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The best part being..
..is that every complaint he voices against EQ has an equally aggravating counterpart in AC. I played AC for about two weeks a while back. Left the game because it was so freaking boring.

Let me itemize some points:

"the city is laid out in no logical pattern whatsoever."

As if cities in AC were. The few I saw were either tight clusters of buildings, or a big box of them. Two houses that looked exactly the same could hold different things; only by experience would you learn that the one on the left sells armor, the one on the right has food. Same in EQ.

Only by experience in recognizing that a sign with an anvil on it might just indicate that a blacksmith might be inside, a fish might indicate a grocer, etc.  Part of the joy of EQ is right-clicking on every merchant in the world in order to find out which one sells water and which one just has about 30 molds for pottery.  This quote was specifically about Kelethin, the treetop home of the Ewoks where not only does it take foever to find the guy you are trying to locate, you are trying not to fall to your death while doing it.

"Oh yeah and EQ’s graphics are soooo superior. Every frigging cartoon character in the game wanders around in the [same] pose"

Uh. Maybe AC has had a big graphics patch I missed, but when I played.. PC’s did this too. What’s worse, lowbie mobs are limited to two awesome varieties: rabbits, and these weird pasty white things that look like aliens.

AC has had dozens of PC poses since early beta.  I have no idea where the idea of "lowbie mobs" comes from.  This is probably someone who never left the grotto, understandable if you think the key to adventure is sitting in one spot waiting for a monster to spawn like a dumbass.

"The first thing you must do as a newbie is … get equipped … find a guild."

Er, duh? Same thing in AC. You start out naked, and to get free goodies, you have to find a guild. Apparently AC views some things differently, though. In EQ, earning items yourself is considered an honor. In AC, you get mad if people don’t line up to give you stuff.

Actually I witnessed a lot of begging going on every time I was in town in EQ, and the beggars did in fact get mad at people when they told him to shut the fuck up.  This point seems to be an inference on the type of player in each game, rather than a function of game mechanics.  Though I suppose that camping earning items in EQ should elicit some kind of response, like "Don’t you have a job?"

"Also note that the visitors in the guild picture are named "Rozco Picoltrane" and "Dunno Enythn." This is a strong indication of the powerful presence of the roleplaying element in EQ."

Uh-huh. And when I played AC, I had to wade through names like "Darkfury" and "Fasthands" and "Tempest." How very original.

Players always suck regardless of the game they play.  EQ advocates tend to be more vocal about their game’s leanings in favor of the "roleplayer", a mysterious being who advocates the cookie-cutter nature of strict class parameters, the generous use of the /ooc command, and a name filter which forces enterprising gamers to come up with new spellings for "Boner".

"here I am in my new leather cap … you think I look exactly the same as I did before?"

Yeah, and AC was just brimming with new looks. Put on a chain vest, and your previous brown tunic turned into a grey one. What’s better, AC has LOTS MORE textures, so if too many get loaded up, the game starts replacing textures with this white placeholder to get around memory limitations. Very, very attractive.

White texturing is a product of 3dfx technology limitations, and has been discussed to death in the distant past.  Just one of the many screwups by 3dfx, including larger die sizes to keep manufacturing costs down (and chip heat up), not moving past 16-bit color, hardcoded texture limits, disowning the distribution companies that made them great, etc.  I am grateful for these business decisions, as they helped me make a lot of money on nVidia stock this year.  If you run into these problems, you can always play in software mode.  The resultant flat-looking images may remind you fondly of EQ.

"Well, that’s easy to summarize.. think about running your character out to one location, wait for something you can kill to come along…sit down and wait for another"

Uhm. AC does this too. Except to find anything, you have to warp through some weird purple wormhole to get to a place where you kill more pasty-white chimpanzees. Then you sit down, heal, and wait for more to appear. Yes, the differences in AC and EQ are startling.

Only if you are an imbecile.  Sitting around and waiting for something to spawn is boring, time-inefficient, and a holdover from EQ.  It’s far better to run your ass off around the countryside to find targets and explore.  However, the option to sit on your ass all day waiting for something to reappear is there for those who prefer this style of "play".

I just find it amusing. People have this tendency to get up in arms about the things they like and consciously seek out methods of discrediting competition.. even if it means ignoring the same flaws in their own chosen path.

The cry of the armchair defender who hasn’t read anything else on the site.

AC and EQ are basically the exact same thing with a few notable differences. Claiming one is better than the other is probably not real wise, as they both share a lot of the same flaws.

I will admit that AC and EQ (and UO) share the same fundamental flaw… multiplayer.  As for claiming one is better than the other, well, I make no such exclamation.  I only claim that AC is sorta enjoyable while EQ is a boring, drudgery-filled, mind-numbing, unbelievable waste of time.  Infer what you will.  8P

Other feedback via email…

Now I like EQ, but that was funny as hell!

- Lochedahnan


I did the same exact thing you did. I took a break from playing AC to check out EQ. My experience went a little like this. I started in that barbarian town and drowned in the black colored water thing because I couldnt find the surface. Finally got out of town and died repeatedly to some baby bears I think. I decided to say forget Barbarians. I then made a character of one of the really big and fat trolls I think it was. I got stuck in this little puddle in town. Forget Trolls. I decided to make a Human in Freeport. After several downloads of zone data I got out of town. Killed some Ogres or something. Everytime I killed them it said something like "your social rating with ogres has gone down by 1 point".  I kept selling claws and stuff in town saving to buy some rawhide armor.  But instead of getting rawhide I bought a fishing pole at the docks. I spent like maybe 2 hours fishing so I could sell the fish and buy some rawhide armor. I *finally* got the rawhide. Then a boat came along. I decided I would get on the boat. I take the boat to the next town it went to. While getting off the boat I fell in the water and got killed by a shark. No more rawhide armor. I logged out and repeatedly pressed that "cancel subscription" button. Thats my EQ experience. Im glad water in AC is only knee deep.



I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Whenever I think about it too much, I really start questioning myself. Why do I play this? It’s the same thing over and over.

When things go well, I’m usually in one spot killing the same thing as it spawns over and over again. Not very much fun when you think about it.

Then there’s the monsters that drop the really valuable loot that you have to get on a ‘list’ to get the really valuable item. Some people I know in the game recently played for 48 straight hours trying to get one item.

Now, there’s the ‘play nice’ rules. Basically it says you can’t kill steal, hog spawns, etc. There’s nothing concrete and it’s up to the individual GM to make calls on what is to be done in each situation. This ambiguity leads people to use the ‘play nice’ rules to defend the behaviors it was meant to prohibit.

Then there’s the fact that no one that plays the game has a clue what a sense of humor is. I shouted one time that I was buying an "Oak Handled Sawed Off Shotgun of the Honky" and someone asked me to please stop using racial slurs.

You see? All you had to do was say "eq sux" and you get a one page report from me on why it sucks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to EverQuest.

Seanbaby worship is fun but it doesn’t fill up an evening.


I will endeavor to try and get to this mythical point in EQ where the game is supposed to be fun.  I will do this by occasionally logging in and trying to play until I rip out another handful of hair and then log out, which means I will be playing about 30 minutes at a time.  Now back to AC, which although multiplayer, does not require me to sit in one frigging place for hours on end so that I can one day sit in another place for hours on end.

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