I know it seems unusual for me to update so frequently, but hell, what can I do… I have encountered an incredible amount of stupidity recently.  Unfortunately it has all been from a few people.  Amazing how when someone is wrong, their initial reaction is just to keep being wrong, ever louder and louder, believing in the adage that if something is said enough times, no matter how stupid it is, it will eventually become true.  I have decided simply to agree with what is said by these people, as it’s hardly worth the trouble to make cogent arguments with total retards.  It’s a fantasy game after all.  Yes, I am talking about The Silver King’s continuing efforts to promote me as Frostfell’s greatest thief and looter.  Sorry to those of you who find this sort of stuff boring, but I have gotten a couple of requests to continue with my extremely valuable service to the AC community, namely providing insights into the minds of really stupid people who annoy me.

Update:  The Silver King went PK earlier today, and messaged Kynn for a duel near the west Arwic lifestone.  Hopping on top of a nearby building, I watched him prep for the fight… buffing for a full 4 minutes, including raising all stats, magic skills, armor, robe buffs, and protections.  I have to ask myself:  what the fuck is up with people wanting to buff forever before dueling these days?  Is it too much thought to realize that your enemy has cast Cold Vulnerability IV on you during the fight, getting to a safe place and quickly casting the appropriate protection spell or slapping on a cold protection device?  I have no idea… if anyone is PK and remembers dueling in beta, please confirm or deny the fact that buffs are considered to be part of the fight and are cast during it, not before it.  By the way, he cast every protection EXCEPT cold, and so was soon frozen on the ground from one frost arrow, prompting him to later explain that Kynn was "supposed to have used lightning", since he didn’t research cold yet.

Silver later attacked Kynn in the tavern from outside while Kynn was muling, with… Drain Health IV *scratches head*.  After receiving a couple of jeers from others inside the tavern and blowing all his mana on this and getting hit to 4 hit points from one arrow, he ran away.  He soon came back, started the same thing again, and was soon once again wounded.  This time though, he decided the thing to do was to run into a small stall in a nearby stable to heal, allowing himself to be boxed in and finished off with no means of escape.  Uhh…

Subsequently, I once again encountered my dear friend in the magma dungeon, where he ran through a room which had recently held about 14 golems to see me standing and buffing, at which point he made the following brilliant observation:

Why even deny it?  Of course, he then ran back behind a wall, watching me melee the next magma up front from his safe perch.  Things don’t go so well when all of your buffs run out while you’re fighting though, and so I soon ran back to heal and recharge, as he began his manly drain fest.  Fortunately Kynn happened to come along to keep him from being lonely, and he was soon recalling.  Is it bad of me to take such glee in the affairs of reds when I am white?  Who cares… I’m apparently chicken as well as dishonest.

I suppose this must be correct.  Recalling away from trouble is just as much of an honored PvP tactic here as it was in UO.  I would also like to point out another legitimate PK tactic that has been overlooked here:  logging out.  I really don’t understand this statement:  how can recall be equated to using a healing kit?  Someone explain this to me.

Kynn is a rat bastard, and his page is still not working.  😛  I was actually considering going red very strongly early this morning, partially so I could hunt The Silver King over and over, but really just because I was having an unusually good time hanging out with the local reds and bullshitting about tactics and such.  I really do enjoy working out tactical subtleties with Kynn and others and testing them out, and in my experience the reds who know how to do more than vuln/miss with war/drain/recall/talk shit tend to be the most fun to hang out with, with a deeper understanding of the game and its strategies than almost anyone else.  I still don’t know if it’s worth dealing with even more assholes than I already do, though.

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