Magic still sucks. Thanks go out to posts like these on lameass message boards…

posted 09-03-1999 10:54 PMHello,
Can someone plz give me lvl2 spells for LifeMagic and warmagic. Higherlevels accepted too :) …. PLZ give me lvl2 spells and remembe rif you give it to me you give it to everyone so help everyone out.. !! :)
THank You

An Interested Party
posted 09-17-1999 01:51 PM

I <I>heard</I> from a little birdy that there were spell lists available here, but I have yet to find them. Is there a secret link somewhere?

posted 09-16-1999 06:16 PM

Hi Everyone,
I have created a spell database program that allows you to quickly access a spell’s description and components…

posted 09-19-1999 11:21 AM

Rough around the edges? Feel free to tell me how you think I should improve the program…

I will be adding a lot more spells in the next release even if they are just my own(Which are mostly Creature Enchant). Also I will have my own webpage up soon which will provide more information on the program…

A quick update on the adventures of Crunched Mu, the roleplaying archer…

I logged Crunched Mu in again one day after watching circle IV war magic do about the same damage as Force Bolt I. Looked at his stats… he was now level 2! Certainly this called for some sort of celebration, and so I presented him with an “exquisitely crafted gold yumi” Mu managed to wrestle out of the hands of some critter in the dires, probably before magery started really sucking. Although I had not yet spent any of my oh-so-hard-earned xp, I was confident that this was more than made up for by the presence of the yumi, and so re-entered the field.Naturally I left my screenshots at home, so you’ll have to take my word for it for now… my first target was the usual drudge camp. I wanted to test the power of the bow, so I took aim at a skulker. Unfortunately, this proved to be less than valuable as an experiment since all skulkers in the area died in one shot. The gnawer shreths, too, were being uncooperative, as they dropped before being able to react. Hmm… luckily, I managed to find some slinkers and prowlers over a ridge, and started testing on them. 24 points… must be a critical. Oh, he’s dead. Next target… 26 points. 2nd shot dead. Third target, dead in one shot. OK, so this bow isn’t all that great, only averages 25 or so damage a shot, maybe 40-50 on criticals, which I felt was acceptable, although obviously sub-par for a 2nd level character with a bow skill of 62.

Disgusted, I started tackling harder and harder targets. Creeper mossies… dead in 2 shots. 3 creeper mossies at once… well I did take about 10 points of damage before slaughtering them all without moving an inch. Blood shreth… almost got to me before I dropped it. At this point I would have gone to some dungeon with a bridge and started killing banderling ravers, had I not been utterly reviled.

However, all is not rosy for the 2nd level archer. Crunched Mu eventually fell… to a pack of 5 creeper and feeder mosswarts who surrounded him, unfairly bringing him to death’s door while only losing 2 of their number. Must be a bug. I can’t believe that Turbine would allow an archer to get killed by a pack of much higher level monsters surrounding him at once! Disappointed, I ran back to Shoushi, gave away my stuff, and committed suicide, followed by the deletion of poor Crunched Mu from my now somehow cleaner-feeling account. Oh cruel world where an archer is so oppressed!

A few notes on the bow thing: apparently the super bows are (1) not entirely dependent on craftsmanship, but seem to be more or less random, as I have tried 2 nearly flawless yumis, one of which sucked and one of which averaged 32 for a non-critical hit, and (2) mainly seem to be yumis and longbows. Perhaps I shouldn’t reveal this yet… it has been kinda funny watching everyone in Shoushi run around spamming “NE1 GOT A GOOD BOW 4 SALE???” I’m sure someone is making a big profit on their otherwise ordinary collection of mahogany shortbows. Hell, I should do that. Sashi has been burning mana stones like crazy, you know.

Props go to funkyfresh grandmaster Lum who decided to try his hand at Archery’s Call and report his findings. Also thanks to everyone else I know who made a newbie archer, tried it out, and sent me an @tell about how insanely powerful it was, although those @tells usually came in the middle of a sequence like this: “Drudge Ravener slashes you for 15 points of cutting damage!Drudge Ravener impales you for 22 points of piercing damage!You tickle Drudge Ravener for 18 points of damage with Flame Bolt IVOverpowered Archer tells you, ‘This is really sick.’Drudge Ravener laughs his ass off at you for 50 points of humiliation damage!…” Yes, the name really was “Overpowered Archer”. At least I was laughing as I was getting my ass kicked.

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