Well war magic has been basically useless for about 2 days now. I logged in, tried another force bolt IV, saw that it did 24 damage, and logged out. Then, after reading some posts somehwere by an utter asshole who just gave away all of his spell formulae and calling him appropriate names, I decided to try out archery. Maybe it’s not imbalanced. Maybe I’ve been assuming things.Maybe it’s utterly absurd.

Here, for the first time, is my first draft of my REVISED Archery’s Call guide. I know there are a lot of new people in beta now who would like a head start on how to play the game and have a good time. Luckily for you, it’s easy!

Mu’s REVISED Guide to Playing Archery’s Call Beta

 Heritage Group: Doesn’t matter. The only difference is some extra skills you’ll get at the beginning, but these are assessment skills that you can make a mule for or melee skills which you won’t be using, so never mind.

Sex: Doesn’t matter. If you would like to impersonate a female in order to beta test the "getting free gear from morons who think you’re really a woman" bug, that might be helpful.

Statistics: Strength 60, Endurance 50, Coordination 100, Quickness 100, Focus 10, Self 10. You need 100 coordination to fuel your primary skill, and quickness 100 to you can run to get distance to attack. Strength is sorta important so you can carry a lot of arrows. Endurance is slightly important, but not as much as the others because you’ll almost never get hit in lower levels, giving you time to buy more health later.

Skills: Specialize Archery and Melee Defense, train Missile Defense and Healing. You need archery to kick ass. You need melee defense so that you, like the great archers of yesteryear, can continue to impale your enemies with arrows while adroitly avoiding close comat attacks with swords, spears, daggers, and axes. Missile defense is useful in case you ever turn PK and wind up being attacked by those lame, unbalanced, enemy archers.

Name: Pick a roleplaying name most appropriate to your character’s heritage and background, something that tells people at a glance what’s important about your personality. I picked "Crunched Mu".

Now start in any town with a decent population and start begging for stuff. I managed to get a little bit of armor, which is nice but it doesn’t really mater a whole lot right away. More importantly, I knew a guy that had a sorta ok bow to spare… "well-crafted" or something longbow. The better bow you can get, the better off you will be. Think of the quality of your bow as a multiplier to your effective character level, so whereas a newbie archer with a practice bow is maybe effectively level 3, a well-crafted bow makes you somewhere around level 6.

Now you get to hunt. Here’s a tip: don’t bother with lower level stuff. Leave the beginner dungeons for the melee guys, and the rabbits for the sucker mages. Run out of town and find a drudge camp. Your archery skill will only be 60 at this point, so you might want to limit your opponents to, say, 3 or so level 2-4 enemies to start. Get to a moderate range and fire at full accuracy. Your first ever combat messages should look something like the text on the right.

As you can see, I made some mistakes here, as I suffered some damage while fighting 6 times my level in enemies. Taking the lessons of my newbieness to heart, I attacked from a longer range, which resulted in the text that follows.



By now you should have some loot. Run to town and sell it and buy more arrows. Go back out. At this point, since you are still level 1 and have spent no experience, you should be well-suited for killing creeper mosswarts (level 6), 1 or 2 at a time, which is exactly what I did. In case you take some damage while fighting (no doubt because of a bug making archery too weak), your run skill of 105 will be sufficient to get you away from the enemy so that you can heal. Repeat as many times as you want to, selling weapons and buying arrows.

When you get to higher levels, you will find that whereas you used to only need archery to kill any monster you meet, now you will be using only archery to kill any monster you meet. The monsters will have more hit points. a situation easily remedied by the acquisition of better bows and specialty arrows. Keep in mind your inherent weakness: just as the low level sorcerer might only be able to fire 20 weak attack spells before needing to recover, so will you be limited to approximately 500 to 1000 high-quality arrows in your pack, each of which should be doing about 30-50 points of damage by that point.

When you reach about level 12 and have about 90 archery or more, you can go to the direlands, where level 49 and so monsters will help you raise your archery score even more. Even if you were foolish enough to take a melee fighter to begin with, you can always train archery later and gain sufficient skill to do adequate damage to the enemies you will encounter. Best of all, because of your low level, you will gain better experience than your friends who came along, such as the 20th level swordsman with a Sword of Lost Light or the 26th level mage with fourth circle war magic, 2 or 3 castings of which might approximate the damage from an arrow (not counting the resisted ones). Beware of these kill stealers!


I hope that new players to Archery’s Call can benefit from the tips I’ve given here, and will experience hours on hours of fun-filled arrow shooting alongside their friends, who will also be archers by this time, just like everyone else.


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