It’s not so much of a deathmatch as it is a merciful euthanization of a so-called webmaster, forum spammer, gender bender, and all-around typical internet citizen when a whiny post by "H." appears in the middle of the Mu forum warzone!

The Players

Henry the Insane/H./CandyFloss Pink.  A disgruntled kid from Singapore who sought fame and acceptance and hot gay sex through the internet, when all he found was torture and cruelty at the hands of the Freak Squad.
Lum the Mad, ranter extraordinaire and master of a website which H. blatantly ripped off.  H. also sent disturbing love letters to Lum, in which he described dreams involving Lum and Bill Gates.  Lum plays little part in this drama, except that the fact that H. ripped off his site design is cause for much flaming.
Ra, comic artist and webmaster of AMT Comics.  Ra made the mistake of including a statement on his forum about staying on the topic of fantasy art and cartooning, which gave him an image of being the elite art spot for UO players, but reduced his forum hits… until "CandyFloss Pink" arrived.  Enjoying the increased traffic, Ra let him/her post tons of drivel, but at what cost?
Shayla Shayla of Atlantic.  When not posting on the Joy of Villainy about how to loot houses and be a k3wl thief, she proselytizes on forums with messages of blind faith in Jesus Christ.  While most boards simply ignored her, the Mu forum provided her with a number of interesting and cogent arguments, all of which she ignored, earning her much-deserved ridicule.  The harrowing tale of her journey from ignorance into more blatant ignorance has been archived here.
Musashi, whose inane home page about nothing somehow garnered the attention of a number of psychotic geniuses bent on eliminating all stupid people from the gene pool.  Or eat bacon tacos.  Or something.
The freak squad.  Old time veterans like Mourne, Shadwolf, J., and others.  New warriors like Beau, Human123, MadMonk, and more.  Others like Max Longstreet, Dethbot, etc. were there in spirit, crippled in the Mushroom War and unable to fight.  Losers.  No image on earth can convey the fear inspired by this loose team of covert flame masters, so here’s a picture of Sonny Chiba’s ass instead.



Background:  Some fool calling himself "H." appeared on the forum a while ago and started whining about people sending him hate mail.  I can’t imagine anyone would take the time to send him hate mail, but who knows… the forum crowd is mostly psychotic.

In any case, this "H." person attempts to run a website, which is creatively called "The Radical Ideas and Theories of Henry the Insane, Spouting Nonsense Wherever and Whenever", and looks almost exactly like Lum the Mad‘s old layout.

Religion (just sounds like trouble doesnt it?)
by Jason posted 8/10/99 4:27:46 AM

What is everyone’s opinion on christianity, about the validity of the bible and the ideas of christianity altogether. I have been doing a little reading and i just wanted some input.

If this wasn’t a deliberate troll, I can’t imaging a better one.  Luckily, most of the answeres went along the lines of "shut up fool, we already did the Gospel Archive".  However, after replying to himself a few times under assumed names and having other people tell him to shut the fuck up, this appeared…

A true opinion
by Some silent reader posted 8/10/99 7:32:04 PM I got bored and found this site (link to the subject of this entire post, now mercifully a dead link)

I can only assume this was the same guy who made the page he then linked to, which was titled "The Radical Ideas and Theories of Henry the Insane, Spouting nonsense wherever and whenever", since I don’t think anyone else has ever seen his page.  The page contains neither radical ideas nor theories.  In fact, it was such an unbelievably blatant ripoff of Lum’s old format as to be ridiculous.  I didn’t reply myself, not wishing to somehow lead other unfortunate souls into the link unwittingly.  Of course, nothing could stop the freak squad.

by Mourne posted 8/10/99 8:12:52 PM

His are the baseless conceptual ideas found in any wandering 15 year old mind. Perhaps in time he will evolve these ideas into solid theories based on something remotely resembling real facts.

–Mourne, who thinks that guy’s page looks alot like Lum’s.


by Beau posted 8/10/99 9:35:00 PM

has already been berated by Lum not only for a senseless post he sent him which described an odd dream he had involving Lum and Bill Gates, but for the blatant ripping off of his page.

Also, the content there has a tendency to be very stupid. When I followed the above link, I backed out as fast as possible; that page is on my "avoid like the Mushroom" list.



For those of you fortunate enough to have missed Henry’s page, here are some highlights from his radical rants.  Please appreciate the fact that I actually had to read his page, suffering irrevocable brain damage, so that you might not have to.

About being a webmaster…

Also, I’ve decided on 1 thing, I’m not going to update the links on old pages.   It’s a damn pain in the ass, at least now I have only so few articles to  update, what happens when every single link on the right is filled? What happens when I add more? Only this page will have all of the proper links.

Oh yeah, I deleted all my old previous pages from both my server and my own  computer, that’s why it’s taking so long to convert everything over, because now I have to start from scratch all over again.

NOTE:  The easier solution would have been to just leave the stuff deleted.

About intellectual property…



I just wrote an article about the legality of MP3s and stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll get the downloads in soon, recording songs take time.

About being a no-talent Lum copycat…

First off, I’ve been recieving alot of hatemail, basically everyone’s claiming I ripped Lum’s HTML. Two words for you -suck it-. If you think Lum’s holy page is the only one on the web that uses tables instead of frames, you really need to get out more. I did not rip his name either, real life friends can testify to that. I had a nick called Riddler, the Riddler is a guy from the Batman comics, he’s this insane genius. Get it? Now shoo.

NOTE:  What the fuck did that mean?  And the Riddler was an idiot.  Like the Riddler, let us hope that H. will one day be beaten severely by the Batman and imprisoned for his shitty site.

About being a really shitty PK…


Later, we all gathered at Allan’s house and gated off into Deceit. Too many warriors, I didn’t get to shoot off a single thing, except 2 Corp Pors that killed some guy almost dead by a bone knight. Later Alice & Gang came in and attacked us. Somebody brought a white wyrm, asshole…

NOTE:  First, it takes him 2 ebolts to kill a guy who was already almost dead.  I just wish the guy had a reflect item so Henry would have killed himself.  Then he whines about people who fight back.  Henry, you can always take on those tough naked miners if dungeon PKing makes you cry.  I’m sure you might be able to kill one before having to run away.

Again we gathered at Allan’s house, this time I’m 100 regs poorer. So I get some really shitty stuff at 30 of each reg, this time I have over 5 MC, I’m  really taking chances here, toldya I’m insane. We walk over to Covetous and kill a couple guys before another army came charging at us.

NOTE:  Gee going out as a red with 5 whole murder counts.  That’s insane all right!  I bet Henry was one of those old blue PK’s with the para field and the energy vortex, although his magery was probably so shitty he used a blade spirit and failed a lot.

These time I got hit by a deadly poisoned kryss and recalled just in time to heal and stuff. Anyway after Allan logged and from what Sonia told me, they were just sitting at Blood Ele killing greys, can we say boring?

NOTE:  Not only is the guy a piss poor PK, he hangs out with noto PK’s, who are so low on the UO evolutionary ladder it’s pathetic.  And he had to flee from one DP kryss hit.  He must have about 50 strength, no potions, and no teamwork.  Recall from a group fight because someone hit you?  Where’s the An Nox from the teammate?  Sucks when someone fights back, doesn’t it?

Well, everyone had basically told him his page sucked, and that could have been that.  But noooo…


"H." must have been really upset, because he posted under his own initial…


u are all so k3wl
by H. posted 8/11/99 8:47:21 AM

Everyday I check my hotmail account and I see at least 1 letter going on and on and on (or maybe just 5 sentences long) about how I ripped Lum’s html and stuff.  Being the great non-defender that I am, I replied with a "um..watever…" unless of course somehow those 5 sentences (or more) happen to really strike a cord.  This is all crap, so just because somebody half-known makes a webpage using dull black colors without frames and embed tables, anyone else who does the same is copying his style.  Just because Lum decides to use Courier as his fonts, anyone else who thinks Courier looks nice and decides to use it too will be bashed to hell.

I chose a name that just so happened to resemble Lum’s because I felt that fitted the motiff of my site the best, ideas and theories that no one dares to voice out for fear of something terrible happening(like alot of junk mail), upon voicing of, people will regard you as insane, unsound and just plain faking it.

I admit the resemblence is there, while making my page, I went through all of my non-framed links but basically, they all look the same. there’s a column holding links and another column holding the main news. why am I being flamed, cursed, insulted just because I try to please a friend who doesn’t like to surf pages in frames?


i just realized one thing about these flamers; they all use very big words that confuse people while at the same time are trying to show off they can use big and fancy words. so i have a small vocabulary, well too bad.

just 1 look at all these flames just reminds me of 1 thing. they’re all very big nerds. would the common man(or woman) even bother to learn how to use these big and confusing words? understand? maybe. use? i dun think so.

so in life they get bashed up and bullied because they are big big nerds that ‘fight with words and not with swords’. therefore they get a kick out of getting ‘revenge’ on others that are not as well versed as them. they get all big and mighty. they accuse ppl of trying to be holier than thou yet they themselves are guilty of the crime.

I’m not a very nice person. Let’s put in names.

is able to use big words very well. commonly seen starting debates and discussions that are really nothing more than right is wrong.

is always trying to be seen as a very knowledgable asshole.

trying to join the crowd but with a smaller vocabulary. forever trying to demean other people that sadly has everyone else demeaning them. a true crowd follower.

Max Longstreet.
uses big words way too often. extremely knowledable smartass with a very big holier than thou attitude.

these are just the names i happen to be able to think of at the moment, however we all know who they are.

i write a simple opinion of wat i think god really is and suddenly they’re coming to me and telling me to base my facts on scientific evidence and that i’m really bored 15 yr old. an opinion is an opinion, nothing else. i’m not force feeding you, i’m not telling you i’m right and you wrong, i’m mainly trying to do wat Darwin tried and failed to do once, mix science and religion.

but in the end, everyone’s just going to come back and try to defend themselves while at the same time try to demean me. they all have a way with words that i so happen don’t. these people are like the type of friends that can never lose an argument even when they are wrong.

one more thing about J. basically, his name. totally nothing wrong with it, good, short, simple.  the problem? J. appeared before H. or C. did. (not alphabetically) same arguement as the webpage. he started using it before me, therefore if i used it, i must have copied it from him.

how about – i’m just too plain lazy to type out my whole name, or because i’ve always written my name as H. my emails as my accuont info should show, my name is written as H H. representing my first name and last name.  wow wat a great concept, using short names because 1 is lazy.

i try not to defend myself as much as possible in arguements, not because i can’t, but because i can’t be bothered. wat good would arguing do? you don’t get your point across, the person(s) you’re arguing with may admit defeat but they won’t admit your theories no matter wat because they cannot be wrong, the thought of them being wrong is totally absurd. afterall, the unvierse revolves around them.

I’ll wait a second for everyone to shake their heads and clear the mist of confusion and disbelief.  Of course, I wouldn’t and couldn’t leave this genius alone…

u r s0 wh1ny b330tch
by Mu   posted 8/11/99 12:07:57 PM

I have no idea what could motivate you to come to this board and post that rambling bad grammar bullshit self-defense.  Did you get some mail criticizing your "opinions that I am dying to speak yet no one will listen"? Boo hoo. If you don’t want people to disagree with or flame you, here’s the best way to do it… don’t have a webpage. Or publish anything in print. Or talk to anyone. Or go outside. (You might have this last one covered already.) Lord forbid you ever have sex someday and the girl tells you she didn’t get off. You’ll be dangling from a rope in no time. After, of course, writing a long and rambling piece of shit goodbye note about how everyone else is so wrong to be so mean to you and they must be nerds in real life, maybe mixing in a long and pointless dream you had which is richly deserving of ridicule. The only good thing about this day is that after you check out, you won’t be able to hear people call you a moron, hurting your precious feelings.

However, since anyone who criticizes you falls in to the category of "big nerds that ‘fight with words and not with swords’" (as opposed to you, who falls into the category of "little self-important nerd who ‘likes to whine and tries to rhyme’"), I have to wonder what the fuck you’re doing with such a controversial webpage touching on these subject no one has ever dared touch before, like religion. Too scary for me.

I’ll try to dissect your silly post point by point like I usually do, but reading it gives me a headache. Here’s a few highlights for all the viewers at home:

This is all crap, so just because somebody half-known makes a webpage using dull black colors without frames and embed tables, anyone else who does the same is copying his style.  Just because Lum decides to use Courier as his fonts, anyone else who thinks Courier looks nice and decides to use it too will be bashed to hell.


 Lum the Mad’s page (old format) = cool.  Accept no asinine imitations.


Henry the Insane’s page = not cool.  The Xoom free webpage banner is the most interesting thing here.


Yes, the use of the Courier font is the only way in which your page resembles Lum’s old format. Dumbass, when I saw the name "The Radical ideas and Theories of Henry the Insane, Spouting Nonsense Wherever and Whenever", I honestly thought it was going to be a satire of Lum. Your layout is almost IDENTICAL to Lum’s old layout, except that you put the nav on the right instead of the left. Your article layout is the same (except for your content sucking), your titling is a direct copy, your nav setup is similar… the courier thing is just the last touch. i should point out that Lum has updated his format, so you have some work to do to keep up.

I chose a name that just so happened to resemble Lum’s because I felt that fitted the motiff of my site the best, ideas and theories that no one dares to voice out for fear of something terrible happening(like alot of junk mail), upon voicing of, people will regard you as insane, unsound and just plain faking it.

Don’t give yourself too much credit. While insanity might be a plausible accusation, it’s not the "good" kind of insanity. It’s the insanity that comes from doing too much angeldust. And your theories are probably very very deep to you, but I gotta tell ya, advents in mass communication should theoretically be clueing in our youth at earlier and earlier ages, dispelling their notions that crap they dreamed up while cutting school and smoking weed is somehow deep and relevant to everyone. Angsty youth has no excuses anymore.

I’m not a very nice person.

Yes you are very scary.

one more thing about J. basically, his name. totally nothing wrong with it, good, short, simple. the problem? J. appeared before H. or C. did. (not alphabetically) same arguement as the webpage. he started using it before me, therefore if i used it, i must have copied it from him. how about – i’m just too plain lazy to type out my whole name, or because i’ve always written my name as H. my emails as my accuont info should show, my name is written as H H. representing my first name and last name. wow wat a great concept, using short names because 1 is lazy.

I implore you to take down your page and remove the modem from your computer for your own good. No one who lacks a sense of humor like you do or is so self-absorbed and defensive as you has any place on the net, on the phone, on the street. Not only is it a self-destructive attitude that will one day consume you (if this hasn’t already happened), but more importantly it annoys me that people like you are stupid enough to post messages as hopelessly pathetic as this one. I look forward to your rant about how other people are only mean to you because you use a black background and courier fonts, and then go off about it. Oh wait, that already happened.

In conclusion: Henry the Insane is to Lum the Mad as the Mushroom is to the Onion.

BTW, I can only assume that this temper tantrum came about because of some critical emails sent your way. In the interest of finding out wtf is going on, can someone please forward me these emails and all replies? Thanks.

M. <— k3wl huh?


by J. posted 8/11/99 2:25:04 PM

This is too much. I was the very first person on the Internet ever to refer to himself as an initial only. Bwahahahahah, you all worship ME!!



My name is P….Just P, as in 8P
by P posted 8/11/99 9:42:09 PM


*Mourne looks entertained and confused* (NT)
by Mourne posted 8/12/99 12:16:34 AM

re: u r s0 wh1ny b330tch
by Human123 posted 8/12/99 11:02:06 PM

… I’m less worried about him getting put down after intercourse, but by the fact there might be a chance for him to procreate. Think about what might happen if his genes spread!

re: u are all so k3wl
by MadMonk posted 8/11/99 4:32:11 PM

You are a dumbass. My first time on this message board and this is the crap I have to read? Hope my vocabulary wasn’t too hard for you to understand.

It’s his first time too :P
by Mu  posted 8/11/99 4:43:53 PM

Hopefully his last. But hey, dumbasses give me material. :P

by Beau posted 8/11/99 6:29:20 PM

You are a strange little man. I truly don’t understand your post, and what you said about me makes me want to just curl up and die. Let’s take a look.


Well, at least you spelled it right.

"trying to join the crowd"

What crowd? Is Mu’s board some kind of r33t club? Do I need to apply for membership? LET ME JOIN, MU! WAHHHH!

"but with a smaller vocabulary."

And here I thought I was merely being concise. Silly me, I’m just plain ignorant.

"forever trying to demean other people"

Just halfwits like you.

"that sadly has everyone else demeaning them."

Them? Is that supposed to mean ME? Is someone talking about me? WAHHH! Stop it you meanies! I bet if Mu let me join his club, you wouldn’t talk about me like that!

"a true crowd follower."

??? Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. I went out and bought a Mac to be like J., a motorcycle to be like Shadwolf, a black trenchcoat to be like Mourne, and last but not least, had the very first successful brain transplant…into an asian body, so I could be JUST LIKE Mu! YIPPEE! So now I’m a Mac-usin’, Harley ridin’, Goth-lookin’ Mu wannabe. And I’m damn proud of it buster, so STEP OFF!

(As you can tell, I’m quite bored or I wouldn’t have wasted 5 mins of my life to reply to this dipshit.)

My turn. :)
by Mourne posted 8/11/99 11:47:53 PM

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much material.

If you don’t want some one knocking your opinions, don’t post them in a public place where they are easily accessed via a few keystrokes and a search engine. It’s as simple as that.

I am going to sit out on a limb here and guess that you are young. I am willing to wager your age is some where between 13 and 19, not because you butcher the English language, but because you don’t understand the attraction of enhancing your speech through the use of larger words. I like to think of myself as unique, simply because I am smart enough to write creatively and fluently, yet I am still at the point in my life where I will set good natured rib jabbing aside with patience and humility, and chew you a new fucking asshole right smack in the center of your forehead. Hense, I am a mix of maturity, decent writing, immaturity, and Gothic goodness. I’d also like to point out that the people you mentioned above are all very articulate writers, whose posts I enjoy reading frequently.

As for the "nerd" comment, I come from a family of military men (Including my grandfather, who was a part of the first group of Navy Seals ever formed.) and while I am not the biggest mofo on the block, I’ll fight like there’s no tomorrow if you poke at me enough. I am also proud to say I have a background in Taekwondo (I know I probably butchered that.. I am tired.) and I have been in a few "actual fights" to boot. I’m not trying to boast, and this is actually the first time I’ve ever mentioned my background in martial arts/fighting on the internet, which I have been surfing for a venerable number of years now. I am simply trying to point out that your theories are misguided and based on poor evidence. You may have an opinion of me all you want, Sir, but I will be damned if you don’t get a reply.

I am such an asshole because I work customer service all day, and while 95% of the people I help may be fine, the 5% often makes me bitter as all hell. I have always been a cynic, and I am proud of that, but when I come home beat and need to let off steam, all I have to do is type "Mourne" in one box, and let myself fly off the handle.

–Mourne, who is Gother than the letter H.

I m kewl? woah
by Human123 posted 8/12/99 10:59:39 PM

I have never ben kaled kool be4. Thx! If i m kewl than u are a palagerist. Have a lovely day. *cough* Mushroom wannabe *ahem* at least they get advertisments for their cheap knock off.

re: u are all so k3wl
by Max Longstreet posted 8/15/99 1:15:42 AM

In my spare time I run a school for the vocabulary impaired. Since you seem to have need of my services, I shall charitably start you off with a small list of nouns and noun phrases you can use to describe yourself. None of these words are particularly big or confusing, and I’m sure you can work all of them into the context of your own life. I could give you a lot more words if I bothered to check a thesaurus, but I think you’ll get a lot of mileage out of just these few. Maybe next week I’ll do adjectives.

Cretin, moron, numbskull, nimrod, dunderhead, bungler, bumbler, yahoo, slack-jawed yokel, bumpkin, dunce, boob, Dan Quayle, dimwit, dope, blockhead, village idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, retard, simpleton, clod, dummy, doofus, dumbbell, stooge, fool, neanderthal, nincompoop, nitwit, hayseed and dolt.

Anyone else, if you want to help out H., feel free to add your own suggestions.

As if this vicious battering was not enough, it was soon discovered that "H." was also an idiot who spammed Ra’s AMT board under the name "CandyFloss Pink"! What the fuck… oh well, just as our victim could not contain himself to one name, or gender, so this conflict could not be constrained to one thread, or message board, for that matter…

Poor Shadwolf had been away from the board for a bit, thinking it was slowing down. Imagine his surprise.


I turn my back for a minute…
by Shadwolf posted 8/11/99 7:17:26 PM

What the fuck is going on here? I’m gone for a couple of days because the board was getting kind of tired and I come back to find that all the idiots have come out of the woodwork. Where shall I begin?

On the religious thing – There’s one thing I’ve always wondered about. The crusifiction of JC seems to correspond with the disapearance of a certain innkeeper who claimed that that a local politician (Pontious Pilate) had checked into his inn several years earlier with an unkown woman who was not his wife. Meanwhile Mary is off explaining to Joseph about "immaculate conception." It bears investigation. And someone please tell ShaylaX2 that I’ve got some candy for her allright. A nice big all day sucker.

H. – Who the fuck is this guy? I don’t know what got him started, but that has to be one of the most pathetic rants I’ve ever seen. For God’s sake man, we try to maintain a certain standard here! I was the first to knock on good old C. Dalton for his inappropriate use of "big words" to cover up his ignorance, but I like to think that my comments are on a slightly higher level than "stop using big words – it’s not fair – I have a small vocabulary!" Don’t make me whip out my "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" and go to town on you. Oh, yeah, allow me to clarify that the "big nerd" writing this is a 235 lb. ex paratrooper with an extensive background in the Martial arts. If you are attempting to imply that no one here would stand a chance were we to take it to the street, please do so. I do love a good laugh.  Besides, the physical arena is the only one where Mu has not already put you back in your place (Mu – another "big nerd" LOL).



Well lookie here! This thing is apparently so oppressive that champion of the people C. Dalton feels a need to return!

For the last time…
by You know who this is. posted 8/15/99 5:01:11 PM

I do not use big words deliberately, nor do I use them to cover anything up; I use them because I’m well-educated, something you lack judging by your two hate-filled pages under my heading. Funny how people try telling me I’m a "goth" when in my e-mails I specifically denied I was one.

But about your argumentative, rude pages, Shadow Wolf, you seem to be saying something like "all generations are misunderstood by their parents", and then try to feed me some line of bullshit that translates to something like this: "Stop complaining about being misunderstood, because you are." Some "intellectual" crowd Mu hangs around with, having to resort to threats like "I’m gonna kick your ass if you complain about how you’re misunderstood". People like you cause psychological problems. They don’t just suddenly magically appear. Oh, why am I bothering…. go back to the Army you little scrub. I’ve family in the Marines that outclass you, and you do sound like you’re an Army man judging by your macho bullshit and needless hatred.

This will be my firstt and last time posting on this board, so don’t bother responding. I won’t be here to see the collective heads of knuckle try to bully me. I do hope, though, that I get into the next phase of AC beta, if there is one. I look forward to torturing Mu there, in any way, shape, or form I can. After all I could possibly file a slander suit against him for posting hateful comments of me on his page, much less putting this up without my consent. So he deserves anything he gets.

Apparently C. Dalton is so in love with me he is actively trying to get into Asheron’s Call so he can follow me around and… "torture" me somehow. I have no idea how you would do that, but I certainly look forward to seeing him worship me in public before he gets removed from the testing group!

re: For the last time…
by Beau posted 8/16/99 7:07:32 PM

You’re right, we’re all immature here.

*singsong voice*
Nobody likes you, everybody hates you, why don’t you jump off a cliff?

Just wanted to fulfill your expectations.

Hello. Good-bye. Get over yourself.
by Human123 posted 8/16/99 6:59:01 PM

First, a preface to this semi-flame: Hello, Dalton, we’ve never met. I was never invoved in any of your original flame-fests, and after 15 minutes of reading Mu’s section on you, I got tired and went some place else. I’m as close to impartial as your gonna get here. On with the post.

Ok. So, where did you get your legal knowledge? By reading half way through a John Grisham novel? By giving Mu an e-mail, you did just that, GAVE it to him. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it. He can post it on his web site (his, and not covered by law), print it out and use it as toilet tissue, or show it to his Grammy at the nursing home.

Second, on the slander issue. He did not say anything about you without basis. He printed your letters in their full and uncut glory, and made his responses to them. That does not constitute slander. It’s the same things the opinion pages of your local newspaper do. Out of morbid intrest, did you happen to write yo your local newspaper and tell them how happy you were that a bunch of teenagers were murdered in their school?

Finally, to your threat of "Torturing Mu {in the AC beta} in any way shape or form that {you} can." By your jagged legal logic, that would not only be harrasment, but stalking.

Now, on to you. Despite your apparent distaste for Mu, you seem to enjoy the limelight caused by writing to him since you continue bugging him. Your a loser who can’t seem to do anything else. At least the Shayla girl has her minisitry’s to go to and Candy Floss has his male lovers. You just bug a web site and it’s forum. You need a hug. Or therapy. Or maybe just a swift smack to the head. Have a lovely day.



Too bad you are not here to read this……
by Shadwolf posted 8/16/99 4:48:24 PM

All right, I will waste a few moments of my oh so precious time answering your post.

First, the point was that everyone is misunderstood, some of us just get over it and get on with life. As for kicking
peoples asses, I could feed you some line of shit about that being my subtle way of saying that you seem to be so intent on your self pity that only direct physical intervention is liable to get through to you. The truth is that I just enjoy abusing pathetic people like you. On the other hand, maybe you have a point. The other night, some bonehead kept bumping into me on the dance floor. Rather than immediately to physical violence, I (in a particularly inspired moment) ashed my cigarette into his shirt pocket. This put the option of physical confrontation into his court. He didn’t have to get his ass kicked and I got to watch him squirm like a little bitch while trying to figure out how to respond. I think we all won. Thanks C. Dalton!

As for the whole Army – Marine rivalry thing, don’t go there. Any self respecting Marine would be just as happy to tell you to shut the fuck up and not talk about things that are beyond your comprehension. Grunts and Jarheads like to mix it up, but in the end they know they depend on each other when the bullets are flying. And they all do the same job – protecting people like you. So when you’ve picked up a rifle and stood your time on the line you can talk shit. Until then you can claim to be intelligent or artistic or whatever else you like, but don’t try to tell me what being in the service is about. It makes you look foolish (like so many other things).

On the "big words" thing, let me just reiterate that well educated people do NOT resort to 25 cent words when a 2 cent word will do the job. And yes, we are an uneducated lot here. I can’t tell you how the references to Marx, Orwell, Sun Tzu, Sartre, Aristotle and so many others slipped into the mindless rants of such a poorly read crowd.

Yours truly,

P.S. "I say it’s about fuckin’ time someone stopped with this machismo crap wherein people aren’t allowed to complain or express themselves… and which you are a prime advocate of. "

was a particularly interesting bit of grammar. Try "of which you are a prime advocate" – it makes more sense. Better yet say "It’s about fucking time someone stopped this macho crap. People are not being allowed to express themselves and it is people like you who are stopping them." I know it doesn’t sound as fancy, but it gets the idea across better. Get a grammar book to go with your Thesaurus (or Thesauri as you claim).

Let’s have a big forum hello for C. Dalton!
by Mu posted 8/16/99 1:25:37 PM

Hateful comments are the backbone of the internet. As in…

"I have no pity for the majority of the students of that high school, because they got the backlash that was coming to them for bullying."

"… small-minded gen-Xers or boomers (whichever you happen to be) such as yourself. "

"I was just trying to make you realize the potency of words, which so many of the average chimpanzee-brained "net elite" don’t realize."

"They don’t revel in being separate from the ignorant Xian masses."

So is slander, as in…

"I say it’s about fuckin’ time someone stopped with this machismo crap wherein people aren’t allowed to complain or express themselves… and which you are a prime advocate of. "

"You are one of the most stereotypical people I have ever met, along with one of the most arrogant."

"To sum it up, who are you to say that: 1. Complaining is wrong, and 2. Teenagers have no redeeming qualities at all? "

Although I doubt this is really C. Dalton (although the weird idea that somehow posting an email sent to me is somehow illegal supports this theory), I love the fact that I don’t actually have to think up anything in order to formulate a response.  Self-defeating flames are great!

Thanks for playing.


And how about those Mets?
by MadMonk posted 8/12/99 3:23:53 PM

What is the topic on this board anyway? I guess it’s just general.  Anyway, where did you come up with that Pontius Pilate BS? I must have missed the whole relegion debate(whoopeshit).  Oh and a 235 lb, ex-paratrooper does qualify as one big nerd. Sheesh.

PS – J. please don’t go!
by Shadwolf posted 8/11/99 7:20:45 PM

Who’ll we have in the barrel then?


God damn. Some times… you’re just cool.  (NT)
by Mourne posted 8/11/99 11:17:53 PM

by Beau posted 8/11/99 7:50:50 PM


Investigative reported Beau had already been snooping over at the AMT board, and discovered that not only was H. a transvestite, but that he had ties with everyone’s favorite pariah, Shayla Shayla, part-time door-to-door Christian evangelist, part time k3wl UO bank thief!


Oh, my word.
by Beau posted 8/11/99 9:17:57 PM

I followed H.’s suggestion and went to the AMT message board to see "how lazy he is". At first, I couldn’t see his nick anywhere. After reading a few posts, I noticed one illiterate moron’s ramblings bore a strong resemblance to H.’s. I followed a link from this person, and went straight to H.’s page (AAAA! MY EYES!). The name of this person posting?

"CandyFloss Pink".

We should stop picking on him, folks, before gay rights activists storm our gates.

As a side note, Shaylax2 apparently still checks this board a lot, as she is the one who told him to come look at our replies to his post. Everyone say hi!

Shaylax2 = One who accepts the lies of Church into her heart. :P – Mourne (NT)
posted 8/11/99 11:49:06 PM

re: Yup with an e-mail address..
by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 8/12/99 8:27:49 AM

So all you guys can waste your time sending me hate mail. And no I’m not tracking people down and shooting them. That is not very Christian is it? And yes I’m still around. I post on the JoV, Lums, and Ra’s message boards when I’m not sending mail to the Mushroom for thier poor taste in humor about Christ.

On a side note, The Mushroom is really hurting for content. That web master posted my letter as his letter of the week.  Go figure.

Why would we email?
by Ahura Mazda posted 8/13/99 5:18:33 PM


You were too dense to understand it the first time. Wow are you in for a shock after you croak.

re: Yup with an e-mail address..
by Human posted 8/12/99 9:09:37 AM

Am I the only person who notices the wonderful (and quite gratifying) irony that the person flamed endlessly here, who even garnered a sectin on Mu’s web page about her, hates the Mushroom too? See, despite your differnces, you all have something in commen,

Kevin Murphy is pathetic
by Mu  posted 8/12/99 11:57:10 AM


How could he get mail like that and somehow fail to make it funny? Thank Ahura Mazda I got out of that page within 6 seconds.

re: Kevin Murphy is pathetic
by Human123 posted 8/12/99 6:14:24 PM

Kevin Murphy failed to make it funny, mostly due to his mincing of styles. He (blatantly) rips off the onion, which plays all their stories completely straight. Meanwhile, he takes mail and actually tries to answer it in the form of a "The Onion" column. Complete failure… tsk.

Over on the AMT board, strange things were brewing between victims of brain damage.  First, H. (CandyFloss Pink) retells this great story about his day in UO as a suckass murderer, the one which was spellchecked when put on his site.  The original AMT post is reprinted here as umm, oh I dunno, I just think it’s funny to be cruel.


9th August
by CandyFloss Pink posted 8/8/99 2:16:47 PM


geez today sux…my friend icqed all of us telling all of us to meet at 11pm to go on a killing spree, basically saying "NOT RED CANNOT GO BACK!!!" converted from the phrase "NOT DRUNK CANNOT GO HOME!!!" which is really dumb by the way
so we’re suppose to go on a killing spree, yet instead ‘we’ ends up as ‘me’ doing the killing and everyone boxing them in……..basically an upsidedown W is an M….figures…..
i miss the days of febuary-may…….i hate chaos-order i hate guild wars, all i want is outright red killing. why is it that on every single shard there are ppl that dare to go red and kill kill kill yet on my shard NOT a single person even dares to go red, if i had no lag i’d play baja and join those murderers…….
today totally suckeddddddddddddd
this is wat happened tonite…..

Sonia : wait MN we go celebrate

12am : everyone : WTF IS EVERYONE???

(we call it a town but it’s really just 3 small houses together in a group at the corner of cove)

read :
everyong else BOX BOX BOX, KILL ALL RED KILL ALL RED, stone wall spell (can’t remember the words)
me : Corp Po…..uuuurrrggghhhhhh
jackal : uuurrrrrggggghhhh

we kill 2 guys and 5 minutes later we have white wyrms up our ass :-(

1.30 AM
me : ress
jackal : statloss, dun ress me :(

1.40AM run to covetous entrance
we kill about 3 guys then later 10 guys come storming down
*chang* You are in extreme pain and require immediate attention
Kal Ort Por
An Nox
In Vas Mani

me: WHERE ARE U GUYS?!?!?!
reply : we’re in BE killing greys….. 

H. a.k.a. CandyFloss Pink was later detailing some really interesting project he/she/it was working on, in the hopes that someone would pay him/her/it money for it so he/she/it could get off Xoom. The AMT board for a while seemed to be CandyFloss Pink’s personal message board, which is generous of Ra seeing as how CFP is unable to figure out how to get one of his/her/its own.

should I get a scanner?
by CandyFloss Pink posted 8/11/99 1:04:29 PM

The Secret Project is going official! :-)

Some people are interested in the storyline, took them long enough to reply though….

Anyway I have to start drawing some proper character sketches and get a more detailed plot. It’s my first time actually trying to write a script, the previous ones i wrote basically went

A enters the room, stares at B, B looks back nervously,
A ignores C and throws a ball of fire at B,
B slips to side, chair B was sitting on bursts in flames.
C screams angrily
A runs forward attempting to grab B with move : "Fiery Neck Blast"
B kicks A in the groin, uses move : "Double Kick Slicer"
A falls back, but manages to grab B’s left arm.
B falls towards A
A uses move : "Flaming Kick"
B gets hit on the left kidney area, flames go round his body, flies to the right, knocks against a table and more chairs, C rushes to A , uses move :"Slicer Slap"
A grabs her hand before C execute move, says :"This is man’s fight, stay away woman"

hopefully I get to be very very famous and earn alot of money and hopefully still retain rights to it, coz then I’ll be able to market it like the way all those big comic companies do, make toys and such :-) heck maybe even a movie hahahahaha.

hmm…I think I might get Nanako Matsushima to be C ehehehehehehe (*_*)

by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 8/11/99 2:54:21 PM

I have one and love it. It’s great for web pages and personal art. Plus you can have pictures of your self posted on the web for people to laugh at.

BTW I’m sending you an E-mail but you might want to make sure that your server can handle it. It’s very long and takes up alot of space. Plus you might want to check the replys to your post on Mu’s board.


I find it amazing….
by Beau posted 8/11/99 9:04:03 PM

that H. posts here (Marcus seems to revere Mu) and at JoV (NH’s obviously a Mu fan as well). I’d say the same about you, Shaylax2, I have nothing personal against you :). H, (CandyFloss Pink? WTF?) however, should be euthanized.

By the way, H., you’ve earned the ire of Shadwolf, resident badass of Mu’s board. Be careful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Beau (the illiterate crowd follower :P)


some of these words missed me
by C. posted 8/12/99 1:37:51 AM

euthanized, i’m thinking banned or something like that….

truth is, it all depends on the 1st impression you gave me. some places are full of fun and others just plain full of flamers.  once the flaming starts, anyone who can remotely assemble a flame will start joining in, therefore, when everyone’s caught up in the flames, no one will pay attention to the true message.  in a way, i’ve gotten used to it.

ire…um…not sure how to express it in english…give me a while…it’s not irk is it? either the love…or something like the beating dummie. something like that i think.  eh watever, like i said, i’m a silent reader, i know i will be outspoken at everybit and hence avoid posting at extremely flamable boards every chance i get.

ermmm i don’t post at NH…the ‘vibe’ there is weird, i don’t even play baja anymore, just left my character standing there at the roof of yew bank. i barely even play atlantic now, i dry docked all my boats and i log in on hokuto just to refresh my houses.

i’m thinking of quiting uo already and with this contract i might get, who knows, at least i won’t be bored anymore


One last time…..
by Beau posted 8/12/99 6:47:12 AM

It is ‘ire’, not ‘irk’. Look up the definition.

Furthermore, I still hold the stance that you need to be euthanised. And yes, I am aware of the previous misspell. It can’t be as bad as your posts, though, You say you don’t want to flame, or get in arguments?! Then why in HELL did you go to Mu’s board?! Not only will you get flamed like mad there, but you will be DOUBLY flamed if your posts are erroneous. I know I got flamed there the first few times I posted, but now I can post in relative safety. Of course, according to YOU, I’m some sort of illiterate follower; that’s fine. Me and my weak-ass vocabulary (so you say) will get ‘Caught in a Mosh’ on your forehead.

By the way, if my vocabulary is SO limited, then why did you misunderstand two VERY simple words in my last post?  Damn, guess you’re dumber than I am. According to you, that’s pretty sad.


by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 8/12/99 7:55:07 AM NO Flame wars here. Take it to Mu’s board so he has something to post as content. Ra has a very nice board here and I don’t want it to be messed up with abunch of messages saying "U SUK" with replys back saying "U SUX MORE".

by Beau posted 8/12/99 4:28:39 PM

Why don’t you trot over to Mu’s board to see what Ra has to say on the matter.  And no, I don’t intend to start a flame war here. I would have kept it on Mu’s board, but CandyFloss Pink (MWAHAHA) got scared and ran. And the gimp doesn’t have a messageboard on his page. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with him now…unless he starts up again.

Oh Davey… what would God say?
by Goliath posted 8/12/99 12:02:56 PM

Hmm… what was Beau talking about? It seemed Ra was in need of some sort of board control, but in regards to whom?

Er what the hell is going on…
by Ra [ AMT ]  posted 8/12/99 1:48:07 AM

Yesterday, "H." posted a message on my board.

It’s the identical "I got a million email about how I ripped my HTML off Lum’s page" one. I was quite confused because maybe ONE person looked at at his site ( and that’s not me ) and I thought it was probably one of his utterly non-sensical posts again. Then today someone posted in that thread "you better check out the posts about you on Mu’s board". So here I am.


And to add to the heinous mess…

If I am not wrong, he is posting as a girl on my board. He had another name before CandyFloss Pink that was equally disgustingly girly… and he posted stories about how CandyFlossPink always takes all the guys in the middle of class with her to breakfast or something. But being a desperate little webmaster whose board no one ever posts on, I decided to leave it there to make it look less deserted. I still have no idea who this person is.

"CandyFlossPink" of course made my shuddering worse than ever. Who wants a regular name on his board like "CandyFlossPink"? Sounds like a forum for rabid Hanson fans.

And yes, H., your site did/does look 90% like Lum’s site. I hope you are not doing that to get attention for your rants because that would be unbearably pathetic. Yes of course most sites have similar HTML. But the same font, same colors, similar layout on another rants site, written by also another UO player, advertised within the same community?  Not too convincing if you want to call it a coincidence. This is not the way to start a site and become another Lum The Mad.

Post some genius rants, stop writing crappy messages on all these boards as girly names, get another site design, and earn some genuine respect.

Ra / Marcus
AMT Comics.

H. needs a blowjob like no one has needed one b4
by Mu posted 8/12/99 4:02:33 PM

Maybe we should start a new charity drive. "Will some big fat ugly chick please go down on this sad sad little man? Maybe then he could get some sleep and not be so defensive all the time."

See, this is what you need to post on your board… pretty soon you’ll have an angry board full of people waiting to lash out at anyone and everyone, where silly names wouldn’t last more than a day, or else get their own section on the site describing their brain-dead obtuseness. If I’m not mistaken, guerilla fanatics Mourne and Beau have already been spotted on the attack.

And who really cares about board traffic? When Magnus first got a board, for a long time it was the usual crap… "Welcome to my board"… a few "nice board" messages from the SBR… and then just me and Magnus telling jokes to each other. Just as he was getting ready to take down the board because it was so dead, about 80 people posted on it.  This place gets slow as shit too sometimes… oddly the only good thing to come out of any posting whatsoever by Shayla x2 or H./CandyFloss Pink was that it provided some ammunition.

Come on Ra, be a mean bastard! I know you can do it! Ra! Ra! Student of Spite! Corp Por! 8P

Ra gotz mad skillz
by J. posted 8/12/99 6:40:44 PM

Just do a Flash movie about Henry dressing up in frilly pink dresses or something. ;op Then Mu can jump out of the shadows and fizzle Corp Por a zillion times while Shadwolf blows caustic beer breath on them and Mourne flings his body weight in silver jewelry at him.

Or something. That would be cool.


And where do you propose I get that much silver? (NT)
by Mourne posted 8/13/99 2:27:32 AM


re: Ra gotz mad skillz
by Beau posted 8/13/99 2:13:25 AM

Don’t forget yourself, J. I can see you using a one-button mouse as a bolo weapon, dressed like an Aborigine and screaming like a madman.

As for me, I’d be sitting at home, masturbating furiously…picturing the day when I finally am accepted. Damn, H. (AKA CandyFloss Homo) really nailed me.

LET ME JOIN YOUR CLUB, MU! Please? I’ll even get in the barrel.


I thought you were in?
by Mourne posted 8/13/99 2:40:29 AM

I was in the barrel once… nothing to poke fun at.



by Beau posted 8/13/99 3:49:36 AM

Merely an outsider looking in.

And what pokes through the bunghole of said barrel isn’t ‘fun’, either. Unless you get into that sort of thing.

Which I might, if MU LET ME IN HIS DAMN CLUB!!!



Let’s get to it.
by Colonel Bob posted 8/12/99 9:57:49 PM Eh, I prolly fux0red the line or the name up. Oh well.

I now have 10X more respect for Ra.
by Beau posted 8/12/99 6:12:16 AM

You know, after I ‘ousted’ H. as being some kind of mutant on Ra’s messageboard, I fully expected to be banned. I did NOT expect Marcus to come here and actually make a statement that put H. (I will no longer refer to him as CandyWHATEVER. Too gay for me. :P) in his place.

By the way, Ra……I, and many others hit your site at LEAST once a day. Your updates are great, and your comics are excellent. I avoid your messageboard for the same reason I avoid Ron’s and GB’s….too many idiots there. I had to say something tonight, (last night?) as I was personally assaulted, as were all the other Mu posters.

However, rest assured, I’ll start posting there now. And, I’ll give you an Orkin guarantee. I’ll get rid of your pests :). Just imagine me as the coke poured into the alien plant, which would be Henry. I’ll wear him down.


If you want…
by Mourne posted 8/12/99 3:53:46 AM

I could put some verbal napalm down on the area and burn the maggot out.



Let’s do it.  (NT)
by Beau posted 8/12/99 6:17:33 AM

Oddly, after the Ra posting, there was significantly less CFP/Shayla x2 activity in the vicinity. Could it be that they were discouraged by Ra’s posting on the Mu forum, that hotbed of flames and hatred and ungodliness? What are Ra’s thoughts on all of this?

What follows is a shocking ICQ transcript between Ra and Mu, in which Ra endangers his image as a really nice artsy webmaster who likes everyone and Mu encourages him, knowing full well that he would post it later. (Some content edited for really amazing grammatical mistakes, or by Ra so he doesn’t piss off eveyone in the world. 8P) Messages are posted in chronological order so that you can be just as confused as anyone who actually tries to communicate over ICQ.


[ Before this section, Ra and Mu did some Starcraft chit-chat during  which Ra confessed that his best Protoss tactic was actually the pathetic  Photon city. Mu laughed for about 5 messages and decided to spare him. - Ra ]

Musashi    8/13/99  2:01 PM
btw it looks like the freak pack is ready to go to town on h. and my old dear blockheaded friend shayla… i have no control over them :P

Marcus     8/13/99  2:05 PM
CFP hasnt posted on my board since I last posted on yours. I think he knows everyone is ready to rip him to shreds at first sight. No sign of Shayla X2 either.

This morning I was busy dealing with this punk Rank who was flaming here.  When I looked at the board there were already 7 anti flames. I was so moved I almost cried.

Musashi  8/13/99  2:06 PM
heh, just be glad shadwolf hasn’t posted on your board… he is the king of evil dissing

Marcus   8/13/99  2:07 PM
The top msg on my board now is titled

"I NEED SERIOUS HELP RA!!" by Candy Floss Pink ( but actually Rank the new flaming punk )

The msg was: Am i gay? I keep eyeing men up and down, and getting strange visions of sucking dick…

Even flamers on my board knows H. is gay. This  is so sad.

Musashi    8/13/99 2:08 PM
its pretty easy to tell from his rant on my board… i think he’s getting his own page section, which will hopefully be shorter than shayla’s

Marcus     8/13/99  2:08 PM
I dont mind Shadwolf coming really, as long as he is on my side ;) Beau has been a real gem here.

Musashi    8/13/99  2:08 PM
i think beau is this guy who used to be dostevoi on my board, then grant… funny, not as goth as mourne or evil as shad, but pretty funny… i get all the freaks :P

Musashi    8/13/99  2:10 PM
the henry the mad page is great, his front page describes how he deleted all his old stuff when he reformatted like a retard and has to rewrite everything

for some reason its in the singapore anime web ring… weird

Marcus   8/13/99  2:11 PM
Shayla showed glimpses of intelligence at least in her own stubborn way. But H. is a pure loser. And if you can tell that he is gay by reading his POSTS … he must be really troubled.

[ I forgive Ra for his horrible error in judgment regarding Shayla x2 above - Mu ]

[ Ra bitches about the silliness that frequently takes over his own board, and  Mu carefully analyzes the situation for his whiny friend.  - Ra ]

Musashi    8/13/99  2:11 PM
thats what you get for that artsy topic statement at the top… i used to have one which said "no rules" but I like putting dumb pictures up there instead

Marcus     8/13/99  2:12 PM
H. posted a lot of stuff about his real singaporean life here before. I never read them in detail because they were like 10 pages long. It just seemed that he would pick a board, sit there for 3 hours and just type out whatevr comes across his disturbed mind.

Musashi    8/13/99  2:13 PM
hmm i was going to email the singapore anime web ring and complain about his site, but it’s not approved yet… wonder why :P

Marcus     8/13/99  2:15 PM
yeah I should change that artsy statement thingie. I was kinda torn when I first wrote it. On one hand it made it a board on UO art. On the other  hand, it made me look like some wussy Pikachu loving 3 year old who would pass out if I read 1 cuss word. But then again, I made it a firm policy to not use language anywhere on the site so I can always make it on UOSS and other mainstream news sites…

Musashi    8/13/99  2:16 PM
ac.stratics is hosting my chrons in a little bit… right after they sent me the rough template i put up my evil foul rant to see what would happen… only mail ive gotten has been positive, mostly from the dev team

Marcus     8/13/99  2:17 PM
The best torture for H is to start flame wars against him,  but not post about him in the news section or put up links, which is what he wants…

I think his idea is to go to war with many sites, the way Lum screwed with Dr.Twister and then become a runaway success.

Musashi    8/13/99  2:17 PM
if you look at http://[ we're not posting his URL, nyah nyah - Ra ] you can see henry is also a really bad pk.  who the hell brings 100 regs and solos in deceit so they can lose to dex gimps?

Musashi    8/13/99  2:18 PM
well lum is funny, i dont give a crap about what he thinks of twister, except that it’s also funny

Musashi    8/13/99  2:20 PM
new character for amt = Henry the Insane, a PK who loses all the time and whines about it, who also has a money mule, CFP who puts on a dress and offers cybersex to other male chars for gold :P

Marcus     8/13/99  2:21 PM
hahahahhahahaha that would make H. VERY HAPPY ;)

Oh look. He wrote an article called "What is maturity".


Musashi    8/13/99  2:22 PM
well, just as my mushroom war page has no actual links to the mushroom, no way will i link H.’s shitty page

Marcus     8/13/99  2:24 PM
We are such assholes. H. must love us now.

Musashi    8/13/99  2:25 PM
i hope so :P  i think he only posts to try and get hot gay sex from webmasters

[ Here Ra and Mu exchange snide comments on many other UO websites that we really, really can't afford to post. The topic then goes back to board management and effective flame-control. - Ra ]

[ This is unfortunate… I thought the flaming of other pages was the funniest thing, esp. from Ra.  All I can say is… hey, nice freakin menu dude.  Makes up for the lack of content, and the fact that that content hasn’t been funny in, oh, like a really long time.  For those readers who wish to visit ImaNewbie to see what I’m talking about, click here. – Mu ]

Musashi    8/13/99  2:45 PM

k3wl 1337 h@x0r d00dz

this will turn your board around… soon it will be another mcdonaldland :P

Marcus     8/13/99  2:47 PM

heheh. I love Ron.

Hey lets find another asian and form another Hmm. Let’s recruit……………. H.?

ok that wasnt funny.

Musashi    8/13/99  2:48 PM


[ Here Ra and Mu talk about the latest UOSS Celeb Chat and how weak they thought it was. Then they get into an intelligent debate on how the systems work at UO news sites, and how much cooler their own sites really are. - Ra ]

Musashi    8/13/99  2:59 PM
im gonna go log in and get whined to by my vassals… catch ya l8r

Marcus     8/13/99
2:59 PM  ugh. I need to go out now. Parents want to me to go out with them for afternoon tea and shopping :P   I am such a good boy. Maybe they will buy me a choo choo train.

Talk to you tomorrow?

Musashi    8/13/99  3:00 PM
haha funny


Marcus     8/13/99  3:00 PM
oh cool you’re leaving too heh. L8R then.

A chilling tale of treachery, subversion, backstabbing, and webmasters who just dick around on ICQ when they could be updating.

As an afterthought, please go and give hits to Ra’s Another Mad Tower page, considering how he’s probably cost himself a few hits for the sake of funny material. It would make him feel better, and take the heat off me while I go and deal with C. Dalton’s recent threat to sure me for slander, based on the fact that he sent me hate mail and I printed it. 8P 

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