Things had been quiet on the forum for a long time. Many long-standing Freak Squad members were out plying their trades on the WTFMan board, the Lum board, on their own pages, and even (gasp) in real life! Like a unified force they cried out: "We live to fight! The battle is our life! Let our fury descend on the enemy, as it did in the days of the Mushroom War, leaving naught but a barren, scorched landscape behind, inhabited only by those too stupid to realize they had been defeated!" Yet Musashi was silent. A brief opportunity in the form of "Bones" appeared on the forum, but almost instantly was judged too horrible a threat to tolerate, and so quick and decisive black bag action rendered him impotent (figuratively as well as literally), leaving legions of frustrated Freaks, armed to the teeth with no one to kill.

Then, like a gift from the War God, it came. The forces of Game of the Moment, prone to blind worship of their self-styled emperor Mark "Fewlio" Boyko, attacked the lands of the Mu forum with the same sort of reckless, regardless, and clueless abandon that lost them their last battle with the UIX Horizons board. A call to arms was sounded, and Lum the Mad was alerted by a misguided attempt by one of GotM’s few followers to recruit there, unaware that the Lum Cultists would no more stand for an incursion of GotM mongoloids than they would the continued existence of the Mushroom.

Why, then, is the title here "not so great?" Because "team GotM" never had a chance. They had no ability to argue, only slight ability to try and formulate insults, and no idea what they were fighting for… or who they were up against. Let this testament stand as a warning to future generations of bad website fans… stay at home. The world is a dangerous place. Especially if you open your fat idiot mouth.

"When the general is weak and without authority, when his orders are not clear and distinct, when there are no fixed duties assigned to officers and men and the ranks are formed in a slovenly, haphazard manner, the result is disorganization."

- Sun Tzu, Art of War

It all started innocently enough.  A young man, unaware of the minefield he was traipsing though, posted a plug for Fewlio’s site.

Game of the Moment NEW LAYOUT!!
by Hans posted 10/18/99 11:42:13 PM

Hey everybody Hans here telling you to GO CHECK OUT THE NEW GAME OF THE MOMENT!! all new layout

It didn’t take long.  Daniel Z, the self-professed illiterate Swede, was in on a number of salvos, some of which degenerated into infighting between Beau and he as his control of the English language struggled with his need to virtuously attack the stupid.

by Daniel Z posted 10/21/99 8:08:59 AM

I’ve never seen anything like it!
So groundbreaking! Such inovation!

Now, think about the opposite of that and you got that shity site gotm

Thou art gay
by RPd00d posted 10/20/99 9:25:55 PM

GOTM doth sucketh. Taketh thy gay page and begone.

Since GotM lacks its own message board due to… *ahem*… "technical difficulties" (getting a message board would take all of 10 minutes, but would lead to a lot of GotM flaming and ridicule as it has in the past), all of GotM’s supporters rallied here and made intelligent, logical, irrefuatble arguments in favor of their cause.


Well up yours
by selvo posted 10/20/99 9:33:01 PM

GOTM rox this faggot page so SHUT YOUR TRAP

Is this more GotM "war"?
by Mu    posted 10/21/99 2:22:47 AM

I remember the good old days of GOTM web war, when they had to miserably bow down to the Ultima Ascension Horizons message board, after the GOTM guys equated spamming with good insults, and as a result were kissing the feet of the UOA folks. Boo hoo. Well I guess you need something to do when your game news page never has any news on it. Go go GOTM! :P

Classic news flashes…

gamers for the confederate flag and pat buchanan- fewlio
monday, oct 18 4:00 pm cst

There hasn’t been much going on in the game world. Currently I’m watching Final Fantasy 8 on the Playstation. I think it might be a better movie than Final Fantasy 7. But neither of them compare to Braveheart!

I thought I’d take advantage of this dead gaming time to initiate an important movement. I hereby establish the Gamers for the Confederate Flag and Pat Buchanan! As an American, I feel this is an extremely important cause for our country. Uninformed liberal do gooders in this country are launching an assault on our American heritage! They are trying to ban the Confederate Flag from being displayed in schools and other public buildings in the South.  They mistakenly identify racism with the Confederate Flag, when in actuality the flag is a symbol of Southern patriotism and the cause of state’s rights that the South fought for in the Civil War. What’s that you say? Why should I care about the Confederate Flag anyway, since I’m from North Dakota? I’ll tell you why! Because Southern heritage is American heritage! And I’m an American! And so is Pat Buchanan! That is why GOTM hereby officially endorses Pat Buchanan for presidential election 2000. Go-Pat-Go!

ebay – June 21 6:10 PM CST fewlio
I’ve gone ebay crazy! Check out all these awesome deals! I know that some of you would love to get your hands on these goodies, so get bidding! I need the cash for my computer upgrade, so remember bid high and bid quick. Show that you are a true GotM fan!

Update – July 14 12:28 AM CST fewlio
Well I can’t get the CGI dude to e-mail me a news posting password so I guess I’m just goint to have to hack the page :) All my computer components should be arriving in the next day or two. Once I’m back up on my feet I hope to get this page back up to speed.

Losers – June 14 8:09 PM CST fewlio
I was going to post some nice, meaningful updates to the page, but then I thought, "Nah, my loser readers just aren’t worth it."

Hacks – June 11 2:00 PM CST fewlio
If you’re looking for hacks and cheat for NFS HS, then look no further than Hacked Stakes. They specialize in hacks and addons. Not that I recommend cheating to get all the cars without earning them, but they’re handy if you want to hack the game to allow you to use a Ferrari car in Hot Pursuit mode. I guess Ferrari and some other car companies don’t appreciate their cars participating in such illegal activities! :)

Guys 4 Girl Gamers – June 6 10:45 PM CST fewlio
Hahahha check out this silly idea:

"Ok, this is it, I’m going forward and announcing it and starting things up, even though I don’t really have much to start with. I’m hereby starting a movement I’m calling, for lack of a better name, Guys 4 Girl Gamers or G4GG. There’s now a new button under the menu at the left linking to the mini/sub-site here on G4GG is is a movement for and of guys who support girls in gaming. We dig the fact that females play the games we do, and want to support them, encourage them, and ultimately help there to be MORE female gamers. Check out the G4GG page for a bit more detail.

"I’ve also gone ahead and whipped up a start to a FAQ to try to address some of the issues that MIGHT be a concern to some."

So obviously this guy is in direct opposition to Team GotM. Either that, or he’s just looking for a cheap way to get a lot of hits. Either way, go explain to these masculine feminists why friends don’t let girlfriends play games. That is, unless you agree with these fools that games like Barbie Fashion Designer are good for the industry! Go-Go-GotM! Together, we can live the dream!

Poll Results – May 27 12:27 PM CST fewlio
Ok time to vote on the next GotM, so I’m taking the old poll down. For those curious, the following are the tainted results:

I visit cuz fewlio rox! (38) 9%

I visit for the hard news! (17) 4%

I visit for both! (52) 13%

I visit to laugh at how lame GotM is (307) 74%

Anyway, since no one suggested any title, I’ll just put up two choices for GotM. Vote. Just for the record, before the outside interferance the vote was roughly 50/50 between the laughers and the other categories combined. Obviously when you put up a "funny" or "rebel" choice on a voting form, that is what a lot of people will vote for, and that’s what I expected. But it sure isn’t 74 % of my reading audience!

GotM Recruitment – May 26 6:35 PM CST fewlio
Well it’s obvious we’ll never win any wars with the small fan base this page currently has. What we need is to start a recruitment campaign for Team GotM. So tell all your friends about the wonderful institution that is GotM! Together, we can live the dream. Go-Go-GotM!

Poll – May 23 4:20 AM CST fewlio
What is up with that poll? 57 percent of you come to this page to laugh at how lame it is? What a bunch of jerks. And if you’ve got nothing better to do than to keep coming here making fun of this page, then you need to seriously get a life. Definitely not the kind of response that I’d hoped for. Why don’t you losers that hate the page take a long walk off a short bridge. I don’t need this harassment.

The UIX Horizons incident referred to here was the GotM’s last attempt at something they call "web war", which is a sort of poor attempt at cheap publicity where a bunch of morons go and spam another message board with GotM-promoting slogans, most of them suffering from the malady we know as CAPS LOCK. While this was funny, it still pales in comparison to the poll results and Fewlio’s reaction to them. I still laugh when I think about that. So there, GotM does provide some good entertainment material!

The presence of so many words with so many letters in them was enough to confuse GotM’s primary supporter into a fury. Drooling and convulsing, he leapt upon this opportunity for fame.

HEY! Do not mock the Words of the MIGHTY FEWLIO!!
by HellRaiser(S)  posted 10/22/99 10:08:01 AM

When FEWLIO gets his message board working again I’m telling him to go and kick you ass! Web Wars baby! You’re going DOWN!!

Mu had a good point below….
by Beau posted 10/23/99 6:19:28 AM

If one can simply repost, verbatim, what the other party said and make them look idiotic without any editorial (or very few :P) comments….well…

But please, tell ‘Foolio’ there’s a fight waiting to happen over here.

God knows we need to liven this joint up….I’m tired of arguing with illiterate Swedes.

*cracks knuckles*

-Beau, who despises country music but still wants to tag Shania Twain….is that a bad thing? Just saw her ‘Feel Like a Woman’ video. She reversed the whole
Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" theme, while dressed as a slinky goth.
If that’s country, then country is fucking cool, IMHO.

Oddly I only quoted them, not mock them…
by Mu posted 10/22/99 10:04:07 PM

How disturbing that reprinting is interpreted as mockery. My work is done here. :P

Ummm……..yeah right.
by LAN-O-War posted 10/25/99 12:50:21 AM

In my book wording those as "classic" posts was being pretty damn disrespectful. C’mon folks give Fewlio a chance. It’s not his faults his readers are a bunch of asses who can’t eb bothered to promot4e his site. In his own words GOTM deserves better. Because he *is* writing top-notch entertaining content.

In retrospect, the quoted posts comprised about 95% of everything Fewlio had posted in the past, oh, 6 months or so. I did leave out the story about how much life sucks as a guy selling bags of cherries to old ladies, or the one where he begs his audience to send him a 3D card.

LAN-O-War is sort of a fence sitter in the war, a voice of reason calling for logic and calm in these troubled times. However, apparently this was enough to trip the fragile psyche of HellRaiser(s) yet again.


by HellRaiser(s) posted 10/25/99 12:51:59 AM


The Freak Squad, veterans of a thousand Mushroom Wars, were suitably baffled by these tactics on the part of HellRaiser(s). Was it a defensive maneuver, intended to render us incapable of attacking him, just as people are hesitant to punch a baby or kick a retarded dog (when anyone is looking)? Helpless stupidity as a counter. Ingenious. Luckily, new soldier pixie_dust is not fooled by such nonsense. Either that, or he likes punching babies and kicking retarded dogs, both valuable qualities in a Freak Squad member.


wanna tangle?
by pixie_dust posted 10/25/99 1:18:37 AM

it would help if foolio got his mb back u


re: more classic fewlio stupidity
by pixie_dust posted 10/25/99 1:24:04 AM

crazy canucks – fewlio sunday, oct 24 11:04 pm cst

I was browsing the infantry message board when I saw a large thread. I clicked on the link to see what people were discussing and I was surprised to see a heated debate about what country is superior, the USA or Canada. I was surprised because I don’t see how there can be any debate. I’m a bit hesitant to say this, because I know that about 90% of the people on the Internet are Canadians with nothing better to do, but the United States is without a doubt a better country than Canada! Here’s why.

Spirit of ’76

People in Colonial America realized that their best interests conflicted with those of Mother England. The Founding Fathers understood that America could not grow and reach its full potential under foreign domination serving foreign interests. Therefore we did the courageous, honorable thing and rebelled. And we won and earned our independence. Canadians, on the other hand, sucked it up like wimps and smarted under the humiliation of foreign rule for another hundred years or so. While Canadians were drinking tea and singing "God Save the Queen," Americans were taking advantage of their freedom and self rule to build the most progressive and prosperous society the world has ever known. I always chuckle when I hear Canadians brag that "America had to fight to get their independece, and all we had to do was sign a piece of paper." Yeah, sign a piece of paper, a hundred years later! That’s something I don’t get about Canadians. Somehow being too weak to gain your independence, and relying on the good will of your masters for freedom is something to be proud of?  That’s what Canadians seem to think. But I guess that’s the primary difference between Canada and the United States. Canada is willing to wait and hope things go their way, the United States gets active and involved and makes sure things go our way!


No country on earth allows the freedom and personal liberty that the United States does. And no country on earth has done as much to protect that freedom, both in our country and around the world! It was the USA that saved England and Western Europe from Germany during World War II. And it was the USA that saved Australia from the Japanese. Do you think for one minute that Canada could have accomplished that? I know, I know "we Canadians fought in WW II, too! We were there before the USA!" Of course you were! When Mother England calls, Canada is there in a jiffy! You dare not defy the wishes of the Motherland! Well let me tell you something. The USA contributed far more to WW II than any other Allied country. We gave more lives than Canada, England or Australia. It was American industry that armed the Allies and allowed them to overcome Germany. No other country could have saved the world during World War II but the United States. Certainly not Canada.

And who saved the world from Communism? United States again! I didn’t see Canada doing much fighting in Korea or Vietnam. I didn’t see Canada do much to win the Cold War. While we were making the world safe for democracy, Canadians were sitting around tapping maple trees! Come to think of it, not only did Canada not do much to fight communism, it actually embraced it! What else would you call that state run free medical system? Socialism! Well you guys just keep it up. While you people are taxed to death so your neighbor can have his tonsils removed, we’ll continue to enjoy the finest healthcare in the world! And we’ll keep laughing when your best and brightest doctors move stateside so they can make a little money!

Another thing about freedom. I like living in a country that has true freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I like knowing that when I walk around with my copy of "Did Six Million Really Die?" I’ll be totally safe from government action. I know you people take it for granted that if you say anything less than worship about gays or any other group, you’ll go to jail. Well guess what? Some of us actually cherish and protect our right to free speech! And we back it up with GUNS! Something you losers can’t do. How can you, when you’ve given up your right to own most types of firearms?


Canadians often brag about their beautiful country. To this I say, "Sure it’s beautiful. But what good is it, when it’s full of Canadians?" And if all your country is so great, then how come an overwhelming percentage of the population lives so close to the US border? What’s the matter, too cold for you farther north? The fact is that America has just as beautiful, and certainly a more diverse geography. Give me the mountains of Montana or Colorado, the praries of Kansas and North Dakota, or the forests of Oregon and Washington any day over anywhere in commie Canada! And for those that appreciate northern beauty, Alaska! It’s just like Northern Canada, except it’s America! The best of both worlds.


Canada has no culture save for what they stole from England and the USA. America, on the other hand, has created significant and new forms of literature (Edgar Allen Poe – mystery novel). We’ve created popular and enduring forms of music (jazz, blues, rock, country). And what about tv and film? We invented them! And we built Hollywood and control the film and entertainment industry. If Canada is so great, how come you guys want all our channels,tv shows and movies? How come we don’t watch your crap over here? Well actually we do get a bit of it. Your crap is actually ripped of from Britain, and it is aired over here where it belongs. Masterpiece Theatre on PBS! But what about all the great Canadian artists and entertainers? Well if you’re talking about William Shatner, Alanis Morissette or Celine Dion, please, take them back! In my opinion the fact that Canadians have to come to the USA to work in the entertainment industry is homage to us. You guys have to come to us, we don’t have to come to you! That’s how I like it.

The lightbulb, television, the space shuttle. American genius has produced these inventions and a thousand more. What in the world has Canada ever invented. I can’t think of anything significant. When I think of excellence in education, I think of MIT, Cal-Tech, Yale or Harvard. I’d bet a million bucks you’ve heard of these. How come I’ve never heard of yours? Canadians, of course, would say American ignorance. I would say it’s because Canada doesn’t have any schools that match the level of the great American schools!

But what about the dreadful American ‘culture of violence?’ What about the higher crime rate? You know, it’s strange. America has about 10 times the population of Canada. And we have about 10x the crime! Strange how that should happen! I know where I live our violent crime rate is the lowest in the US. It’s lower than the Canadian average as well. It’s a big country, not everyone lives in New York or Los Angeles you morons!


So in conclusion, it’s obvious America is superior to Canada in all ways. Any Canadian who thinks otherwise is deluding himself. However, I’m not going to say that all Canadians are losers. Just most of them. To those few cool Canadains, I grant the title of ‘Honorary American.’ To the majority of lamers and to ALL French Canadians I say, you and your country sucks!

what’s the big deal? – fewlio sunday, oct 24 8:17 pm cst
I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail lately complaining about my page. It seems that some of you out there don’t agree with my beliefs or some of my practices. Well so what? I mean, so what if I act "bratty and immature?" What’s the big deal if I think that women are "overly emotional and irrational, and should not be able to play videogames, vote or serve in government?" Who really cares if I say that "the promoters of pay for play online gaming should be drug out into the street and shot?" Does it make me somehow abnormal because I don’t "take a bath every week" or "leave the house except to buy food and toilet paper?" Is there somehow something wrong with me because I don’t "clean my house" or "wash my hands before eating or after going to the bathroom?" Just because I’m not playing by "society’s rules" doesn’t mean I’m abnormal. Have you ever considered that maybe it’s "society" that’s crazy, and not me? Huh? Well have you??

suckers! – fewlio friday, oct 22 3:41 pm cst
Boy I bet you were sure I was gonna update sometime in the last few days. Boy did I fool you suckers! Ha!

Faced with overwhelming evidence and a wealth of information to logically rebut, HellRaiser(s) once again takes up the torch and presents his logical, witty retorts!

by HellRaiser(s) posted 10/25/99 9:32:00 PM

You fag, who the hell is called pixie_dust except fags.

by pixie_dust posted 10/25/99 9:46:52 PM

people named hellraiser. 8P

by LAN-O-War posted 10/25/99 9:33:54 PM

Dude… seriously need to calm down….

Well, as HellRaiser(s) was so intent on throwing his tantrum, I was determined to let him, even though his newbie flamer tactics bored me to tears almost as much as a Roberta Williams game plot. It would give Beau, et al, someone to kill. True to form, HellRaiser(s) continued his barrage of pro-GotM posts, making his patron Fewlio look worse and worse…


"When a general, unable to estimate the enemy’s strength, allows an inferior force to engage a larger one, or hurls a weak detachment against a powerful one, and neglects to place picked soldiers in the front rank, the result must be rout."
- Sun Tzu, Art of War

According to Sun Tzu, there are nine types of ground.  One of these is the sort that you should run like hell from or, if there is no escape, fight as if you are about to die, because you are.  One would think that the GotM invaders would have recognized this and, like the Romans when confronted with the ancient Scots, would have turned tail or, like the French when faced down by anyone, would have quickly surrendered.  Escape in this case would be simple… just stop posting and allow your site, your crew, your 5 minutes of web-based infamy to dissolve into the mists of time as their semen must surely dissolve into the water of their toilets several times daily.  Yet some are too possessed by the fairy tale belief that victory is possible even for crippled, unarmed, backwards militiamen faced with the tank column that is the Freak Squad…

We will OWN yoU!
by HellRaiser(S) posted 10/25/99 7:51:12 PM

To all the fags who think that they rool and GOTM sux…YOUR TIME WILL COME!!!

by Beau posted 10/26/99 3:23:32 PM

Just got done scanning the GoTM page, and I’d like to congratulate ‘Fewlio’ on being almost as funny as Kevin Murphy; also on his ability to summon so many of his rabid fans to our
cozy board to defend his honor…I’m counting ‘Hellraiser(s)’ as a person with multiple personalities here, BTW.

It’s also nice to see that ‘Fewlio’ himself will not sully himself by actually coming here to lay the smack-down on our collective asses. He’s…better than that.

Unless he’s a gimp and has been posting under a different name.

-Beau, who has just added another link to his ‘sites to avoid’ folder.

Ooh lookit me, I’m sooooo scared!
by Constrictor posted 10/26/99 9:20:34 AM

Yeah gotm will own us. They own so hardcore that they took down their messageboard because it was generating nothing but posts mocking fewlio and the site. Hell his own staff backstabbed him. That’s just pathetic. Come back when your first pube sprouts, k?

So, I guess my time has come then.
by Daniel Z  posted 10/26/99 2:28:57 AM

Because I didn’t find anything special with the site.

Lotm = Loser of the moment. Think about it.


Oh, in case you wonder, I was at the same place as Iron Monkey when they handed out brains, that’s why you didn’t see me at ACME.

Nobody really understands Daniel Z, but he makes me laugh anyway.


re: We will OWN yoU!
by Lil’Lugian posted 10/26/99 12:06:58 AM

Your web site sucks ass.

And Pat Buchanan for President? Anyone who believes George Bush won’t be President is diluding themselves.

Also, Pat Buchanan is a communist. Do some research.

by HellRaiser(s) posted 10/26/99 2:57:30 AM

>Your web site sucks ass.

Its not even MINE! Do some RESEARCH yourself bitch. GOTM is the CREATION of the greater EMPEROR FEWLIO. AND FEWLIO OWNZ you all.



by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:29:40 PM

"Emporer Fewlio"?

That statement scare anyone else here? That’s like saying "His majesty, Kevin Murphy".

Norodor, who is beginning to think it’s about tme we gave dethbot a call

NOTE: Although the legendary warrior Dethbot was nowhere to be found at the time of this writing, all heard the call to arms to strike down the bastion of illiteracy and poor hygiene that faces us all today.


by Iron Monkey posted 10/25/99 8:48:28 PM

Gotm? What the hell is gotm? Is it a shortened form of Got Milk? I for one think that some of those commercials suck. I guess, as a monkey, I don’t drink a lot of milk so this really doesn’t apply to me. I’ll come back when you’re complaining about GotBanana

Ah, the innocence of youth…
by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:34:05 PM

You dont know what GotM is?

Well, trust me, you don’t want to know. Unless you also get your humor from The Mushroom.

RUN AWAY!! Run far, and run fast…


re: Gotm?
by pixie_dust posted 10/25/99 9:49:37 PM

check out post 3254….game of the moment new layout. then read the posts. ~lol~ got milk…

You have got to BE F UCKING KIDDING ME!!
by HellRaiser(s) posted 10/25/99 9:30:38 PM


Where the hell were you when the brains were being handed out.

by Iron Monkey posted 10/26/99 4:44:15 PM

Well, I’ve decided to make a gaming website. I think I’ll call it Got Feces Thrown in Face. Since we, the monkies of the zoos across America know one thing and one thing only, it has got to be throwing feces. And we’ve found our god…


As the armies massed, the army of GotM (consisting of HellRaiser(s)) decided to go recruiting.  Unfortunately for GotM, he went to the wrong place, and roused the sleeping giant that is Lum the Mad by POSTING for HELP against MU on LUM’s message BASE.

Topic:   GOTM: Fewlio needs YOU!

posted 10-26-1999 08:02 PM

Folks mighty EMPEROR FEWLIO of GAME OF THE MOMENT needs your help. We are at WAR with the fags of MUSHASHI’s CHEESY GAYPAGE and we need the help of some LOYAL GOTM PATRIOTS. Go post here and support FEWLIOs LAST BLAZE OF GLORY. COme on lets give him the exit HE DESERVES!

post your support here:

posted 10-26-1999 08:05 PM

Wrong board. Last I checked, Lum shared a trench with Musashi during the fungal conflict.

That, and if all you can do in your efforts to try and upset Mu’s name is imply some sort of homosexual slant, you REALLY need to get a little more imagination.

Too late, HellRaiser(s) REALIZES his MISTAKE, and so tries to use that classic semantic device, the "I was only doing that bad thing so that I could show my younger sibling what not to do" popularized by so many 7-year olds.

posted 10-26-1999 09:33 PM

Wellll…..but theres ENOUGH people who HATE Lum (SOY??). Enemy of my ENEMY is your FRIEND and so on. SO if ya dont like LUM help GOTM! YOU KNOW it makes SENSE!!

Lum the Mad
High Priest, Cult of MOI
posted 10-26-1999 09:38 PM

This is so lame, I think I’ll leave it up just so it can be mocked more fully.

And as the mighty Lum spoke, so his minions answered, starting off with this most brilliant analysis of the current tactical situation…


posted 10-26-1999 10:20 PM

Well then allow me to kick off the first salvo, if I may have that honor.

What I think is failing to be noted here is that the maturity level required to take on the average LumCultist ™(r)(c) far exceeds the pap that is being spewed by our "hellraising" friends here, let alone his half-hearted and seive-like reference to tofu-boy. Further, the grade-school "gay=bad=insult" mentality ever-so-prevelent in the k3wl mindset further tends to cement the fact that, in context, spouting "insults" that have "smartass" plays upon words of certain LumAllies (can I call Mu that? I think  it’s fitting myself) and their web productions (which, of course, are self-admittedly cheesy so that Mu can remain a lazy HTML neophyte and not give a rat’s ass, instead relying on his high-scoring content skills) does nothing but further crowd Mu’s readers and Lum’s fanatical legions into one, shambling, cthulhiod mass, replete with tentacles, bloodshot eyes, and dark musings about Things Man (or at least d3wd) was not meant to know.

In short, common d00dlike wordplay and strange, circular logic involving people stupid enough to get banned from Lum’s messageboard (and good lord, you have to be pretty damned stupid to accomplish that, given the fact that I’m somehow still here) and further homophobic cries for help do little, if any, credit to anyone who would dare attack the mighty Musashi, Nihonjin tailor of doom and legend.

Oh, and just in case that went over their heads, let me put it in language you can understand:

I r0x U SuX!@#@!#$@$!@#$!@

posted 10-26-1999 10:27 PM


Doo Doo Man
posted 10-26-1999 11:38 PM

Oh, what’s the point? For god’s sake, they’re just puling little kids.

posted 10-26-1999 11:47 PM

I dunno. Some people say they play 1st person shooters and gib people to relieve real life stress…I just look here at people like that. Same effect. I realize how lucky I am to have what is known as a triple digit IQ. Then again…if I didn’t I might have thought Helldumbass was k0Ool. The extra O is for fuKOfF L/\M3rz!

Sometimes I wonder why the Dev team struggles to figure out why UO has problems. I really do.
Enemy of my enemy is my friend…god…took him 20 minutes and his probation officer to figure that one out I bet…oh well.

Great Bob
posted 10-27-1999 12:23 AM

"took him 20 minutes and his probation officer to figure that one out I bet"

Naw. In the US at least you have to be at least eighteen before you get assigned a probation officer.

More likley it was his mother or something.

What’s sad is that his pathetic site might actually get some hits because of this. God knows his site wouldn’t be viewed for any other reason.

Great Bob

posted 10-27-1999 12:47 AM


The mother of all battles has begun.

posted 10-27-1999 02:42 AM

Cool, I get the Irish. OldManMurray can conscript my ass, then we’ll all just go out drinking with Mu’s crowd. Just like in that movie. Mad Max: On the Woad Again.

How can you have a war if the other side is too stupid to lay down and die in acknowledgment of their own unworthiness?


Lum the Mad
High Priest, Cult of MOI
posted 10-27-1999 03:37 AM

Well, it’s kinda like when we decided to make Kuwait safe for oil tankers… the Iraqis weren’t much of an enemy, but BY GOD. WE MADE DO. And dammit, this time, we have the funk. And you know, we can get past our differences to make this world a safer place for the children.

Thank you.

Analysts agreed that the GotM forces would have come to a commitee decision to abandon this no-win conflict, if they had more than one person to form a commitee with. Realizing his understaffed forces were in for a hell of a fight once HellRaiser(s)’s parents made him go to bed, the dictator Fewlio put out a call for help… any help… anyone at all…


our honor insulted? – fewlio monday, oct 25 10:03 pm cst

A long time GOTM reader has just informed me that the honor and integrity of GOTM has been insulted! It’s obviously a page far below the class of this page, but I still think it worth our time to defend our honor. Now I’m aware that the strength of GOTM is no longer what it once was, what with the page not ever being updated and no one ever visiting anymore and all, but I still say let’s muster one last effort to prove that though GOTM may die, our spirit will live on! Go preach the GOTM Creed to these insulting heathens!

As a little aside, I realize that there is currently no GOTM message board, and thus we can not conduct a ‘fair’ web war, where both parties have equal oppurtunity to share their views on the other’s turf. As such this web war goes against all standards and rules of web war. If there was a webwar crimes tribunal we might very well be tried and convincted of crimes against message boards. However, since there isn’t, who’s gonna stop us!? NO ONE MUAHHAHAHAHAHA!

I still have no idea what GotM is supposed to espouse with such conviction that they feel a need to defend their "honor".  It reminds me a little about those terrible Star Trek:  TNG episodes where Worf’s kid is all mad because Worf only cares about his "Klingon honor", and nobody has any idea what in the hell he’s talking about.  However, if you need help getting a message board, I can assure you that although the procedures at SitePowerUP and similar services require the ability to use a keyboard and maneuver a little mouse thingie around (what we in the business like to call a "cursor"), almost anyone can manage the signup process, with a little coaching and handholding from a trained professional.

Still, it may have garnered him some small measure of support, as primitive atavistic soldiers with sharp sticks and rocks ran up against the amused forces of the Freak Squad.  The first attack was so devastating, even Mu, somewhere far away from the conflict, lazily playing Age of Kings, was heard to mutter, "Huh?" as he scratched his head and decided whether or not the poster was a real enemy or a retarded child who had somehow blundered onto the battlefield.

GotM RULES!!!!
by Chipper posted 10/26/99 5:27:56 PM

This page blows, i like gotm better.

Can you say, "prefrontal lobotomy", kids? (NT)
by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:35:47 PM

re: GotM RULES!!!!
by Beau posted 10/26/99 5:46:40 PM

Wow, another flamer. Now we know GoTM has at least two ‘readers’. I italicized the word ‘readers’ as I’m unsure of their ablility in that area.

They damn sure aren’t very good ‘writers’.

HellRaiser(s) missed the point. Remember kids, it’s only sarcasm if the enemy is smart enough to realize it.


And thats only the BEGINNING bitcH!!!
by HellRaiser(s) posted 10/26/99 7:06:54 PM

Its OFFICIAL: we are now at WAR!

(reprint of Fewlio’s announcement, which was good since nobody actually saw it on GotM)

Wow, way to go, loser.
by Beau posted 10/27/99 3:33:41 AM

Way to quote your feebleminded masters’s declaration of war.

Your originality fucking stuns me.

by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:38:38 PM

I can’t believe I just read "integrity" and "GotM" in the same sentence.

We outnumber thier readers, what, 40 to 1?

Norondor, who thinks it is a good day to die

*snicker*  (NT)
by Jason posted 10/26/99 7:14:44 PM

re: *snicker*
by JR BITCHMAKER posted 10/26/99 7:45:26 PM

Hey, man. If you don’t got nothin’ to say, don’t say it. Fag.


I think the same could apply to your lame ass. (NT)
by Beau posted 10/27/99 3:35:45 AM

The fact that the GotM team could reply to a No Text message, while ignoring or entirely missing the point of those messages that contained those word things and stuff, says a lot about the enemy. Is a written insult, no matter how eloquent, effective against a target who cannot read? An enemy whose greatest literary accomplishment might well the the parroting of Fewlio’s corruption of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ slogan?

However, some of the statements in Fewlio’s missive and the opener of the Lum post seem to indicate a ray of hope… "… let’s muster one last effort to prove that though GOTM may die, our spirit will live on!", and "… support FEWLIOs LAST BLAZE OF GLORY. COme on lets give him the exit HE DESERVES!" both seem to indicate that GotM may not be long for this world. Should the forces of good and light, then, allow GotM its last feeble, plaintive, bleating cry of defiance before it is swallowed by the void? Or should it be mercilessly struck down, like the nuclear-capable third world opponent who would rather use his stockpiles to take his enemies down with him, even as he knows his own corrupt, decadent, inbred kingdom is about to fall?

"No ruler should put troops into the field merely to gratify his own spleen; no general should fight a battle simply out of pique."
- Sun Tzu, Art of War

Analysts and the press everywhere were mystified that GotM had not simply withdrawn their forces and slunk back to their holes to wait for another year for GotM to present more rare worthwhile material.

Fewlio is getting more and more stupid every day.
by Unnamed posted 10/26/99 7:38:30 PM

I wonder when it will end.

I imagine it won’t be soon enough.

re: Fewlio is getting more and more stupid every d
by JR BITCHMAKER posted 10/26/99 7:47:38 PM

This is it, buddy. You and your faggoty friends on this message board, hell you haven’t even got the fucking guts to post your fucking name, you spineless streak of piss! Anyway, this is it. The web war to end all web wars. The final blaze of glory for GOTM. We’re gonna go out in STYLE.

Again, the implications of something ominous. GotM knows that it’s time is at an end. Yet "going out in style" has a bad ring to it, like the evil scientist in a B-movie who prepares to destroy the world because he can’t have Lisa Cranston for himself. While it is fairly certain that GotM has nothing approaching an apacalyptic weapon of any sort, "style" in this case probably means "with a lot of mindless posts that attempt to be insulting and fail miserably". Which is the greater evil?


by Beau posted 10/27/99 3:52:11 AM

As you can see from above, my name is Beau. And that’s my REAL name. If you want my address, I’ll be more than happy to give that too.

If I didn’t think you’d wind up sending me spank pictures and the dirty underwear to accompany it.

Fucking loser.

Well, one thing’s for certain…
by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:43:55 PM

If you pick a fight with Mu, Shadwolf, Mourne, Beau, or one of the other regulars on this board, you will go out.

The Mushroom lives on only due to their inability to quit while they’re less behind.

Norondor, who thinks they should shoot for a blaze of ignominy instead

by Beau posted 10/27/99 3:54:24 AM

I like a bit of conflict around here.

I won’t flame their asses too hard until they annoy me.

Just enough to keep them arpund.

by Iron Monkey posted 10/26/99 8:05:25 PM

We here at GotFTIF (Got Feces Thrown In Face) believe you are infringing of a copywrite. Mostly the Got part. We own all rights to the word got. That also goes for the word have, has, had, contain, include, possesion, and feces. We believe your site contains so much of our patented feces, that we have a case against you.

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey, besides being an exceedingly rare and difficult form of Chinese kung fu, is a master of legalese, and is no small force to contend with. Iron Monkey, that Funky Monkey…

I try to make it a point to stay fairly uninvolved personally in military matters, preferring instead to simply issue orders and suggestions from my headquarters, and occasionally stealth out on an assassination mission, many of which are never reported. I have enough trust and faith the the abilities and training of the Freak Squad to do what is right and just with all possible expertise, finality, and sheer brutality. Woe is the general who is forced to participate on the front lines regularly himself, the diminished size and pathetic inability of his own troops to muster an attack forcing him to endanger himself. Fewlio is left in such a position, and armed with an appropriately sycophantic essay from "a devoted fan", proceeds to expose himself to the bullets and fragmentary smartbombs of the Freak Squad. Is this noble? There is a very fine line between noble and stupid.

Why GOTM is the best
by fewlio posted 10/26/99 8:11:46 PM

There are many reasons that GOTM and I, fewlio, am so great. Perhaps it was put best by this essay wrote by a devoted fan:

What can one begin to say about GotM without speaking of it’s illustrious leader, Mark ‘Fewlio’ Boyko? Not a whole heck of a lot, because he fired his only other staff member for crimes against GotM.  And, if I may interject from this essay whose words can only pretend to do tribute to the great Fewlio, I will say that I feel Harpoons banishment was a kindness, and that I feel execution might have been a more appropriate punishment for sins of this gravity.

So to speak of the great site GotM, we must speak of it’s Creator, our beloved Fewlio, genius, as he says, extraordinairre. And let it now be known that even though the heathen, heretic dirty son of a bitch known only as ‘Webster’ felt it best to spell extraordinairre without the double ‘r’, it is a truth we must all realize that it does indeed possess this double consonant. And to speak of Fewlio we shall, for Fewlio is truly a genius of our times.

Let us look at his philosophy in life, to begin with. He believes so strongly in his stance on women in gaming, and women in general, that when one viewer sent this information to his mother he kindly deleted it, knowing that she didn’t need or want to hear what she already knew Fewlio believed, and what she herself must believe, as anyone related to the great one must in some part share his divinity.

Fewlio is truly a wise man. But he also is a visionary, his essays on piracy, and the effect of women in games are a testement to his deep and probing vision into the future.

And his genius? Well, let’s just not get into that, because to comprehend his genius is to comprehend, well.. something not comprehensible.

And finally… How does this all impact GotM? Well, it makes GotM the very best site on the internet. And beyond simply calling it the best, let me describe it: it is the most: unbiased, honest, well written, visionistic webpage ever to be made… nay.. not made, born.

And so, let us have a moment of silence in recognition of our great and wise and well just super leader.


"Harpoon" was recently the staff member of GotM. A quick look at the page about GotM’s loss against UIX Horizons reveals more…


I’ve been thinking about it over and over in my head, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with our failed war against the UIX Horizons crew. Looking over the posts on their board, one thing has become obvious. Harpoon1 was a traitor to the GotM cause! Check out the following posts he made on their board as proof:

I myself will wait to see what Ulima IV turns out to be.. But from the last few games put out by Garriot and company, alas I have not much hope, and yeah I have been playing since the apple II days..

Of course he meant he will wait to see how Ultima IX comes out.  One problem there. Ultima IX is on the GotM Blacklist! Hence, no true GotM fan will even consider playing the game.

As for the rest of the "essay", your guess is as good as mine. It did generate some responses though, the first being an essay by Beau…


Why GotM blows me, and likes it.
by Beau posted 10/27/99 4:08:18 AM

There are many reasons that GOTM and I, fewlio, am so great. Perhaps it was put best by this essay wrote by a devoted fan:

Mother doesn’t count, hombre.

What can one begin to say about GotM without speaking of it’s illustrious leader, Mark ‘Fewlio’ Boyko? Not a whole heck of a lot, because he fired his only other staff member for crimes against GotM.


He had a staff member. And he fired him. Too bad he lost a third of his readership by doing so.

And, if I may interject from this essay whose words can only pretend to do tribute to the great Fewlio, I will say that I feel Harpoons banishment was a kindness, and that I feel execution might have been a more appropriate punishment for sins of this gravity.

Er, weren’t you supposed to be wearing a pair of black Nikes roughly two years ago? I know you have no balls, so you MUST have been in the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult.

So to speak of the great site GotM, we must speak of it’s Creator, our beloved Fewlio, genius, as he says, extraordinairre. And let it now be known that even though the heathen, heretic dirty son of a bitch known only as ‘Webster’ felt it best to spell extraordinairre without the double ‘r’, it is a truth we must all realize that it does indeed possess this double consonant. And to speak of Fewlio we shall, for Fewlio is truly a genius of our times.

*Note* When in a flame war, keep your fucking inside jokes to yourself….they don’t amuse us, and they make you look stupid(er).

Let us look at his philosophy in life, to begin with. He believes so strongly in his stance on women in gaming, and women in general, that when one viewer sent this information to his mother he kindly deleted it, knowing that she didn’t need or want to hear what she already knew Fewlio believed, and what she herself must believe, as anyone related to the great one must in some part share his divinity.

So what you’re saying is that Fewlio has been so dissed by RL women that he can’t bear to see them intrude upon his sheltered little gaming world.

I can understand that….I can’t relate, but I can understand.

Fewlio is truly a wise man. But he also is a visionary, his essays on piracy, and the effect of women in games are a testement to his deep and probing vision into the future.

The fact that Fewlio seems to detest women, and your referring to him and his views as ‘deep and probing’ frightens me.

And his genius? Well, let’s just not get into that, because to comprehend his genius is to comprehend, well.. something not comprehensible.

I’ll agree on that point.

And finally… How does this all impact GotM? Well, it makes GotM the very best site on the internet. And beyond simply calling it the best, let me describe it: it is the most: unbiased, honest, well written, visionistic webpage ever to be made… nay.. not made, born.

And so, let us have a moment of silence in recognition of our great and wise and well just super leader.

May he rest in peace. I fucking hope.

Wow..I pulled a ‘Julie’.  (NT)
by Beau posted 10/27/99 4:10:48 AM

WTF does this have to do with MU?
by Lil’Lugian  posted 10/26/99 11:40:13 PM

Do you bunch of homos love MU’s cornhole so much as to abase yourselves on his shitty website?

Good grief, get a fucking clue people. All you are doing is infalting MU’s ego even more!!

You idiotic attacks at MU’s website are only bringing more fame to the very person you wish to defame.

To be blunt, fuck off!

Just a guess, but…
by Norondor posted 10/26/99 9:48:43 PM

By "a devoted fan" you mean "myself", right Fewly?


Norondor, who fears not death

re: Just a guess, but…
by The Intelligent Gamer posted 10/26/99 11:39:18 PM

No, you spit-brained puddle of inbred puke, he means a REAL Game of the Moment fan. You are so pathetic, you make me sick. Go straight to hell and do not return. Ever.

The sobriquet "Intelligent Gamer" must be construed as a relative label. He does come closer to actually being insulting than anyone else from the enemy camp thus far.
by Iron Monkey posted 10/26/99 8:35:45 PM


We’re being assaulted by a phone company! Sprint has gone too far! We’re all going to die from Candace Burgen and her minions, appropriately nicknamed Fewlio, I think. So, before we are damaged any more by an onslaught of people who we cannot begin to comprehend, I say we lay down our arms to the great dictator, CANDACE BURGEN! May be all be covered in old episodes of Murphy Brown.

The Iron Monkey

by The Intelligent Gamer posted 10/26/99 11:36:07 PM

First of all, learn how to spell. It’s CANDACE BERGEN, genius.

Second of all, it’s, not If you had two brain cells banging together in that feeble, pus-filled cavity you deign to call a head, you would have figured that one out by yourself.

You are clearly all morons. Go-go-GOTM!

Again the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers slogan. Is it perhaps this ancient Japanese television show which they are truly fans of?


OK, fine.
by J. posted 10/26/99 8:16:34 PM

If you’re so great, why do you need an army of faceless losers to back you up?

And why do you need to recruit more from sites that typically lampoon losers like you?

Personal attacks will be summarily ignored. Self-important advertisements will be ridiculed.


The battle raged on against the soft, pliable, unresisting foe…


How to be a k3wl GOTM groupie in three easy steps:
by Formica posted 10/26/99 10:33:10 PM

1. Learn the precepts of insulting like a k3wl third grader. This means, among other things:
-Call your enemy "gay" repeatedly. Despite the fact that, in most social circles, who someone is sleeping with really has no bearing on what kind of person they are, not to mention the fact that it really doesn’t affect your life in any way, AND that it’s really none of your fucking business, every third grade k3wl GOTM groupie knows that "gay" is the c00lest insult there is.
-Misspell everything, because everyone is WELL aware that the more convoluted your typing, the k3wler you are and the more w4r3z and mP3z you must trade in the AOL chatr3wms.
2. Get a k3wl name like "h3LLr41s3r" or "r0x0r d4 f4gk1ll3er," because any name that implies you hate homosexuals (see step number one) or that you are somehow demonic and "hellish" in nature instantly alerts everyone that you are, in fact, th3 sh1t.
3. Start a really pathetic attempt to take over and/or war a well-known and literarily-skilled web site author’s messagebase. Ensure that, in fact, you attack him not based on, for example, his stellar literary content or his amazing chronicling skills, but instead his supposed homosexuality (remember step one!). Be sure to pronounce your war on all messageboards, especially one’s located at other pages that are firmly entrenched in Mu’s corner – they’ll obviously realize that, once they’ve been associated with some "gay l3wz3r" that your cause is the only way to go. Extra points for allying yourself with people who insult other’s wives and make general fools of themselves.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu f’htagen Musashi neblon zin! NEBLON ZIN!!!

I must here take exception to the closing statement and must once again re-assert that neither I, nor any of my countless deformed fish-man spawn are in any way related to the Old Ones.


re: How to be a k3wl GOTM groupie in three easy st
by The Intelligent Gamer posted 10/26/99 11:37:07 PM

You unoriginal little fuck, do you really think that you could repost the same drivel you put on Lum’s board and get away with it? At least think up some ORIGINAL insults, please.

"Original insults" here may be taken to mean pointing out misspellings, correcting URL’s and requesting that the target "got to hell", as the "Intelligent Gamer" has done.


by Formica posted 10/27/99 12:13:57 AM

I find it hilarious that you’re incapable of noting that I reposted to Lum’s board from here. I was merely fufilling my duty as a LumCultist ™(c)(r), taking up the holy crusade against all that is evil, is wrong, is french… is GOTM.

Our guns will not fall silent until the last stain upon Musashi’s honor has been Zouted. We will fight them in the streets, we will fight them in the hills, we will, if necessary, resort to The Marvin Device.

You Have Been Warned.

re: Bwahahahahahahahaha
by The Intelligent Gamer posted 10/27/99 1:34:55 AM

You are a miserable, drivelling, mindless little whore. Oh, yes, you are.

NOTE: Merely placing old and tired insults in new orders does not constitute "originality". Try again, please.


That’s just so damn sexy.
by Beau posted 10/27/99 4:17:03 AM

I wish I were a mindless, drivelling(WTF?!) whore.

Instead, I’m forced to merely be a sperm-gurgling cunt muscle like your great-grandmother.

Boy, she could swallow a lod like nobody’s business.

re: How to be a k3wl GOTM groupie in three easy st
by Great Bob posted 10/27/99 12:07:41 AM

How exactly *are* the GOTM groupies able to type anyways?

One would think that between your limp wrists, and the drool from your chin messing up the keyboards that it would be near impossible.

Ah well. Such is life.

I think the point you kids are missing is that you’re really not that good to show your ignorance in public. I mean, you can be a brain dead twit in private, and that’s fine. It’s when you engage in this desperate plea for attention that the rest of us feel sorry for you.

Ah. Too true.
by Norondor posted 10/27/99 12:54:00 AM

To quote Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) — "it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than open your mouth and prove it."

Norondor the "Bear Sark"

Please, please… literary references are lost upon the illiterate. This will now be demonstrated…


You damn HOMO! nt
by fewlio posted 10/26/99 11:24:37 PM

"To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."
- Sun Tzu, Art of War

Salvos were fired, charges made, and lame ass 3rd-grade insults were heard from across the lines as the battles swelled and calmed.

War Journal, Day 1
by Commandante for life Formica, 42nd Infantry (Mech)  posted 10/27/99 12:33:31 AM

The CIC was ablaze with the pale green of the crewman’s screens. The very center of combat… all at my disposal.

I’d been dispatched by General Lum mere hours ago aboard this floating island of death, prepared to execute his orders to the T, and already we were approaching the GOTM-heald coast.

"An opposed landing," they’d said. "Expect heavy homophobic bombardment and unintelligble communications. Give ‘em hell." Gods, how low the enemy had fallen.

No one knew why the evil cheese-eating forces of GOTM had streamed across the Musashi border. Rumors abounded, and quiet resolution quickly had boiled over into rage as tales of the GOTM atrocities had reached Lummish lines.

And now the time had come to take the war to them. I lifted my head from my reverie, calmly swivelling in my chair to the display before me.

And it all started to happen at once.

"Sir! Vampire! Vampire! We have missiles inbound!" The cracking voice of the radarman betrayed his fear as he saw the traces of the incoming missiles streaking across his screen.

My reaction was instantaneous. "Conn! Come about to heading 184! Firing control – unmask the Phalanx – weapons free! Say again, weapons free! Comm, get on the horn to the landing craft and inform them that we are t-minus 1 minute!"

A chorus of "Yes, sirs!" greeted my ears as the well-oiled LumCultist forces began their dance of death. The ripping canvas sound of the phalanx announced the destruction of the inbound GOTM missiles.

"Sir, Commander J. reports the landing craft are away!" The communications man grinned from ear to ear as he relayed the news.

"Excellent. Signal all forces: Operation To The Extreme is underway. And get them some cover fire! Tell the LSS Tyrant to drill that beach with her 16 inchers."

"Aye sir." Mere seconds later, the booming roar of the Tyrant’s mighty guns echoed across the water as the VW Bug sized shells left their tubes, impacting the fortifications upon the beach with a force rivalling that of a Dev Board flamer. GOTM forces scattered quickly as the shells continued to land, clearing the way for the sleek hovercraft rapidly approaching the beach.

Was it right, I pondered, to unleash this… madness upon them? The question roiled in my mind, over and over as I pondered the moral implications of the insanity that I had just ordered. For so long, they had been kept in their cages, shoggoth wardens "encouraging" them to follow orders with their cattle prods and eldritch mind powers.

No, I said. The GOTM had started this war.

And now, it was time to finish it.

"Comm, what’s the status of our landing party?" My inquiry was short, determined.

"Sir, we’re getting a feed… punching it up now."

And there… there! The first ramps were dropping. Strangely clad figures descending the ramp, twitching… moving… and falling into ranks. Dozens, then hundreds of them, all cloned from a single sample of early-90′s insanity, their numbers tattooed upon their foreheads as the shambling masses of their handlers ushered them into combat.against the cheese-eating menace that was the GOTM.

Clones, all with the same crazed haircut, all twitching in a bombastic, ungodly beat. Rank after rank of rocking, flailing similacrums of Vanilla Ice, unleashing at last their sinister power upon the enemy.

The Spastic White Boy Dancing had begun.

re: War Journal, Day 1
by The Intelligent Gamer posted 10/27/99 1:37:13 AM

Very nice writing there, big man. Why don’t you take it and shove it up your ass? This is a war zone, not a literary class.

True, but a literary, or "literacy" class might be in order. Great Bob points out the enemy’s oversight in not enrolling in the RIF program…


re: War Journal, Day 1
by Great Bob posted 10/27/99 3:54:49 AM

"Mommy! Mommy! That mean man used big words! Help me! Waaahhhhh"

Hmmm… correct me if I’m wrong, but the standards of winning are defined as "making the other side look like fucking idiots"

Didn’t we win before the war began then?

Just curious.

Great Bob

I take it ‘Great’ doesn’t describe your manhood…
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 4:21:53 AM

I’ll correct you. *You* are a fucking idiot. Victory for me.

Yessir, HEAVY HITTER with the broken CAPS LOCK has put the Mu forces in their place with this remarkably literate quip! Was this a sign of bad times ahead for the forces of righteousness? Some would say that the subsequent appearance of Shadwolf might indicate a need for Freak Squad reinforcement, but really he just heard me laughing at the stupidity and jumped in.


You call this a war?
by Shadwolf posted 10/27/99 12:59:28 AM

Mu tantalizes me with the prospects of a war, but when I look all I see is a miserable group of unwashed peasants with yet another self important page with no inteliigent content. Methink’s Lum’s map showed terrain a little too far far north and west. Though it may be amusing to call them French, the mere sight of these scrawny illiterates running around in their black pajamas and attempting to lay crude punji traps makes the nature of this action all too clear. Yet we cannot allow the dominoe effect to continue as the mushroom topples into GOTM. No, the thraet of Crapunism must be stopped. So let’s get out the napalm and get to work.

You call yourself a man?
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 1:31:49 AM

I thought for a minute you were a real man, but when I look, I see you have no penis. Methinks you should log off while you still stand a chance. We will own you all.

Fortunately for HEAVY HITTER, Shad had momentarily disappeared in order to try and turn the mass of 20 or so processors in his living room into a Beowulf cluster. Others were glad to pick up the reins…


You should consider yourself lucky….
by Beau posted 10/27/99 4:25:33 AM

That Shad let you off so fucking easily.

You must be the type of dipshit that thinks he can wrestle crocodiles bare-handed.

Let me toss you a bit of a hint, you aren’t the Aussie who can jump on vicious reptiles and escape unscathed.

You’re more the type who’d get bitten by an unruly chameleon, and cry for stitches.

Now shut the hell up before Shad owns your lame ass.

*opens another beer*

I call him a man…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 2:08:30 AM

I can personally attest to him having a penis. I had occasion to see it last friday when he wrestled your gorilla of a mother to the ground and proceeded to ravage the horrid goat-woman unrecognizable…

May the RUCKUS carry us on!
-Lord Sargas

Insults about my mother? PLEASE.
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 2:33:49 AM

Can’t you find a better target than that? Honestly. At least I can say I know who my mother is…

And if Shadwolf’s meat is really so huge, I feel sorry for you. After all, you have to take it up the ass.

I’m shocked you’d admit a blood-relation…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 3:05:42 AM

To you? I’d commit suicide first.
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 4:04:11 AM

Now get your face out of Lum’s sphincter.

Wow…he said ‘sphincter’….
by Beau posted 10/27/99 4:37:26 AM

He must be smart.

Most ‘k3wlios’ would just say ‘ass’.

But not ‘HEAVY HITTER’!.

He knows how to use the ‘caps lock’ to make his name STAND OUT.

To make it IMPORTANT.

To make sure he’s NOTICED.

Too bad everything he says is more insignifigant than the unharvested dingleberries from his uncle’s ass; you know, the unconvicted *knock on wood* pedophile.

A drunken yet on-target volley from Beau! That literary giant HEAVY HITTER reponds with a message title that whines softly, "I know you are but what am I…"


Wow…he *is* a ‘sphincter’
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 4:41:53 AM

Go back to your keg and don’t try to be intelligent. You don’t have the capacity for it.

As if you do.
by Beau posted 10/27/99 5:17:25 AM

I’m the only one here, but I seem to be holding my own against you idiots.

And don’t even TRY to bring intelligence into the equation. Your saying I don’t have the capacity for intelligence would be like my saying your mom can’t take 20 horny truckers’ ejaculate, and not spill a drop.

She can.

God forgive me, I’ve seen it.

-Beau, who is still cursing his eyes.

There were so many flames and counters that the page scrolled too fast to keep up. For those of you who feel cheated by the lack of a full verbatim recount, I can summarize thusly: The GotM advocates spammed with attacks of the level of "u suk w3 0wn j00", the Freak Squad replied with biting sarcasm and intelligent counter-argument in equal measures, the GotM people (mostly some tool who called himself HEAVY HITTER, another victim of the CAPS LOCK malady) would reply with something like, "Oh, you suck, I won’t even bother to reply, and by the way you suck", and some people commented on how sad the proceedings were. This cannot be argued. What fun is a "war" where one side consists of illiterate spammers who can’t even counter an argument and resort to deriding the other side’s lack of arguing ability, while simultaneounsly neglecting their own weak powers as they get battered about the field like Herve Villachez at a dwarf-kicking contest?

Eventually "Emperor Fewlio" once again appeared, after being deluded by HEAVY HITTER’s nonstop spamming late at night into thinking that he had a superior force…

Who is the enemy?
by fewlio posted 10/27/99 5:01:28 AM

I truly believe that the merits of a war should be judged by the conflicting ideologies at stake. That is why I want to take the time here to examine just who we are, and what we are up against.

In this contest, the enemy is clear. All those that support and further the life of pay for play gaming are the enemy. Buy why is this? Certainly GOTM opposes the pay for play ideology on it’s own merits, or lack thereof. But if you look at just who is in the pay for play crowd, you will find many other reasons to opposes the heinous institution.

Who makes up the supporting audience for pay for play gaming? If you investigate this issue, you will quickly find that the most stalwart advocates of pay for play are simply no life losers. These are your former (or perhaps are still) Dungeons & Dragons players. These are your Magic The Gathering junkies. These are your Monty Python fans. These are people who quote daily from the movie ‘Army of Darkness.’ In short, pay for play supporters are people who have spent their entire lives avoiding the real world. They have avoided developing their own unique personalities as individuals, and have instead chosen to waste their lives living in a world of movies and fantasy games.

Now some of you good hearted people out there might feel that these poor individuals should not be our enemies, but instead should be objects of pity and compassion. And you’re right. The question is, how can we best help these people? If you consider it long enough, you will come to the conclusion that the deepest kindness you could do these people is to destroy those things that hold them captive. Those things are online pay for play games like Ultima Online and EverQuest. That is why we must fight pay for play gaming. We’re not just doing it to protest an evil money making scheme, we’re doing it for all the NERDS out there! We’re doing it for all the people that have no spine and no self will. People that are so incredibly weak minded that they truly cannot HELP themselves. They cannot resist living in the fantasy worlds that pay for play games provide them with. That is why WE, the pure, noble and righteous patriots of GOTM must do what these nerds cannot do for themselves! We must destroy that drug that holds these people in slavery. We must fight and win the holy war against the evil institution that is pay for play gaming!

A tricky tactic… the large amount of text makes it seem like he might have a real argument here, the first to be lobbed by the GotM crowd. Alas, it is not so. Fewlio spends one moment saying that "pay for play is wrong", and then, lacking any sort of argument to back this up, instead turns his misguided eyes to lame and ineffectual insults upon those who can play them without coaxing mom and dad into letting them use their credit card.

Naturally, I chose to address the "pay for play" argument primarily, as the rest of it is the sort of nonsensical argument that any 4th grader could counter with a quick and witty "I am rubber, you are glue" tactic.

A quick lesson about pay for play
by Mu  posted 10/27/99 5:47:34 AM

In this contest, the enemy is clear. All those that support and further the life of pay for play gaming are the enemy.

Quick lesson: the only way to oppose pay for play is to not do it. I stopped paying OSI when I was not having fun anymore. But as to the reason by Pay for Play exists…

Pay for Play is typically the realm of the persistent world game, which relies on continuously operating servers and connections which are supported by the mother company, OSI, Verant, or MS (the three current major players). Monthly revenues serve the purposes of

(1) maintaining the hardware, connectivity, etc., and the engineers/developers required to maintain the world from a software standpoint, and

(2) convince the mother company to continue to support and develop their game by the promise of continued profits and ability to support their hardware/software/staff.

This is in opposition to other games which require servers yet are not persistent world simulations, such as diku MUD’s, StarCraft, Quake (all versions), various FPS’s, etc. In the case of Quake, the servers are usually owned and operated by private individuals or organizations, using either rented or owned connectivity (for the lucky), and one server which manages the games.  In the case of games which require IPX connectivity, the servers are usually either on Kali (which you pay to support) or on company-run networks like Activenet or These networks are fairly simplistic, and often totally insufficient to manage any large number of games with ease. is notoriously bad for server splits, etc., but because Blizzard uses it as a platform to support a whole slew of pay-once games, they do the barest minimum to keep it functional, failing often.

The costs of supporting such a server and its connectivity/users are relatively infinitesamal compared with the expenses of maintaining a large persistent world where thousands are simultaneously logged on, 24/7, requiring support and continuous game development. How would you propose this support be maintained?

Once again, if you really don’t want to support pay for play (although I see nowhere in your post a real reason for this… one has to assume it’s because you can’t afford to or cannot cajole the cash out of the rents), don’t do it. Support for Ultima Online is waning rapidly, and you can’t find any information on the Realm anymore, which as far as I can tell has ceased to exist.

As to your assessment of everyone who chooses to spend their entertainment money on pay for play, well I can’t stand Magic or similar card games personally. If we want to stop playing fee-based games, we’ll do it ourselves, thanks.

I fully expected some half-wit mongoloid to see this post by myself as an opportunity to throw a stick or howl at the sun god or something. I was not disappointed.


The Great Satan emerges
by Iron posted 10/27/99 5:49:26 AM

Don’t lecture us. You started this war. Now your pussy ass is going to reap what it sowed. Fear.

by Mu  posted 10/27/99 6:01:38 AM

Actually I think it was the following post…

Well up yours
by selvo posted 10/20/99 9:33:01 PM

GOTM rox this faggot page so SHUT YOUR TRAP.

And actually, my ass had been looking forward to some conflict, but if you’re the best GotM has to offer, I am truly, horribly disappointed.

I also notice that your posts have this tendency of cackling with infantile glee in the background about how other people are going to make us afraid. Of what? Stupidity? Certainly you can dish this out as well as the others. Take up the reins, monkey boy.

Actually I was mistaken… I did make a disparaging comment about GotM long, long ago during the great conflict, but it was so long ago and GotM so insignificant that I had totally forgotten about it.


Translation incoming, standby
by Chris posted 10/27/99 5:38:45 AM

Using our SOOPER SEKRIT decoder ring, obtained by Lord Sargas, we have been able to break through this message and now have the real meaning.

d00d u r kcking r ass3s!!!!111 GoTM rUl3z!!11

mY m0m wnot giev m3 h3r cr3dit card nfo and i tried to h4x0r sum but cudn’t!!!111

thsi roelplaying thing suks cuz i cnat underst4nd how u can do it!!!111 Quake oWnZ u all cuz my brothers college room4te sez he nose Carmack and he sez taht u cna h4x0r it s0 n0 1 c4n oWn j00!!!!1111

u guyZ all sux cuz u r not as k3wl aS m3!!!!11 liek just yestrday mY frend Crecy sed to m3 "d3wd u r really c00l!!11 I bet u cud get any chick u wnated!!111" and its tru3 cuz i got lots of frends, im an op on #\/\/4r3Z and my chix0r sez shes a model, and her frend told m3 2!!!111

3Y3 bet u r all math g33ks!! tahts so unco!!11 u shud play QuaXorZ so I cna oWn j00 all!!!11111

d00d i no wh3n to le4ve my put3r cuZ my m0m sez I cnat play on it all teh tim3 so I hav3ta go over to crecys hous3 and try and w4tch pr0n thru teh scrambl3rs!!111 Taht sux!!!!11 it shud b3 fr33!!!1111 I oWn tehm!!!111


This is our translation as of now, we believe it to be correct as we are using their encoding device, should further intel become available we will post it.

by Iron posted 10/27/99 5:43:17 AM

You are a fucking coward. Why don’t you take on HH? Maybe after he’s finished with Beau, he’ll take you on. And kick you senseless. Yeah.

Iron is an authority on cowardice. His post here, like so many that were lost, is indicative of his tactics… either threaten someone who is funnier and smarter than himself with someone else, or else position his nose deep within a member of his team so as to catch a strong whiff of his anal methane, so that he can then comment on how good it smells.


Hail the wisdom of Emperor Fewlio!
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 5:04:41 AM


Half the people on here are a pack of OSI Whores. No wonder they picked a fight with us.

You have no idea what the page is about do you?
by Mu posted 10/27/99 5:49:12 AM

I would point out that I don’t give money to OSI, or Verant, nor do I encourage anyone do one or the other, but hey, it would be lost on your CAPS-LOCKED mentality. Reading is Fundamental.

HEAVY HITTER once again pulls out his tactic of ignoring what the other guy says and just reveling in being an asshole.


You have no idea what I write, do you?
by HEAVY HITTER posted 10/27/99 5:51:53 AM

Whatever, o Musashi, GM Tailor. If nothing else, your fat pal Lum certainly fits the bill, which is good enough for us. Now, if you want to end this, apologise to Fewlio and the rest of us.

Here’s my apology…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 5:59:06 AM

I am truly sorry that I ever looked forward to a "web war" with a bunch of infantile morons. As far as having no idea what you write, I am perfectly aware of what you write, just not why you write it, nor why you insist on posting counters without reading a damn thing. However, I understand from some of these posts that this is some sort of a "last hurrah" for GotM. Is GotM going down literally as well as figuratively? I suppose I can excuse your desire to make the page sorta well-known in its twilight days, but I cannot excuse your stupidity.

re: Here’s my apology…
by Crecy posted 10/27/99 6:13:35 AM

GotM will be around long, long afta yo’ gay-ass page is down. Count on it, bitch.

Another shattering reply!
by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:39:25 AM

Any page can be up forever as long as someone pays for InterNIC fees and hosting. The fact that it’s readership consists of four retards doesn’t impact this. I admit it is possible for GotM to be around forever, especially since it doesn’t require any sort of worthwhile updates to keep brain-damaged black market babies like yourself going there.

"These guys fucking suck."
- Sun Tzu, tired of being quoted and just stating his opinion of Team GotM

 Team GotM kept up their assault through the night, when most of the Mu company (who had lives) were asleep or doing something that was slightly more rewarding. Only Beau heald the fort for a long long time, and did so admirably. However, the sheer volume of GotM posts saying absolutely nothing led at least one person to believe that they had been victorious…

A perfectly executed plan!
by fewlio  posted 10/27/99 5:50:09 AM

Wow, I just want to commend the GOTM faithful. You have all done an excellent job in conducting a powerful late night offensive. We would have won this battle even without our sound logic and debating skills. At this hour we are simply outnumbering them and they have no chance. THE NIGHT IS OURS!

Despite the fact that the enemy had not answered my previous reply, instead cowering in his bedroom as other, still-not-so-able lieutenants did the dirty work, I felt obligated to not allow this illusion of "victory" to persist.  Some say I was wasting my time, and perhaps they would be right… is an insult an insult when the target is too stupid to recognize it as such?

Ah yes…
by Mu  posted 10/27/99 5:55:57 AM

Outnumbering and spam… the tools left to the general who has nothing approaching a real cause, argument, or for that matter a follower who can formulate a decent argument.

I look forward to the day when you re-activate your own message board. I actually used to visit it, but after seeing a bunch of anti-GotM stuff and then a wipe, and then this one post which exclaimed how much GotM sucks, I had given up hope.

In the meantime I am wildly entertained.

Mu is my commander…:P
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 5:57:26 AM

And while I WISH he’d help out, I think I can handle it on my own.

Good for you…
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:01:28 AM

…because you *are* on your own, unless you count those pitiful little wannabes like Chris and Jes-of-no-gender.

I fail to comprehend how the fact that being outnumbered by retards who post nonsense continuously on a message board is somehow suppoced to elicit fear. What is there to be afraid of? That stupidity is contagious? I would hope that within the safe confines of the forum, readers would be alerted to the end result of a life of intentional dumbing-down. The threat of becoming like HEAVY HITTER is a profound one and one which, I pray, will steer people away from idiocy as a way of life.


re: Good for you…
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:06:21 AM

I can handle myself in a flamewar…I notice your buddies are coming to your rescue.

I’ll be going to sleep soon (which I announced a while ago), but I may stay awake if you wankers can keep me interested.

Which I doubt.

What’s sad is, MR FEWLIO….
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 5:53:38 AM

I’m their lone opponent and have been holding my own for the last 2 hours.

Waiting for you show.

Let’s see what you’ve got.

Be warned, I’ve got like 30 mins before I’ve gotta crash…but I’m sure someone as intelligent as you can destroy me in one post. You being a webmaster and all.

Bring it, bitch.

Fewlio himself deigned to reply to something I had said, although he did so by referencing things which did not exist. Know your enemy. Know your battleground.


Mu you misleading piece of filth!
by fewlio  posted 10/27/99 5:59:21 AM

You claim not to encourage anyone to get involved in pay for play games. Then what are all those UO and EverCrack links for on your links page? And it’s obvious by your justification for monthly fees below that you are a supporter of the institution.

There are no EQ links on the page. The presence of UO links does not inherently encourage people to play UO. However, in respect for his assertion that it may, I promise not to post any links to Game of the Moment, an institution more horrible than anything OSI could dream up.


One more time for the english speakers…
by Chris  posted 10/27/99 6:14:34 AM

Alright, since you seem to speak english without using "u" or "d00d" maybe you’ll understand this someday.

Lets review the whole "pay-to-play" argument again. Yes, this is being flogged like the proverbial dead horse, but one more time can’t hurt, just to make sure its dead.

The reason for pay to play.

Running an persistent online world takes a few things, and those things cost money. I’m sure there are more, but here are a couple of them:

1. Data storage. All character and important data is stored server side. This data has to be readily available and backed up in case of a crash. This costs money.

2. Bandwidth. In your average 16 player game of Quake you don’t use a whole lot of bandwidth. Similarly, something like Starcraft doesn’t even go through a server, it uses a peer-to-peer connection. On the other hand, when you have 25,000 people connected to your server, you need a very big pipe to recieve and transmit data, as well as very powerful machines to work all the calculations and 3D geometry. This costs money.

3. Support staff. No matter how many complaints company X gets about their support sucking, they still have people there and they have to pay them with real money. Guess what? This costs money.

Are you starting to get the picture Fel? Why yes, that $10 a month goes to fund these types of things. That $49 you paid for the box covers the development costs of the software. If you don’t like online fantasy games, thats great, because I don’t want you in my game. However, the drivel you have been spouting just makes you look like a fool, but I’m sure you’re fairly used to that. So why don’t you go back to h4x0ring Starcraft or Quake and l33ching 3r33+ \/\/4r3z d00d!!!111

One more time for Chris….
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:19:14 AM

You think you’re being funny? You’re not. If you have any guts, you’ll face me down straight, one-on-one. You are spineless piece of shit otherwise. Don’t waste my time.

HEAVY HITTER quickly becomes tiresome. His constant use of the "why waste my time, you suck" argument while ignoring everything that is written by the enemy places him in his own class of flamer, the self-absorbed moron who believes that if he repeats himself enough, what he says, no matter how stupid, must be true. This is a classic technique popularized by hypnotists and black ops psych personnel for years. However, since the very person who wants us to "face him" does not even post an email address, we can dismiss his posturing as just that, and ignore him like the petulant brat he is. Well, maybe just a few insults…


He *did* face you down…
by Lord Sargas  posted 10/27/99 7:07:57 AM

He completely tore your ‘Creed’ to the shit-shreds that it originated from.

It wasn’t an attempt at humor.

It was the truth.

And that, most of all, makes it funny as watching a clown fuck your mother…

-Lord Sargas
Can’t stop the mom jokes
Wielder of the RUCKUS

The "creed" being referred to is a post by HEAVY HITTER in which he cuts and pastes a bunch of inconsequential tripe from GotM, which was subsequently dissected and tossed away. Bad writing should be tossed away before it is published; however, like those "modernist" composers who insist that every conservatory mathematical exercise they ever did must be heard (I think of Carter, Berg, et al, as specific mathematical composers I don’t like), the "creed" remains up on GotM, proudly proclaiming its foolishness for the world to observe. That is, if the world ever wanted to visit the site.


re: One more time for Chris….
by Chris  posted 10/27/99 6:32:24 AM

Face you down? So you can "r0x0r mY 4ss!!!111"?

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a message board. People have been using their wit to kick your sorry ass all over the page. If you want to go ahead and reply to everything I say with "u suk d00d!!!11" or a variation thereof, be my guest. I assure you no one with half a brain takes you seriously. No really, they don’t. I don’t, Beau doesn’t, Mu doesn’t, Lord Sagas doesn’t, getting the picture? This is a game for us, we find it amusing to dance around you and listen to your crap. But alas, like Mu says, its turning into something like kicking a cripple. You think its quite funny at the time, but afterwards you wonder why you did it. Hell, the cripple might even take a few swipes at you and tell his cripple friends that he "r0x0r3d their n4dZ!!!!111", yet he still knows he just got kicked and its above his capacity to respond in any meaningful way.

So to make a long story short..

No, I won’t get down on the ground and wrestle with the cripple(that would be you, in our little allusion here), but I will stand above the cripple(still you) and kick him a few more times.

You can go tell your friends how cool you are now, I don’t mind, really.

Backs Chris up…
by Lord Sargas  posted 10/27/99 7:11:11 AM

By the way, excellent job on Recon tonight!

Aye, when I signed onto this, I had been told that we were fighting a ‘worthy’ opponent.

The intel that my staff gave me was false.

This ‘war’ amounts to the school Quarterback(us) pushing the amish kid(GOTM) down the stairs during lunch-break.

It’s fucking sad and pointless.

I *allmost* want to weep for GOTM…

But I’ll satisfy myself with caving your fucking skull in with my boot…

-Lord Sargas
Size 12 Doc Martins bay-bee!
Supporter of Chris, the recon God

Fewlio you ignorant piece of….
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:04:22 AM

If you actually READ his chronicles, you’d know he endorses neither.

But instead, you stumble in here like a drunken prom date full of misinformation and ill-advised concepts.

You know what you and the prom date have in common?

You’ll be fucked before it’s over.


Too much to handle?
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:05:55 AM

Or why are you running away like a little scared dog? Had enough of HH for one night? I don’t blame you. Most people wouldn’t have lasted half as long as you have.

The guy never gives up, does he? What sort of lame shit backs up this "thought"? I hereby propose that HEAVY HITTER get his own message board, where he can post by himself, since others might not be able to figure out what fucking planet he lives on from the "out of his ass" nature of his posts.


One post is too much of HH
by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:09:49 AM

I find it really difficult to flame him. His lack of arguing ability and his poor command of the language make me feel sorry for him. It’s like kicking a cripple. I like to do it, but I don’t feel good about it later, and I don’t want anyone to see me.

Poor command of language? Moi?
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:11:12 AM

Honestly. At least I know where to insert commas. If you would stop to make excuses for your utter lack of flaming ability and admit defeat, you’d be making things a lot easier for yourself in the long run. Trust me on this one.

by Mu  posted 10/27/99 6:15:59 AM

Language is, ideally a tool to express ideas in such a form that they can be understood by others. You have failed totally in this regard, although you might well be a tool.

And how can I admit defeat when I don’t even know what I’m being attacked for? I must therefore assume I am being attacked because I oppose idiots who flame away in support of a site without content, without knowing why. I will never apologize for beating the shit out of morons. It’s a holy calling.

You know very well what you are being…
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:17:58 AM

…attacked for. Those comments you made about GOTM in the Mushroom War thing were completely uncalled for.

Aha, my comments…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:21:55 AM

I stand by them. I first visited GotM a long time ago from some link somewhere. The front HTML looked OK, and it looked like there might have been some content. I was wrong. Eventually, the updates started piling up, and became less and less interesting and more and more sad. Then the incredible news about you engaging in "web wars". How can a site with no content attack other sites? How can it lay claim to being a sister site to Old Man Murray, the greatest of all gaming sites?

It can’t. You suck. At least try and suck in private.

One last shot….
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:24:55 AM

You’re ragging on Fewlio about content? At least we actually have content. Your ‘alcohol’ pages are the saddest thing known to man. Please reconsider who you flame in future, if you do not have anything more viable to offer.

I know you are but what am I?
by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:33:50 AM

The typical lame "you too" argument. Child, if you don’t like the page, that’s fine. I really don’t give a shit. Someone who claims to read GotM apparently gives a shit that I don’t like GotM and said it. Waaaaaaah…

And I still say he has no content. And that you suck at arguing. Enjoy your defeat, worm.

At this point, I feel I should insert this missive I received from HellRaiser(s), the fool who attempted to recruit from Lum’s page. Some of it is clipped from my own page, so you won’t have to deal with his INSISTENCE on USING a LOT of CAPS all the TIME.


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 01:58:05  -0500
From: hellraiser <>
Subject: This WAR

Now that the TRUE colors have been shown you are acting all SURPRISED that Emperor Fewlio laid the SMACKDOWN on you. Well guess WHAT? You
started it.

Thats right, YOU, "MUSHASHI". Remember THIS??

Granted, the history of web war is not a pretty one, with such debacles as Game of the Moment vs. Ultima IX Horizons still fresh in our scarred memories, but then again, Team GotM consisted of one moronic kid and a handful of drooling idiots, so disaster was sure to befall them.  When you go to war, make sure the idiots are on the other side (for the most part)… and this certainly seemed the case with the Mushroom.

Personally, I would rather war on that moron fewlio at Game of the Moment, a sucky site which tries and fails to go to war with other sites rather than trying to come up with any content. However, because there are plenty of targets for character assassination right here in this very forum 8P, there seems to be little need.

You have HATED GOTM for a long time and it was inevitable that one day Fewlio would give you what you DESERVED. But this is NOT THE MUSHROOM

But there is a way out. APOLOGISE. You, "MUSHASHI" have offended the HONOR and INTEGRITY of GOTM. WITHOUT PROVOCATION. If you RETRACT your words, we will be SATISFIED. THis is a battle for HONOR, and OURS has been very much UPSET by you. And YOU Lum, don’t get INVOLVED. We will not RISE to your provocations.

Ownership fr33k

Lum replied before I did. Damn telnet. 8P


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 02:22:33 -0500
From: Lum the Mad <>
To: hellraiser <>
Subject: Re: This WAR

Oh, I’m already involved. When you whiz in my litter box, don’t be surprised when I come around to clean up afterwards.

Gen. Lum the Mad
XVIII "Rick Astley" Corps
Somewhere west of Caen, Normandy

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:25:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Howard Collins <>
To: hellraiser <>
Subject: Re: This WAR

YES I remember THAT, I’m so HAPPY it has FINALLY paid OFF.  And FIX your

The delusions of victory continued in the enemy commandant’s mind.

by fewlio  posted 10/27/99 6:13:10 AM

Here we were waiting for the real opposition to arrive. Now that Mu is here, it’s amazing to see what little spirit he has! Where’s the attitude? Where’s the wit? He talks and acts like a broken man! What a wuss.

‘I am truly sorry that I ever looked forward to a "web war" with a bunch of infantile morons.’

Oh boo hoo too bad for you :( Remember what they say: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

This is incredible… even as he "gloats" over his "victory" he confirms his following as a bunch of infantile morons. I don’t understand the mentality of the schizophrenic. However, the infantile moron-in-chief seems to…

*salutes* Sir…
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:23:14 AM

…let’s call it a day. Beau has fled the battlefield, and the only two people still posting are Mu and Chris, neither of which are even worth flaming.

As you stated so eloquently: the night is ours. Let’s let the losers recover from this first onslaught so we can have more fun later.

First Lieutenant HEAVY HITTER
Artillery Command, Team GOTM

Just because my browser crashed….
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:29:43 AM

for 5 mins doesn’t mean I’m gone.

Agreed.     (NT)
by fewlio  posted 10/27/99 6:24:30 AM

Thank you, sir! Good night!
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:30:44 AM

HEAVY HITTER, signing off.

TEAM GOTM Advance Force:
First Artillery Lieutenant HEAVY HITTER
Second Lieutenant Iron
Sergeant Crecy
Private Fungicid3
Information Officer HellRaiser(s)

Casualty List:
- Beau (Pretty Boy)
- Daniel Z.
- Jes-of-indeterminate-gender
- Kenny the South Park Queer
- Lord Crackass
- Chris the Wuss

End of day score:
GOTM – 6
MU – 0


It really is sad in a purely literary battle, when one side is too damn stupid to realize when their asses are being handed to them. Several times had I though of simply banning the lot of them, as hours on hours of reading, posting, and archiving has made me very very bored.


I don’t think so!
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 6:59:51 AM

Check the bottom of the board suck-ass…

I was back before this msg hit.

Never down.

Never out.

The night is still mine suck-hole.

Watch as I break you over my knee, again…

-Lord Sargas
Lover of Cheese
Army of the Mad
House of Minot

Someone can’t count.
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:31:49 AM

That’s OK, tomorrow’s another day.

re: Someone can’t count.
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:49:04 AM

The fact that you ran when Mu appeared on the scene, and counted me as DOA while I rebooted is one thing.

But you want to make a scoreboard out of the whole brouhaha? You want to keep count?!

Look dipshits, you want fire? You want flames? As I’ve said before, fuck with J. Fuck with Shadwolf. You’ve put a toe in the water that is ‘Mu’, and it’s a bit too hot for you, I’d guess. Shortly after Mu came on, you ran like the bitches you are.

Then there’s Mourne. Mourne flames like me, but with more skill.

Just think…my drunken ass held you off for a good 2 hours.

PH34r what the Fr34k squard will do,


It’s just begun.

Stands behind Beau and waves as GOTM retreat.  (NT)
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 7:01:21 AM

by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:19:32 AM

Your inability to even attempt to answer any of my posts while claiming to be literate enough to run a website, even a bad one, astounds me. So here:

Take your fat ass back to the fruit stand and sell more cherries to old ladies, an activity you have lovingly described on your news page. You must be good at it. I hope you’re good at it. You HAVE to be good at something besides making a total dipshit out of yourself, and think somehow you’re "winning". This attitude leads me to one startling, inevitable conclusion…

You, Fewlio, are French

So please, like your people, roll over and surrender quickly, before some people actually visit your page and see what a moron you are. For your own good.

re: Incredible!
by fewlio  posted 10/27/99 6:22:10 AM

So what you’re saying is you’re losing the argument and you want me to leave?

The insane, or infant, mind will make up any sort of rationalization to fit their own world view. I expect upcoming "news items" on GotM to report how much they’re r0x1n6 this page, etc. etc. I decided to offer him an alternative.


Ho hum
by Mu  posted 10/27/99 6:31:18 AM

Well, this is what I predict will be on your page shortly…

GotM Victorious!
Yeah baby, we rocked those idiots at Mu’s page! Thanks to everyone from Team GotM who logged in on their sleeping parent’s computers to post endless drivel! Go go GotM!

This is pretty much what will go up no matter what happens. You have no argument. You have no purpose. You have no site content. You have no idea what’s on this page, to the point that you reference EverQuest links that don’t exist.

I suggest the following, not quite so honest, but still face-saving argument you have used in the past when you have been humiliated: hire HH or HellRaiser as a "staff" member, then blame it all on him, then fire him. SImple, easy to believe (for some), and saves you the loss of face that accompanies engaging in an "argument" you have neither the slightest ability to execute, nor any clue as to what it’s about.

By the way, how is this the "last hurrah" for GotM? Can’t you afford to maintain the InterNIC registry of your domain name? You might save money by moving to 8P

Of course, poor HEAVY HITTER had to jump in, since everyone knows that the repeated and unceasing appearance of one’s name makes that person more authoritative.

Wow! An actual insult!
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 6:21:00 AM

Too bad it sucked monkey ass, quite frankly. Fewlio is 100% American, in case you were too stupid to figure that out. Perhaps one day that fact will register in that tiny cavity you call your brain, but until then, we can only hope and pray.

by Mu posted 10/27/99 6:26:05 AM

I tire of your sad attempts at arguments. Fewlio may indeed have an American birth certificate, but he exhibits that same superior air about nothing at all that the French do. Come to think of it, so do you. You must be French as well. Only a Frenchman would offer up these pathetic, grade-school whines and dare to call them "insults".

Your sad posts still have nothing at all in them substantial or worth commenting on, frankly. You can pop all the Vivarin you want and keep typing your nonsense all night, but it still doesn’t make you smart. It makes you a spammer.

Say it ain’t so.
by Beau  posted 10/27/99 6:28:10 AM

Say I don’t have to claim one such as ‘Fewlio’ as one of my countrymen.

Tell me that he’s an illegal alien, at least. I know he hates Canadians.

Who doesn’t?

That’s no excuse for his idiocy.

If ‘Fewlio’ is a prime example of what we can expect from America’s youth..well…

*moves to East Germany and begins fashioning cuckoo clocks*

After this… silence. A brief, blessed moment of silence on the battlefield, the whines of Team GotM fading in the distance as they went to lick their wounds, all the while grunting their "victory". However, it was not to last, as "Ramuel" appeared. A credential-carrying academic, Ramuel’s post’s title is interesting in that he feels it necessary to justify that he is not an idiot and yet is a GotM fan… an unlikely coincidence, from the preceding posts. Could this be the sacrificial lamb that Fewlio offers up in defeat, much as he did Harpoon1?


Yes, I am a GOTM fan. No, I am not an idiot.
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 7:07:10 AM

All flamer who feel that GOTM fans are complete idiots are more than welcome to read the following work, written by me:

If you still wish to tackle me in intellectual, intelligent debate, not little children’s squabbling, feel free to reply.

The page referred to was a long, academic essay on the work of one Gabriel García Márquez. It is very long. I saw no bearing on the current "argument", even though the "argument" as of yet had no point. I can only infer that the fact that the poster alleges to have written a very long treatise on the work of Márquez somehow qualifies him as an intellectual debater. This is a bad assumption… I have known a lot of "intellectuals", and the hardcore academic usually resorts to hiding behind his credentials and "maturity" as a black box argument in his favor and an explanation for why you must be wrong if you disagree. (Case in point: the C. Dalton Zone.)

Not surprisingly, the thread that ensued was extremely long, and mainly consisted of a bunch of insults/arguments, which were immediately rebuffed by such catch-alls as "You are too immature" or "You have not thought out your arguments". Sad to say, but these dismissals carry no more weight than HEAVY HITTER’s blatantly ignorant dismissals of cogent arguments or Fewlio’s own ignorance of fact. Still, here are some of the more interesting threads…

Lemmie tell ya a little secret here…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 7:14:27 AM


GOTM has been *drooling* all over this fucking board since I got here.

Not a *SINGLE* post of any significance.

If you think I’m going to give enough of a FUCK about you to go to an external link to read what I’m fair in assuming is drivel, then you’re an even larger moron than those who came before you.

First you have to prove it to me here that you’re worth a shit.

If not, then take a turn on HH’s mom, like the rest of us…

-Lord Sargas
Defender of the Brave
Seeker of Glory

by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 7:43:25 AM

Márquez, as he is already established, is quite promulgated. It seems unlikely that any further essays about him would either make or break him. Yet I don’t agree with Colin Falck that theory is superfluous to literary poiesiV (cf. Myth and Literature, Oxford University Press, 1992). It certainly wasn’t so in the case of the great modern Thomas Stearns Eliot or even that Anglo-American giant’s idol, Charles Baudelaire. I feel the need to theorize Márquez, not because he needs me to bolster his already giant name, but because I wish to emphasize that his appearance in the literary scene, besides being an immense gift for all of us, is no accident, but something urged on by historical forces (even those rooted in evil, such as "La Violencia").

I don’t agree with Dr. Luisa J. Mallari’s relayed supposition that Márquez is a mere concoction of a few North American academes. Márquez is a self-made man in the sense that his readers discover an appreciation for him that becomes their very own (eigenst, in a Heideggerian word).

Although I will use serveral methodologies in tackling him, my goal is not so much a dialectical bombardment per se, but a proof of the integrity of his applicability to diverse views on Being and textuality.

Márquez is a creative writer. Unlike T.S. Eliot or his disciple Virgilio S. Almario, he doesn’t take the occupation of theoretician or critic. His theoretical applicability has, however, been made quite manifest by Graciela Maturo in the latter’s commendable study, Claves Symbolicas (Symbolic Keys). Maturo was so daring as to subject Márquez to (among many others) both Heideggerian and Freudian analyses (For my thesis, I will extend Graciela Maturo’s treatment of myth and history in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s literary repertoire to even the said Colombian’s post-1975 works.

If you still think I am an idiot after reading this small extract from my works, you clearly are the one who is ‘drooling’, friend.

I still don’t know what the validity or lack of same of Márquez’s work has to do with anything here, but it sure does make for a lot of text filler.


Try again. You’ve proved that you spew drivel…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 7:55:47 AM

And you think that I what?

Give a fuck about Marquez as an author?

All that proves is that you actually *use* a spell checker, have access to a library, and that you think that paragraphs of bullshit will frighten me off…

If you had anything to actually say about GOTM’s ‘Creed’, it’s beliefs, or this fucking war, I *might* be impressed.

Do you even fucking realize what you’ve just done? You fucking cut and pasted something COMPLETELY fucking unrelated in an attempt to ‘brighten’ yourself up.

In effect, you just electronically masturbated.

*claps hands*

Good job. I’ve seen chimps do that at the zoo.

-Lord Sargas
Still undefeated
Promises not to bore you by cutting and pasting his college thesis…

And you, friend.
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 8:04:48 AM

It appears you are not capable of arguing at my level. My paper was offered to you as proof that I am not an idiot. Nothing more. I felt it the best way to prove to you that I am a cut above most of the ‘kewl doods’ that inhabit the GOTM fan base. However, you seem to have taken in an entirely different light. For this, I see that you are narrow-minded in your approach to those who hold a different viewpoint to yourself. If you would, for one minute, approach things from a rational, rather than an emotional mindset, to use a Hobbsian approach to making yourself heard and your arguments plain, then you would be a far more respectable opponent. However, spewing filth and personal insults is nothing more than proof of your intoleranzpegel. For all your posturing, you are not willing to detach yourself from petty feelings and argue on a purely intellectual arena.

Come back, please, when you have reconsidered.

Note: In my experience, a great speaker can argue a point at almost any level, save the ones like HEAVY HITTER’s where it is impossible, since they are simply unable to comprehend anything you say, instead resorting to chest-beating. Ramuel here outlines clearly the reason why you might not wish to engage someone "at their level", which is to assume a position of authority unassailable by virtue of "maturity". Maturity is all well and good, and true intellectualism leads to the best discussions, but it still doesn’t necessarily get you any closer to the point.


My friends call me Lord Sargas, you can call me…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 8:14:58 AM

Lord Sargas.


Look here junior, I’ll try to explain it *really* slowly this time, so I can be sure you understand…

No… one… from… GOTM… has… managed… to… provide… a… rational… argument… as… to… their… beliefs…

If… you… can’t… do… the… same… then… crawl… back… under… your… rock…

*loads his flamethrower*

-Lord Sargas
All around strong-arm
Board’s Bouncer

Despite the fact you misunderstood me, I will try
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 8:27:08 AM

to explain.

What is Game of the Moment? Much like the idolated "Ranting of Lum The Mad", our second adversary in this war, Game of the Moment is a site about opinions. In this case, that opinion belongs to Fewlio. Fewlio makes many fine points, and while I do not fully agree with his admittedly outlandish later posts, the ‘old school’ Game of the Moment was a truly outstanding site. Admittedly, his recent computer problems and site redesign have taken the edge off the page. But look at what he is saying before you condemn him:

He does not support ‘pay for play’. You, Musashi, rebutted this argument by claiming that companies needed the money to support their servers. All well and fair. But please examine the OSI model, which provides players with an almost Faustian pact. OSI makes $1.5 million a month from UO alone, an amount that, frankly, is more than enough to cover any amount of server maintainance and still pay the development staff for whatever they need to do to fix up the coding difficulties. But development support is very much unreliable, while OSI depends on ill-motivated ‘councillors’ and ‘GMs’, who receive very little or no pay at all and, as a result, are universally reviled as being unhelpful and Draconian. We have seen the Ultima Online Model in operation for two years now, and in that time, the player has been the biggest loser. OSI has made an enormous profit from this product, but still the players must endure all matter of technical and societal difficulties within the game. It is a well-documented phenomenon. Your counterpart Lum makes enough mention of this in his updates. For this reason, we are not actually that far apart, merely on different areas of the same fence. We are all sick of the exploitation of us, the simple gamer, in the name of pure-minded capitalism. Game of the Moment has called for an end to the capitalist drive, to return the gaming industry back to where it belongs. His support of companies such as Blizzard and iD Software, with their excellent track record of creating quality software and supporting their customers, should be an example to us all. You, having experienced Asheron’s Call, UO and Everquest, should know this better than anything: the on-line gaming phenomenon is an attempt to wring as much money from us as possible. Only when we take a stand will this state of affairs be discontinued.

by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 8:35:56 AM

Fewlio also represents a fiercely independent spirit. Even in spite of all the hatred and humiliation that others have attempted to force down his throat, he has emerged from these trials with the resistance of Marlowe. He takes controversial stands, but he has the strength and the conviction to back them up no less than one hundred percent. You may not agree with him, but any man should admire an individual such as him. And this only at the tender age of 16! Already, he is a outspoken and inventive young man, and with additional maturity and wisdom, he will undoubtedly have an impact on the world. This cannot be disputed. You despise Game of the Moment in the same way the Bolshevik Party was despised after the failed Coup of 1917: after a period of success, one mis-step brought a change in public attitude on him, and now he, too, is going through his period of coalescence. But, like Lenin, Fewlio has an ulimate vision. Fewlio’s revolution is not the Socialist one, but it is no less noble in spirit and intent. And, just as the victorious Reds stormed the Winter Palace in October of 1917, Game of the Moment will ultimately move on to great things.

I hope this will clarify my stance on this. I await your comments, provided they are clearly and intelligently formulated.

What the hell? Fewlio is now a Socialist revolutionary? This seems to stand apart from his recent endorsement of Pat Buchannan. Well, maybe… In any case, my head hurt after this. Still, it was better than more mindless blathering from HEAVY HITTER et al. And so I replied, for once believing that the intended reader would be able to piece sentences together.


A reply
by Mu posted 10/27/99 8:51:00 AM

If you would take the time to read my responses to Fewlio (which the latter did not reply to), I do not support UO. I stopped giving them money. I was giving them money at a time when I felt I was getting amusement out of them that was worth $10 a month. I firmly agree that OSI has not provided their $10 a month per player in support, but for a while I still had fun with it. And that to me was worth the price. This is the only reason why anyone pays to play in a continuous world game. It is also the only reason why anyone buys a non pay for play game.

And as for the "milking the end user" idea, I have news. Almost every game company (I say "almost" because I still hold out hope for a few small developers) creates a game for the same reason. Any game being developed is marketed so as to try to extract the maximum possible profit from the consumer. This is the reason for selling a game, and often for making one, although there are a few developers out there who actually just want to make a great game, although these are rare. This is the reason for sequels, add-ons, and merchandising of a game. The PC game industry has moved out of its bright-eyed, some would say naieve stage (the days of Starflight, Ultima I, etc.) and becomes as incorporated and bureaucratic as the music business is today. And there, there is only one standard: the bottom line.

As to the comments on the "fiercely independent spirit" and the subsequent rehashing of early 20th century russo politics, being an "independent spirit" does not make one immune from criticism, being shouted down, argued against, etc. It also does not excuse one from ignorance, and when I read GotM’s semi-political kaffeklatsch posts, that is all I can think of. Like your follow-up post, it is a mix of words and buzzwords and semantics which have at their core the same thing: nothing. Comparing GotM to the post-1917 Bolsheviks is as bizarre an analogy as I could imagine, and one which I can not think of any argument for, nor find one in your post. It is the quasi-intellectual claptrap that infected so many of the missives I received from C. Dalton, and which I endured sitting through "higher education" with very educated but very ignorant people, and which earns you nothing outside of the sheltered circle of academic life except mockery, both from those who know less, and those who know more.

I hope this will clarify my stance on this. I await your comments, provided you can get to the point and say what the hell it is you are arguing for without a jumble of meaninglessness masking the hollowness of your statement.

In articulate briefness:
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 8:56:14 AM

You and I and he, Fewlio, think much the same. Why do you continue to fight us? Why do you continue to belittle a man who has done nothing against you, save demand his honor? If we sit down for a minute and talk like rational, intelligent adults instead of the bickering, self-centered children that this forum seems to give rise to, we could come to a clear consensus.

OMFG. I think like Fewlio?


In case you have not noticed…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 9:09:35 AM

Most of the bickering-self centered "children" here are espousing the view of GotM, and doing so very badly. I still don’t know what their point is.

In terms of honor, if Fewlio is indeed the "fiery visionary" which you claim (but I have not seen any evidence of), then why take such offense at the fact that I think his site is drivel? Or endorse a campaign of mindless posting in his behalf, which though resulting in a large mass of posts, has really proven nothing? If you think that you have a strong belief, and decide to put it out on the web or any other public forum where it can be scrutinized, be prepared for people to ridicule it and call it worthless, whether or not it is. In the case of GotM, I think it is. That is my opinion. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Fewlio hates my site. People have come here to spout drivel and nonsense, which is their right (I don’t moderate… much), and people have replied. I don’t see myself as "fighting" anyone. If no GotM person ever comes here again to spew "GOTM OWNS YOO" again, I won’t pursue them to Fewlio’s board (if he had one), unless I was very,very bored.

According to a letter from HellRaiser(s), he demands that I retract my statement about GotM. The only reason I can see for this request is that it hurt someone’s feelings. Oh well. I make no apologies, and I doubt Fewlio does for his statements about female games, politics, pay for play gamers and the archetype he has in his mind for them, etc. I’m not sure what sort of consensus you would be aiming at.

HellRaiser(s), sadly is not the most qualified
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:16:38 AM

individual to speak on this behalf. If you read the original post that sparked this war, you would know what the reason for this conflict is.

A long time GOTM reader has just informed me that the honor and integrity of GOTM has been insulted! It’s obviously a page far below the class of this page, but I still think it worth our time to defend our honor. Now I’m aware that the strength of GOTM is no longer what it once was, what with the page not ever being updated and no one ever visiting anymore and all, but I still say let’s muster one last effort to prove that though GOTM may die, our spirit will live on! Go preach the GOTM Creed to these insulting heathens!

Now, I will say this: HEAVY HITTER, Iron and the rest of the GOTM supporters you saw here today are what I would refer to as the ‘late shift’. There is an entirely different crop of posters that will be along in a few hours. Once the ‘dawn shift’ takes effect, you will perhaps get a better opinion of what kind of following GOTM is capable of.

As I write this, I just looked at the forum again. So far, the "day shift" of Team GotM has consisted of an idiot named Filious who tells people they are idiots, and a guy who replies to posts by role-playing a sniper. Well, at least he doesn’t have to beg for Dad’s MasterCard to do it.


It really wouldn’t matter, except…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 9:25:51 AM

… that the posts might be more interesting to dissect. What would amaze me is if ONE person could come up with a reason to do this besides (1) being bored, or (2) I said I didn’t like the page. NO ONE has done that. Not ONE. Not you, not HH, not HellRaiser, not Fewlio, none of the GotM following. I really don’t hold out much hope.

If someone has a point to make, I wish they would make it. The fact that the page has already scrolled down all the way in one day with no point leads me to believe that there isn’t one. The fact that Fewlio endorses and cheers HH et al leads me to believe that he thinks he is winning some sort of argument through their mindless flame-baiting. This leads me to believe that any post from that camp, no matter how couched in semantics and language it might be, ultimately has no point. Generalization, yes. Generalization is the best way to deal with a large group of people at once.

BTW, please familiarize yourself with the "C. Dalton Zone" and "The Gospel Archive" if you are really interested in the intellectualism that the forum has spawned over the months. Seldom masked by academia, I still find it entertaining sometimes.

One final question, then.
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:38:42 AM

Why declare war on the Mushroom? According to what you have laid out here, the only reason you went into the Mushroom War was because

(1) You were bored, and
(2) Everyone else was doing it.

How does that make your cause any more righteous than ours? How can you condemn us if you do not condemn yourself? Please, reconsider this before taking any further steps. I trust your better judgement, friend.

The Mushroom War…
by Mu  posted 10/27/99 10:27:36 AM

… started from the self-righteous spewings of Kevin Murphy, who previously held the position of the webmaster for an unfunny site about games, and then branched out into posting articles of self-righteous indignation regarding, among other things, not being proferred the respect given a "serious writer". His statements (since removed from his site) were so astoundingly brazen and, more importantly, anti-humor, that he was called on the carpet for it. Their responses were so incredibly unfunny as well that it just fueled the fire. It would not have done so were the Mushroom a "gaming site". They are reputedly a "gaming satire site", albeit a bad one, and their own lack of humor was amazing. The resulting crossfire from sites and people who are actually funny (IMHO) led up to a very entertaining episode, and now it’s over, and accd. to Rev. Sean Q. Doe on here recently (he lurks a lot), that’s that. At least to him, it was something which was somewhat amusing.

So far, the GotM thing has not been very amusing to me, since I can only laugh at stupid posts for so long before I think I should be doing something else.

And yes, it was something to do, and yes other sites were doing it, but most importantly, it was interesting, and when it stopped being interesting, it stopped. Really, if GotM is doing this just out of boredom or some such, I can accept that… I just wish they were better at it. The redundant posts from HEAVY HITTER which say nothing and Fewlio’s ignorance of fact make me sleepy. They are not funny. They are not interesting. They are also, apparently, tragically unable to quit. Remember, I didn’t say, "Hey GotM, please come over here and make dumb posts on the forum." As far as I can tell, the first person to "declare war" was HellRaiser(s).

I don’t condemn Team GotM for wishing to execute "web war", if this is what this annoyance qualifies as. I do condemn them for being largely ill informed and uninteresting.

Why am I here?
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:30:37 AM

I will give you a reason, then.

(1) I am here to preach a creed, and support a creed. Parts of this coincide with that of Team GOTM, hence I have pitched my camp with them.

(2) I did hope to be able to engage in suitably intelligent discussion, but those who I have me here are not even capable of rational thought. I am very disappointed in this regard.

(3) I continually find internet communities fascinating study. In this case, the machismo and peer-group pressuring is almost overwhelming. I could write an entire essay simply on the dynamics of this board alone.

These are my reasons. With that, friend, I believe this discussion is ended.

This thread made me sleepy too, but at least it was a little bit different. Here are some of the snippets elsewhere (this thread was HUGE).


Okay, my response…
by Murdock  posted 10/27/99 7:51:29 AM

I would like to make plans and carry them out. To get right down to it, society has pampered Ramuel too long. Experience should probably indicate that the insidious swindlers who collaborate with him should be spat upon — or worse — for their lack of integrity. Even though supposedly distancing himself from inarticulate kooks, Ramuel has really not changed his spots at all.

In my view, his assumptions are matched in their untenability only by the arrogant fervor with which they are held. To put this in context, many lives have been lost to denominationalism. Ramuel’s objective is clear: to force us to bow down low before chauvinistic litterbugs when you least expect it. I would have expected Ramuel to at least listen to my side of the story. Am I saying that thanks to Ramuel, worthless loan sharks can now freely preach hatred? Yes. That this is what Ramuel’s cronies try to prevent us from hearing about on radio and television or reading about in popular magazines and large-circulation papers? Maybe. That bettering the world is apparently the last item on Ramuel’s "to do" list? Definitely.

Ramuel, as usual, you prove yourself to be stuck-up. He practically breaks his arm patting himself on the back when he says, "It takes courage to go down into the muddy trenches and mold your mind and have you see the world not as it is, but as he wants you to see it." As if that were something to be proud of. These issues are actually political issues. Let’s face it: It’s not fair for Ramuel to herald the death of intelligent discourse on college campuses.

While Ramuel’s obscene past resonates in his current maneuvers, I hate it when mumpish thieves like him go on with such vigor about subjects they don’t even know about. Yet Ramuel’s lackeys must mend their ways. Appeasement is not the answer. But it doesn’t stop there. In a broad-brush sense, you don’t need to look far to see that there is an implicit assumption here that I feel it is incumbent upon me to hinder the power of mischievous grizzlers like Ramuel.

I know that I’m emotional now, but even if his witticisms were totally successful in making a few people feel better, they would still be demeaning to everyone else. It must be pointed out that Ramuel’s henchmen are hardly strangers to particularism. At the risk of sounding hopelessly short-sighted, if Ramuel were to step on other people’s toes, it would be a grave insult to everyone who devoted his or her life’s work to helping the less fortunate. He claims that profits come before people. This is a very fastidious and unconstructive view and moreover, is wrong in many ways. In a country like ours where sadism, pessimism, and imperialism run rampant, we need laws to help enforce behavior that ought done out of common sense, decency, and tolerance. All of this once again proves the old saying that by balancing the theoretical untruth and nonsense of Ramuel’s viewpoints with the reality of this phenomenon, we can see that part of the myth that Ramuel perpetuates is that he knows the "right" way to read Plato, Maimonides, and Machiavelli.

by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 8:00:28 AM

However, I would have to question the logic of your arguments. It seems to me that your points are both ill-supported and not explored in enough detail. Further description and a clear central thesis would help me very much.

You Moron
by Murdock  posted 10/27/99 8:54:32 AM

That was an automaticaly generated complaint, all I had to do was put your name in.

Allow me to enlighten you on the subject of
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:00:44 AM

sarcasm, friend. It is a strange and difficult skill for some to master, but perhaps with time and effort, you will know just what it means. Perhaps. In your case, I am not so certain.

I like how he side-steps when he’s cornered…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 9:07:34 AM

Answer his post.

Jesus man, stop bullshitting and actually post some real, ORIGINAL content…

Go ahead, answer his post…

*finger itches on his flame-thrower*

-Lord Sargas
Bodyguard of Mu
Lover of Cheese

I particularly admire how you can be so ignorant.
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:09:56 AM

You yourself are too confused, friend. Please, by all means, answer the post I have addressed to you before interfering in this discussion.

Mu’s doing fine on his own, and I’m doing fine…
by Lord Sargas posted 10/27/99 9:18:33 AM

above this thread.


Hey ‘friend’, at least I know what an Online Game is…

Go get a basic understanding of WAN networking, then call me and we’ll talk.

As it is, you’re coming off as uneducated… Give me a plausable and workable example of a FREE, PERSISTANT, ONLINE game…

Bet you can’t do it.

Prove me wrong. Untill then, you’re full of bullshit.

-Lord Sargas
Victor over Ramuel
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A boy with a classical Freudian complex.
by Ramuel  posted 10/27/99 9:24:28 AM

I have to prove nothing, since you cannot prove to me that you are worth the effort. Good-bye.

-Ramuel Mendoza Ragas
‘Victor’ over Lord ‘Crackass’
Representative of Gamer’s Rights

Freudian Complex? Gotcha again…
by Lord Sargas  posted 10/27/99 9:31:47 AM

There is no ‘Freudian Complex’ you name-dropping goon!

If you meant the ‘Freudian Approach’, then you may have been nearer the mark.

This, once and for all, proclaims you to be a complete, and utter tool.

Thanks for poving publically that you have no real knowledge.

Made my job that much simpler…

-Lord Sargas
Eternal Champion
Lover of Psychology (oops, didn’t know that didja there Ramuel…)

If this longass page made you slightly tired, then you have an inkling as to what I am feeling now as I write this. Let me skip over the rest of the imbecility which ensued as members of Team GotM continued to post, changing their names around to seem like the site has more than 2 followers, and skip right to my Nostradamus-like prophecy…


The morning shift was pretty much the same as the night shift.


Phase Three is a success.

No resistance encountered here. Scattered attacks from General Shayla "Stupid Christian, Stupid Name" Shayla and Crackass, Lord of Wiffle-bat Masturbation, but only minor damage caused. All military targets have been wiped out.

First Artillery Lieutenant HEAVY HITTER
Second Lieutenant Iron

GOTM – 2
MU – 0


This is your life
by Sweet Savage   View Profile  posted 10/27/99 12:12:44 PM

I see from your picture you’ve already had prolonged exposure to the Mushroom bomb. I’ve narrowed your background down to three possibilities through closely examining your messages.

1. Stupid kid
This would explain a lot, as we all know high school kills off all of your brain cells as well as all positivity you may have once posessed, preparing you for the real world. Lack of brain cells of course makes you believe in your own little world that one-liners like "who’s your daddy?" and "we will own you" are witty, and names like HEAVY HITTER are cool and will help you score with women.

2. Stupid adult
See stupid kid, only even more sexually frusterated since by now you have realized you’re not going to score anytime soon, but still have not realized it’s your retarded one-liners and all caps name, as well as your insistence on being called Lieutenant. If you really were a military man you would be a private, and sarge would make you his little bitch.

3. Stupid old man
Just like stupid adult, only very bitter over being limp and never having scored a single time. You still insist on being called Lieutenant, use retarded one-liners and all caps name to try to act young. You are just now realizing that this MIGHT be why your life was such a failure, but you die before confirming it.

P.S. these dorks are taking this so seriously it almost scares me

re: Hmm propaganda posts get you nowhere
by Jegran  posted 10/27/99 11:38:49 AM

Now here’s Filious make sure you impregnate him so we can call CNN.

Oh yeah… the crew now has lame sig graphics. The fact that they all reappear, all at the same time, all suddenly with lame sig graphics containing Quake II critters led me to a conclusion… the core members of Team GotM were either one person with waaaaay too much time on his hands, or perhaps a collective of young gay lovers living together in a blissful commune, only going to sleep after their mutual handjobbing over how much they r0x at flaming exhausted them into sweet unconsciousness. Having to see one HEAVY HITTER post was cruel enough, but he had about 8 or so in queue. Time for Nostradamus to appear…


My prediction…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 11:40:32 AM

Here’s how this sad excuse for a web war will end.

HEAVY HITTER will continue to be a fucking retard, and confirm this with many many postings saying absolutely nothing, this time with a k3wl sig pic of a Quake II critter (this lets you know that he’s SOMEBODY).

Fewlio will at some point come on, ignore any replies or arguments, and cheer on Team GotM

That idiot will continue to roleplay a sniper. (At least he doesn’t have to borrow Daddy’s MasterCard to do it.)

Filious will continue to think he is a good arguer.

I will get sleepy and bored because none of you are interesting, funny, or even slightly insulting and I’ll ban all of you.

At this point, interpreting this as a win, Team GotM will high five each other, much as they did after passworded their forum to prevent their imbecility, and claim a win, which will be all over GotM’s front page. This will be the last update that says anything remotely interesting for months.

The chronicle will appear here, and someone from GotM will whine that it’s unfair and taking things out of context, even though the stupidity of the posts will be captured verbatim (not all of them… how many moronic HEAVY HITTER posts do you need to read anyway? They’re all the same.)

I’ll go back to doing something more important than dealing with a bunch of kiddies. And, hopefully, so will you.

The funniest thing I look forward to is seeing if when I ban one person’s IP, 3 others also get banned. Go-go GotM!

re: My prediction…
by HEAVY HITTER  posted 10/27/99 11:44:52 AM

You give yourself too much credit, Mu. For a spineless coward who makes big-mouthed comments in the privacy of his ‘war journals’ but can’t flame worth a damn in public, you’ve got a lot of nerve insulting me. Go ahead and ban my IP, you fascist. It’s not going to work. Go ahead and try, though. I’d love to see the look on your face when HEAVY HITTER comes striding in a minute later and kicks your ass.

re: My prediction…
by Zerena  posted 10/27/99 1:29:58 PM

ROFL. That was a pathetic response. It seems to me you need to step outside and discover the Real World again instead of hiding behind someone elses graphics and thinking thats you. Sheesh at least be original. Evidently you can’t come up with your own original thoughts, slams, or retorts and succumb to lame kewl dewd speak to make a complately invalid argument. Get out more, you need it.

*Who only visits every now and then but just had to see this :-) *

by Mu  posted 10/27/99 11:48:56 AM

You bore me. Your lame shit excuse for insults and flaming bore me. Your weakass sig pic bores me. If you really really want to get in past the ban and prove yourself an idiot yet again, I’m sure you can… AOL has a lot of IP’s. If you really want to try and kick my ass, feel free to try and post your email next time, or look me up on the East Coast. I haven’t broken anyone’s arm since 1989, and I miss it.

This part is true. There’s something about the wet snap you hear when you bend someone’s forearm against its natural torque that just makes you feel all special inside.


re: I still don’t figure how you plan to kick ass
by Jegran  posted 10/27/99 11:48:46 AM

You only play Q2 and 3, and race a damn car game. Must suck not being able to drive and drink legally. At least by drunk driving on a computer you increase your self esteem and don’t kill anyone. In case you didn’t understand I’ll talk in your language….

"Um duh like you um like suck dewd"

re: *hands over Filious’s penis*
by Jegran  posted 10/27/99 11:43:45 AM

Look have you ever seen anything so small in your life?

Bans away. I banned HEAVY HITTER twice, on two small range IP addresses. Since so many of the posts had by now scrolled off the page, I couldn’t check to see if Fewlio, et al were banned. However, mysteriously, GOTMSniper (the roleplayer), GOTMSniper(2), GOTMArtillery (the same roleplayer with a bigger virtual gun), Filious (the jackoff who was so unfunny in his repeated quotes of "You’re an idiot!" that none of them have been reprinted) and some loser calling himself "Owner" (his entire message was, "I will own you all.") were all banned at the same time! I wish I could say I was surprised.

On the forum, the echoes of the last shots rang out…

Here is your love, HH.
by Speaker for the Dead  posted 10/27/99 11:43:42 AM

I love this twink sitting around his ‘puter at home, idly waiting for the next batch of responses so he can dream up incredibly witty and original taunts like "My dog died after you anally raped it." Descartes and Voltaire couldn’t have said it any better! My my my, haven’t we stepped past go and collected our 200$? If you had, you could afford *Hooked on Phonics* and perhaps expand your vocabulary. I also love the *dewd* (I didnt pay attention to your moniker, son) from GOTM who just decided to make sweeping, base, spur-of-the-moment and immature comments about everything from UO to female gamers. Your imagination stands like the Kremlin my friend! Large, pompous and unwieldy, also riddled with decay and corruption, a monument to communist-pinkos everywhere, especially YOU, heavy hitter!

Ouch! Flames like that should be a warcrime.
by Leto Chesapeake  posted 10/27/99 12:03:32 PM

The doctors are yet unsure when consciousness will be regained.

War? Do these guys know sad they are?
by Bob  posted 10/27/99 11:50:54 AM

They never actually SAY anything except how they’re winning "the war" and calling people fags. Many of you may remember what a winning strategy this was for Iraq and Iran a few years back. They sort of remind me of some really bad SNL skit about a kid who plays a two player video game by himself so he can tell his friends he "beat it". Or maybe like that really funny Eradicator skit on Kids in the Hall. Regardless, they’re sad dolts who just don’t know when they’re outclass.


I don’t think they know what a flame is
by Sweet Savage posted 10/27/99 12:39:16 PM

I also think they took my ‘bomb threat’ message seriously. Wanna know the funniest part of this whole thing? Foolio or whatever the idiot who runs gotm’s name is started this BS with something along the lines of "no pay for play games!!11 mu like uo and eq!!!11" Yeah, show me any support of either of those games here. GotM idiots are just too stupid to admit their parents won’t allow them to use their credit cards.
"u guys sux u dont have ne artilary we shoot u we win war!!!111"

The sudden lack of mindless replies from the likes of HEAVY HITTER were deafening in their silence. Shayla Shayla, who had participated on the side of the Freak Squad for this engagement, was alarmed.


Hey Mu, did you kill them?
by Shayla Shayla  posted 10/27/99 12:27:14 PM

No posts from GOTMs in like 15 mins? If so than I will resume my normal web serfing and put this sad exuse of an attack behind me.

This is some funny stuff…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 12:30:31 PM

I banned HEAVY HITTER, and lo and behold, I looked and GOTMSniper, GOTMSniper(2), Filious, GOTMArtillery, and "Owner" were all banned at the same time! Must be hard to engage in web war when you all have one damn dialup to contend with. :P

Humm….. wonder if it was all the same person.
by Shayla Shayla  posted 10/27/99 12:38:54 PM

Trying to wage a one man war. And it would explain the "Don’t post on Lum’s board" update he did. Hard to flame one board by yourself let alone two.

by The Dread Witch Azile  posted 10/27/99 12:28:42 PM

Read my latest post you shits.



by Mu posted 10/27/99 12:33:16 PM

This is some funny shit! Remind me to post a link to the project when I’m not so freakin’ lazy. I’ve been reading it, but have just been a lameass.

Unfortunately, you just missed them, since once I banned one, they all went away. Must be crowded in that basement.

Zojak Quazael…

I have to explain something about the Azile Witch Project. It is funny as hell. If you are into MMORPG’s go there. If you are into being evil in games, go there. Hell, go there anyway. She not only practices and promotes evil, she virtually swims in it. I have never seen a page author revel in her evilness as much as Azile. Uhm, ok… back to business.

Solflexion is not usually evil in games, but is fairly evil in real life. He was the only person who would fight me at the one RL gathering of online gamers I have ever allowed myself to be suckered into, but he was too cool to hit. I really wanted to get drunk and hit some others, though. Opportunities missed.

too funny.
by -s-  posted 10/27/99 12:41:18 PM

Not too long ago you were looking for a C. Dalton replacement, Mu.

Now you had an entire elite team of cutting edge gaming news reporters to fill C. Dalton’s shoes.

And you banned them all in one act.

I’m sure they’re all scrambling to register a message board of their own right now… geniuses like this never just go away.

Too funny.

Anyway, ‘hi’ Mu, how’ve ya been?

All the while I was smiling quietly to myself, not because I had banned Team GotM in one act, nor because I thought I might eventually get some sleep. I was reading an email I received scant seconds after the banning. Come to your own conclusions…


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:54:44  -0500
From: hellraiser <>
To: Howard Collins <>
Subject: Its NOT over


You already admitted DEFEAT when you banned HEAVY HITTER. You are a FASCIST. But this is not the END of it. There’s a REASON that you got the exact same IP THREE TIMES…heheheheheheheh.

GO ahead and write your SHITTY journal. This war is NOT OVER.

Ownership fr33k

Why the hell would someone be bragging about the same IP address for so many posters? Are they happy about their existence in one little room, working in shifts to try and continuously spam a message board so that it would look like a lot of idiots were posting on it instead of just one or two?


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:06:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: Howard Collins <>
To: hellraiser <>
Subject: Re: Its NOT over

Boy, you need some serious help.  At least you could try to be funny.  Go on and tell everyone how much you r0x0r3d the page.  I don’t mind.

And now, some summary from the folks over at Chateau Lum, in the same thread originally used to try and recruit people into GotM 8P…


posted 10-27-1999 06:48 AM

Ladies and gentlemen…Day One of the great Musashi-Fewlio Conflict is over. And I’ll be damned if we didn’t r0xx0r their asses! The GOTM advance team laid down the smack like there was no tomorrow, knocking off six posters before finally confronting Mu himself. Mu had no stomach for a fight, so we showed mercy and let him live. For now. So, if you want to get on the winning team, join myself, Emperor Fewlio and the rest of Invasion Force GOTM on the foul-smelling beaches of Musashi Beach and prepare to take the fight to the OSI-loving bastards. Go-go-GOTM!

Bob Bowrest
posted 10-27-1999 08:12 AM


Bob Bowrest
Retired from UO

Shadewyn Perma Unreg’d
posted 10-27-1999 12:14 PM

I took a look at the board where this so called war is going on …
And I gotta say that GotM has to replace Dr.Twister as the HotS.

"Why women shouldn’t Game…" ?
Badly done rants on religion ?
An obsession with gay sex that makes seanbaby look straight ?

Damn …

Who would have thought someone could make Dr. T look so good ?

Newbie   posted 10-27-1999 12:14 PM

Ummm… Actually, GOTM got their asses handed to them. Their whole arguement seemed to hinge on everyone being a "fag" who should just shut up then high-fiving each other. That and l33t doom signatures. Is this the sort of crap that people to lame to play in public deathmatch servers resort to? Team GOTM, go to Old Man Murray’s board. The tone there may be hot and gay enough to suit your needs.

Damn Skippy

posted 10-27-1999 02:45 PM

Like Murray’d want their dumb asses. Jesus, I really don’t know WHERE to begin laughing at GotM. Really I don’t…I could start with Fewlio, the man who suddenly makes emporer an undesirable title. Have those 13 year olds had one too many homosexual experiences, and thus they feel the incessant and irrational need to bash them?
*sounds the Troubalert*
Seanbaby! Kill those rat soup eating muthafuckers! For the good of the nation! There’s no room in this country for more gay-bashing Falwell-wannabes who can’t write a decent article or flame to save their lives! Save us from the horrible fact that they might grow up and get actual lives!

p.s. how long until the Mega Man Robot Naming Committee develops the robot "Computer man"? Just wondering.

7 pages of lame flame attempts. One day. A bunch of fools with one IP address. Fewlio showing up later and attempting to take possession of the message board. (I did honor him a little though… right after I banned him I put his mugshot up there. The only question was which one of his lame quotes to stick under there…) And naturally that genius HEAVY HITTER kept relogging until he got an IP address that wasn’t banned… at the time. My one regret is that they weren’t funnier. And still just as clueless as HellRaiser(s), who sent out this parting grunt…


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:21:00  -0500
From: hellraiser <>
To: Howard Collins <>
Subject: VICTORY!!!

victory – fewlio wednesday, oct 27 1:02 pm cst

Attention GOTM troops. The war is over, and we did indeed win. We conducted a surprise attack last night and early this morning and completely overwhelmed the enemy. Now I hear you dissidents and malcontents whining, "But fewlio, what was it all for? What did we really accomplish?" Well, if we were able to make just one pay for play advocate rethink his position, then it was all worth it. Also, I know many of you have been wanting GOTM to set up a message board. Now that we conquered Mu’s, we no longer need to! That board now belongs to us, and is the official message board of GOTM.

Talk about getting OWNED!

(happy) Ownership fr33k

I suppose school just let out. Well, to end on a semi-intelligent note, here is some data I blatantly ripped off of Lum’s front page…


Wednesday, October 27, 1999 – 1:55 PM

From the now quiet battlefront, Cap’n Mu reports:

This is some funny stuff…
by Mu posted 10/27/99 12:30:31 PM

I banned HEAVY HITTER, and lo and behold, I looked and GOTMSniper, GOTMSniper(2), Filious, GOTMArtillery, and "Owner" were all banned at the same time! Must be hard to engage in web war when you all have one damn dialup to contend with. :P

Azile was said to be extremely pissed that there was now no one she could kill. fewlio responded that they actually won the war, which is difficult to prove since neither of GOTM’s fans (fewlio and his lackey) can actually post there any more.

fewlio also seems to have a problem with game companies charging for persistent worlds. I’d go into an explanation of how companies such as Origin and Verant are really more ISPs than game companies, albeit with really egotistical tech support departments, but what the hell. He doesn’t believe in capitalism anyway. Why? Because he’s socialist. He’s FRENCH. Nothing we say would convince him of the nobility of the free market. Leave the cheese-eating surrender monkeys in peace, for we have triumphed!


And now, back to procrastinating my other updates due to excessive Age of Kings playing….

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