You’d think that not having a job would allow me to update more frequently.  Actually, having a slacker job is a great way to keep things rolling, as I get bored and am usually unable to log into AC through a corporate firewall, so there’s plenty of time to update.  If someone out there who complains a lot about not updating the page can get me a job which pays excellent wages, allows me to keep my own hours, and requires me to do little more than edit HTML (my own), I’m all ears.  Fortunately though, the current data center upgrades are preventing me from powergaming (or more likely, running little errands for people in my allegiance, which has been 90% of my activity this week), and so here we go.

I took yet another slacker vacation recently, over a period of time in which "the patch" was installed.  You know, the one which was (I thought) going to nerf harmful life magic, make portal ridiculously difficult, fix the healing bug (this was never mentioned, but come on… what a PvP-killer), etc. etc.  Here’s what I observed when I logged in…

I would like to say at this point that I love my vassals.  Really love them.  And that’s not just figurative; I want to have hot sweaty animal sex with them.  Vassals, you are welcome to all the crude healing kits and granite dinner plates I find in my travels, free of charge.

After I was done furiously worshipping the vast Amway pyramid scheme that is the Kynn allegiance, I started checking things out.  Here are some of my interesting discoveries…


Healing Bugs.  Neither of them have been fixed.  In addition, there seems to be a new (or newly-discovered) logout bug which is similar, which is being abused to no end by Darktide joggers.  Hmph.

Harmful Life Magic Changes.  I really didn’t notice.  The crater is still full of mages cheesing golems.  There does seem to be a discrepancy between ranges indoors and outdoors, though, so while the outdoor ranges for drain spells is obviously abbreviated, the range for dungeoning (where the drain is most effective) is still decent enough to allow for all sorts of cheesy goodness.

Portal Magic Difficulty Increased.  Was this done?  I didn’t notice… I figured the difficulty of recall would be moved up to around 170-180, and summon to around 250, making summon a real showpiece, something only the super-l33t mage monarch would be able to pull off with a lot of creature buffs to transport his people during an event.  It’s a little harder, sure, but nothing to get too worried about.

Olthoi/Virindi Magic Defense Increases.  This is hard to tell, since even before when they were oh-so-easy-to-kill-by-magic I only affected them about 1 in 10-20 spells, and if they have been toughened I really don’t feel like standing next to them and testing things out.

Loot-Spawning Chests Are Gone.  Lots of them.  While I’m happy that i no longer have to see the same old people running the Lich Tower 24/7 (usually passing me to loot the chests while I’m fighting the liches), the scarcity of decent loot has become even more of an issue than it already was.  Fortunately, higher-level drudges now carry more loot, and after a near-death experience wading through about 5 level 40 drudges all casting war magic without animation time, I frequently find myself blessed with the boon of a pine club that casts Blood Drinker I if you are Aluvian.  And I can actualy manage to get enough loot to pay for mana charges if I remove all of my mana-chomping armor and kill about 1000 drudge prowlers.

Duration of Higher Level Enchantments Increased.  Good.

Now as to the effects of life magic changes on PvP mages, really it did not nerf them as much as I had thought.  Mages now have to think a little bit more than hitting 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2.  Mages who had been lazy in training now had to start learning how to time war magic so that it might have a chance in hell of connecting, how to use creature to soften up the enemy, how to switch to unarmed combat occasionally to nail an archer.  Of course, many didn’t learn this, however, since generally most gamers suck, just as most games suck.  I shook my head in disbelief when, watching a duel in Arwic, I saw a mage who was getting pounded and at 20% health decide to… switch wands and cast ARCANE BENIGHTEDNESS.  No shit.

Of course, since I’m lazy (and because it annoys Kynn so much), I haven’t gone to the altar yet, but this is mostly because I find a lot of red players to be the same as they were in beta… stupid annoying whiners.  (Of course, most non PK’s are also stupid annoying whiners…)  For a more detailed example of this, please go check out Kynn’s site, which has been updated far more frequently than this one, fulfilling all of your angry rant needs.  I happen to run across many of the principal players in this fiasco fairly frequently, and they all seem to think there’s some big conspiracy… at one dungeon I was inside, killing stuff, when one of his enemies (I guess) ran in and demanded to know why Kynn told me to come there.  I suppose he thought that Kynn wanted to send me in to kill everything so this guy would have nothing to fight, as an aggressive act.  Uh huh…

Please go check out his site and read the account of the fight in Arwic (6 vs. Kynn).  I only made it there in time to see the multitude of bodies, most of them tagged "Killed by Kynn".  Recently I happened to run across one of the gangbangers, Ash Pendragon, in a dungeon.  He was mysteriously non PK.  😛

I have no idea what being white has to do with having killed Kynn, presumably in the 6 on 1.  The whole thing sorta reminded me of the time in beta when some PK (I forget who) came to the direlands and threatened Han Fu, then got slaughtered by Kynn, then was jogging as he got chased all over the damn place by Kynn, Han, myself, and a bunch of Osium’s people (he was particularly disliked), and then showed up non PK an hour later.  It also reminds me of "Tf dvn"’s first words when he returned to Arwic a little bit after the gangbang and saw Kynn on radar… the words for recall.

I don’t know about you, but this just makes me laugh.  😛


This is strange… one of Kynn’s constant complaints is that he has too many friends, so that whenever he sees a red dot he usually doesn’t attack it.  He’ll be glad to hear that this is not the case.

Before too long, a PK named Zeen happened into the dungeon.  I was busy fighting at the time, and so if there was some sort of remark from Ash in his direction, it was either private or I missed it, but I did catch Zeen’s response when the fight was over…

I have come to realize that my problem with playing AC as a red is the same as my problem playing AC at all… other people.  As a non PK, though, I only have to deal with their bad spelling, lousy manners, insistence on using the CAPS LOCK key, looting my kills, camping items, bugging me for spell formulae, and sending me pointless @tells while I’m in the middle of a hairy fight.  I don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of pointless, boring, penis size insecurity-compensating trash talk as well.


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