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 Just a quick note (which is about as good as I am at publicity): I’ve finally said those fateful words, "Why the hell not," and uploaded 3 short stories to Kindle Direct. My intent is to keep doing this over and over with no regard for consequences or results, which seems to be about as effective as any other high-effort/low-capital microbusiness strategy. If you’re interested, here they are:

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Sometime about a year ago, I started watching Let’s Plays on Youtube, which is kind of like not playing a game because you’d rather watch someone else play it and tell you about how much fun you’re not having. I’m pretty old, so my concept of Let’s Plays comes from text reports with accompanying screenshots about how Ayn Rand is now playing Jagged Alliance 2. Now to be fair, I only started watching these because I found some videos by Paul Rodenburg aka SuperPaulGames where he plays through one of my old favorites, The Movies, and actually watches all the awful AI productions with sophomoric but funny voiceovers. From there I watched a bunch of his other LPs, then watched some other LPs, then unsubscribed from most of them because they were doing nothing but Minecraft, forcing me to watch a 5 minute intro and then screaming for 5 minutes, and/or playing Eve really badly. I had come to the conclusion that although once in a great while an LP is worth watching, most of them aren’t, which makes perfect sense since that’s most of what Youtube is all about.

Then I made the mistake of doing some of my own.

Fortunately for me, I picked exactly the wrong time to start doing game videos. Youtube had just made some very anti-uploader policy changes targeted specifically at gameplay videos, their automatic copyrighted music detection algorithm was proven to be terribly broken and abusable (and wouldn’t ever be fixed), and it was still getting a metric shit-ton of new LP vids uploaded daily, making it almost impossible to get anyone to notice. The only good thing was that I wasn’t part of a gaming network (and I don’t do that like/subscribe thing so it’s unlikely I will ever be on one), so as an independent my position got suckier, but by a lesser degree than people who were actually successful at being LPers.

But seriously, how hard can it be to be an LPer? As it turns out, I was just about as wrong on this as I am on most things.

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Seriously, I just forget things. I’m old. Maybe when I paid the hosting bill I should have remembered to get out of maintenance mode.

What’s worse is that I actually got emails asking me about the site. So… there. I’ll fix the remaining DB issues later.

In the meantime, Wen is way better at poker than I am and owned me on her first ever live cash game. I shall find my testicles again someday. (Reference: Ante Up pokercast, 8/25/11 episode, starting about an hour in. Shame.)

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