? And yes fuckin live with it! You know why most people can "Live with it"? Cause they arent pussies like C.Dalton over here, who cant handle shit…Nooo they gotta use the back-up plan, be posers and start bitchin about a tough life…People like C.Dalton piss me off…They already are giving up cause they cant handle life. Dealing with Life, isnt called being Macho…Man how dumb can you get?

Anyways, Mu when C.Dalton gets into Beta, tell me first! Cause once that bastard turns PK…Im gonna kill him so many times…He’s gonna have 150% Vitality…then maybe he will bitch about Asheron’s Call instead of his "tough" life.



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