Didn’t take long for responses to the last rant about The Staff.  Some even came from The Staff’s wielder, missing the point entirely.

I will address all problems with the staff. I have absolutely NO intentions of using it in PvP battles. I am not interested in anything beyond duels but as it stands, I doubt I’ll go PvP again… Too many rules made up by too little people

As I was watching the duels, I can safely say that this is true.  Lots of rules were set down, i.e. "don’t run in the tower", "everyone else stand over there", "to the death, no surrender", etc., all stated by one person.  Guess who.  And there was no ranting about rules for PvP, which I find very silly, but about a goddamned flaw.

I don’t like PK, it was fun while it lasted, and it felt like intelligent Quake for a while.. But I went PK the first time to fight Kynn. Everything seemed okay the first time even though I used the staff, but I went PK again the second time to duel MY FRIENDS, Nazer and Zerena..

I’m sure Nazer and Zerena have no problems with me using the Staff.

On a final note, I don’t run around town shooting innocent people in the back and claiming the town is my own. Nor have I ever killed ANYONE outside the Arena.

As it stands, I have gone nPK and will never return to the self-centered world of glorified power that is PK. Kynn can be the king of it all he wants


Well at least something good has come out of all this.  The irony is that the complaints about The Staff, et al, are not self-centered at all… they are about a god device which demolishes any sense of balance for everyone, PvP and PvM alike, if they have to contend with it.

Sounds to me it went from congratulations Caeryn to damn I want that staff and if I can’t have it, she can’t have it either.

This moment would have come around some day… There are those players who worked play 36 hours a day, and get really annoyed they cannot use a staff they don’t have and cannot get.

As for Mu… I’m so glad he found it adequate to comment on a duel he did not watch. The ranters are beginning to turn from humor sites to abusing their notoriety. Now, all I need is a ranter in my allegience and I’ll give him the go ahead to Rant about someone I don’t like.

Isn’t this right Mu? Kynn?

Com’on, hypocrits. You PKs want surprise attacks, jump bugs, exploit areas… but when it comes to something you cannot use, you go berzerk. Sounds like a lot of double standard and hypocrisy to me.

Maybe one day you guys will actually get around to asking how much work WE put into this staff and understand why I would not hesitate to use it again and again


One:  True no one else can get it, and for that reason no one should have it.  If everyone could get it, no one should have it.  The beta era WoBF was something that many could get, and everyone could use… it was soon the preferred weapon of melee fighters, mages, and archers alike.  And it fucking sucked.

Two:  I did watch.  Reading is fundamental.

Three:  I was not ranting about "someone I don’t like", but a mistake by the admin team which was a threat to balance and playability in the game, especially since it could very easily happen again unless it becomes apparent how damaging it is.  Although that is changing very rapidly as The Staff’s wielder is taking all of this as a personal attack and jealousy.  It’s more of a commentary on something which is wrong and stupid, for reasons which one would have to look beyond one’s sense of self-importance and defensiveness to see.

Four:  "Beginning to turn from humor sites to abusing their notoriety".  I never said this was a humor site, although some people apparently think this must be the case… until something about them shows up here.  Ranting is venting about things which piss me off personally, and why.  I personally think there is valid reason to bitch about a unique device which makes someone a god, something which is used because "it was the only way to kill Animal".  Was it also the only way to win the first match, which involved a lot of close rushing and using The Staff over and over?  There’s nothing fucking funny about that.

Five:  If people could read beyond the little tiny tidbit which bruises their ego and causes a tantrum, they might see that I have always been pissed off about things like jump heal, the pre-buffed drainable magma golems, etc.  Easy to get blind and stupid when you get childish and defensive.

Six:  I know the story about The Staff.  It’s a nice story.  It’s also totally irrelevant.  I am not commenting on whether or not something special was deserved by one person (out of the "WE" who did the end quest), but that the special something is a goddamn game breaker.  The fact that it was given to anyone seems to imply that it will happen again.  Quests in AC are very deep, usually filled with false endings and rewards for those that dig deeper, which is great.  It’s easy to see how another god device might be awarded to someone who goes beyond the false "Great Work" ending for a quest and finds something hidden.  "First person to fully complete the super secret Spring quest gets this unlosable base 20-50 damage speed 0 yumi with Blood VI Heart Seeker V and Magic Resistance V!"  Then the wielder of the Yumi goes red, tanks through a bunch of people, gets criticized, gets defensive, and whines instead of realizing that game breakers are just that… bad for the game.

Seven:  The reason The Staff’s wielder would use it again and again is because it’s a really easy way to dominate everything in the game.

I find it unfortunate, though not surprising sadly, that The Staff’s wielder was unable to see that the thing being addressed earlier was not a "me too" thing, or a "you suck" thing, but a "this is really bad for the game" thing.  Nor do I expect any sort of turnaround on the issue from The Staff’s wielder, as the posts made indicate super-defensive waah waah mode, which is not only difficult to get out of, but might be humiliating as well.  It would have been better off for all concerned to use The Staff to powergame madly for a while, dump all xp into Jump until about 350 or so, jump on top of a tower which nobody else could get to, drop it, and watch it decay with a bunch of people.  I threw away my low arcane WoBF in beta and played a lot of StarCraft for a while, since there was no longer a point to playing.

Which is sort of the conclusion I have been coming to anyway.  Thanks for bringing it home, The Staff.



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