Ceremonial Weapons (Shadwolf)

Many cultures developed weapons to be used in certain rituals.  These weapons were designed to look dramatic and scary.  They were seldom designed with an eye to any actual functionality.  Battlefield weapons, on the other hand, were designed to be as cheap and functional as possible.  Thus, if a weapon looks really cool, it probably falls into the former category.  Bagh Nahk, Katars, Cestus, Kriss, Hunga Munga, two headed axes, flamboyant blades and several other weapons fall into this category.  These weapons are an exceedingly poor choice for combat.  You can add to this category weapons that have been popularized only in modern mythology and were never used for any form of combat (i.e. the whip and the grappling hook).  To give a better idea of how real weapons work, one of the most popular weapons in ship combat was the belaying pin, a short piece of wood with no spikes, knobs blades or other cool looking protrusions.

The big argument that can be brought up here goes something like "Yeah, but this is a fantasy campaign.  It’s supposed to be over the top."  Well, consider this:  If your character is a professional fighter, he should act like one.  He should have some sense of what he is doing.  The truly fearsome oponent is the one with the sharp mind.  This is really what you are looking for – to be the cool guy, not the regular guy with the cool sword.

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