Who would have thought a simple inscription on a wand could work so well?  Within moments of applying my new label, I was (1) private messaged by some guy over and over, asking me how to get to Hebian-To from Arwic, even after I said I didn’t know, (2) killed while fighting magmas in close combat when someone thought it might be a good idea to run past me, get punched once, then run all the way back behind me so the ones pursuing her boxed me in, and (3) witness someone trying to steal stuff from me when I dropped a bag on the floor of the tavern for Sashi to pick up and sell.  The best part is, the guy got mad when I managed to get the bag  just before I saw his "steal stuff off the ground" animation.

Actually no… the BEST part was that after I chided him, then ran downstairs to hand off my stuff to Miqua explaining that Minkyboodle wanted to steal it, he asked me if I had anything to give him.  Look at this guy… he’s level 13 and has a powerful monarch.  You’d think the guy could get his crappy unusable wands and such from his allegiance.  He reminds me a lot of a guy, Noble, who used to do NOTHING but lumber around Arwic severely encumbered begging.  He would ask me every damn day for 1000p, then whine about it.  Later he took to trying to stand on top of people who were transferring items to intercept, and received a lot of Fuck-Off-Noble’s for his trouble.  He was level 10 way back when and I always wondered what the hell he was doing begging instead of hunting, which should be way more profitable in a number of ways.  I suppose he figured it out too, as I saw him again a couple days ago, restarted, at level 8.  Hint:  it’s better to make several beggar characters at different levels (depending on what you want to scam), outfit them in nothing but chain greaves and a leather basinet or something so it looks like you got killed a lot, and play on sympathy.  You won’t get any from me, but I’ll laugh at you in your ridiculous outfit.

People, stop trying to steal stuff in cheesy ways like this.  That’s LOOTING.  And only I, the LOOTER, am allowed to LOOT.  (See last rant if this confuses you.)

In other news, allegiances are giving me a headache.  I tend to get a lot of sorta shitty loot that I don’t want but eats up space on my Mu MulesTM, but also sucks for my immediate vassals, and so whomever is in the allegiance that asks me if I have something, fine, I’ll give it to them.  Personal friends of mine are low in the allegiance tree (due to the fact that I don’t want 800 direct vassals and it sucks for rank), and I save stuff for them too.  Apparently this sort of behavior "circumvents the chain of command" or something.  Okay… when I see the 9-18 base damage no arcane required axe that I know will be perfect for Max Longstreet, who happens to be online at the time, I’ll wait for my vassal to get on, so it can be them passed on to the next vassal, and the next, and the next, and the next, and finally to the only person who could possibly use this device, assuming it didn’t get passed the wrong way or sold for mana charge money by then.  I actually do hold stuff for people based on how far up the chain they are, but if I have to start thinking about whether or not giving stuff to Shadwolf directly will somehow magically erode his confidence in his patron, I’d rather just break my ties and trade with whomever I want.  Nobody gets pissed off if someone outside the allegiance gives someone free stuff.  Vassals, if any of you start feeling pissy that someone might be getting preferential treatment in the loot department, there is a simple solution to your problem:  kiss up to the bigwigs and get some yourself!  Greed is the key.  Take it from me, the LOOTER.

Occasionally I’ll get a @tell in game (usually at the worst possible moment) from someone regarding someone I’ve mentioned on the page somewhere, usually in a disparaging fashion.  Here’s an example of this, as the Ash Pendragon saga continues.






I’m really not sure what to say about this exchange, but it’s funny to see how rumors fly, usually generated by their subject.  Why on earth are people so worried about their reputation in a game?  (Please keep in mind that I have no respect for rep, as per previous rant.)  Personally I think rumor may be the most important source of news on the server:  the guy really believes it was a 2 on 1.  I’ve never seen so many damn bodies with 7 different names lying around town from a 2 on 1.

Oh and for those of you who want me to update the chronicles, here’s a little tidbit from tonight’s exciting foray into the winter quest event at the lost city of Frore.

A bunch of us got together and buffed a lot, then rebuffed a lot because we had to wait for people to get their shit together.

Then we hung out in a dungeon and looked at each other a lot.

Then we went somewhere and waited for someone to have a good idea, then a bunch of other people came and waited too.  Apparently there was some sort of cheesy artifact that you could get from someone in this room, like a helmet that’s slightly better than a standard heaume, but whatever had it died before I could look at it since there were about 20 level 30+ guys standing around waiting for a spawn.

Then we killed something.

Then we kinda wandered around a little, wondering what to do since everyone who knew something about what was happening died or got lost or something.  Then I ran out of tapers and left.

2 Responses to “New Heights of Stupidity and Boredom”
  1. I’m sorry about trying to steal your stuff ten years ago. I was just a stupid preteen back then. Now I’m in college and my morality has matured to perfection. I’m adamantly anti-theft. Nothing angers me more than people without respect for other peoples’ property.

    Again, I apologize for being a stupid kid.

  2. Again, so sorry for trying to steal your muledrop twenty years ago. And sorry that my 2009 apology was so weird and awkward. “My morality has matured to perfection”; who even says that?

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