Not even the Mu forum is immune to AC inanity. Luckily, since my own forum is populated by nothing but flaming freaks and mutants, the few AC posts on there occasionally get interesting.

Unarmed Combat in AC
by D posted 8/31/99 7:14:21 PMYou forgot to include unarmed combat in your unbalnced part of you rant. It does amazingly high damage, and is very very fast. My 5th level unarmed fighter with 80 skill makes my 11 level fighter with 126 sword skill look stupid. Try it out and tell me if i am dead wrong :)


Yeah I did forget this… I hope the dev team realizes that an unarmed specialist (Sho, for the free first level) is the second most popular super numbercrunch available. I do like the idea that unarmed combat is viable, but after you watch guys jab a level 38 drudge stalker to death while hauling a shield around, you begin to wonder. (No offense Kynn. 8P)This is soon followed by a suprisingly evil post by ACSS d00d Wrathgar. This is really funny to me, since I had always considered ACSS to be the most PC of the various MMORPG news sites, based on my experiences at UOSS, and here is Wrathgar tossing napalm around. Well, that and the fact that it seems Wrathgar is inebriated as he is posting.

Answer, plus BS about Mu’s site, Sabin, and stuff
by Wrathgar posted 8/31/99 11:55:40 PMUnarmed combat is currently stronger than “the real world”, but then again, why shouldn’t it be? If it were a simulation you would have to hit a banderling thousands of times before it was dead with bare hands.

Quick note: the balance issue with unarmed combat is not that you can beat the hell out of monsters 40 times your mass with jabs… I can sorta buy that. The real problem is that unarmed is significantly better in most cases than, say, swordplay, and you can get it much cheaper than a weapon skill. A Sho unarmed guy with equivalent skill training to a sword guy has 10 extra points to toss around at character creation… 20% of your total skill points.

As we stand now there are plenty of balancing issues in AC’s combat choices, but the system itself is only very unbalanced in the eyes of a newbie. Sure early levels of unarmed seem to work better than conventional melee, but at higher level your maximum damage over an amount of time level evens out and it is very even, if not worse, than other types of warfare.Of course mages are the most unfair :) Sure it is so easy to manage all 6 of the attributes instead of the 4 that warriors do. In my opinion mages make the second best high level players (melee is generally useless against the current generation of hardcore AC powergaming PKers who use archery and archery only). Of course you said nothing about magery, but just in case some decides to complain about that I included it.

Oh and about your site Mu, it is great. One of the funniest I have ever read. I read through word for word through the C. Dalton Zone (although at that point last night my eyes started to buckle and my head was about to explode, but I hear that is normal for reading C. Dalton’s dribble so I was not too concerned), the whole religion debate was very interesting as I could identify with all the major players by remembering myself at different points in my life, but one thing dissapointed me. In the polls, you polled about whoring yourself out to some of the AC Sites. I was very dissapointed that Crossroads beat us, but what the hell, we got you anyway. *Wrathgar mutters something about tricking the poor bastard into thinking he got a good deal*. Oh and about getting the ACSS interpretation about your little rants, I personally say teach those dumbasses a lesson!

Actually I don’t remember a whole lot about the ACSS thing… Ethos bought me a few drinks, and the next morning I had a hard time walking, and there was an announcement on Stratics. Oh well. 8P

And you mentioned getting email from Sabin. Actually I have to confess to pointing him in your direction, not because I wanted him to defend himself, but only to laugh my ass off when he makes an ass of himself trying to defend himself. Below is the conversation which undoubtedly lead to his email to you. He is one character all right, after joining the AC forum he preceded to bash UO, then EQ, and finally said that AC was the worst of all. When asked why he was in the forum he said he had “friends here” (although no one would admit a friendship to him after he was kicked a few times for being himself). Here is a quick log:30] hey Sabin you posted on the message board and Musashi has your quote, he has a funny comment for it
[20:30] hehehe :)
[20:30] what?
[20:31] You can’t miss it, at
[20:32] well did you see it Sabin?
[20:33] yeah and i have something to say about this guy but ill just keep it to myself
[20:34] lol, I think that is best for everyone here :)
[20:34] i guess ill give you the jist of it
[20:34] I thought it was a very funny and relevant comment, right on the nose, he destroyed your argument, he is great at doing that
[20:34] hehe wrath
[20:35] he is a no-life loser that has nothing to do than cut and paste people’s OPINIONS and takes them out of context so he can make a childish site all about making fun at people for their opinion so he will feel like he is always right
[20:35] i cleaned it up a bit for ya
[20:35] Man Mu is quick, right to the point. You read Sabin’s post and then it’s almost like he dissolved it
[20:36] and we love him for it Sabin
[20:36] i think he is a loser
[20:36] but thats just me
[20:36] you are entitled to your opinions
[20:38] whats this guy’s e-mail?
[20:38] i want to enlighten him a bit
[20:39] lol I’m sure you can find it on his website somewhere, in fact I would love for you to contact him, then he can take your flame email and throw it out of context and make fun of you further for our enjoyment!
[20:39] Oh joyous day!
[20:46] what is it about me and attracting people that find it absolutely necessary at making me look like an idiot just to piss me off?
[20:47] oh well
[20:47] i don’t even care anymore

After that Sabin returned to his non-sensacal jabbering about how all MMORPG’s suck, they are a waste of time, etc. Here is his exact words:

i just don’t see the point in wasting precious time of your life on a video game [read MMORPG in our conversation], working up a character on a video game, fighting stupid monsters on a video game

This resulted in this :

[20:19] Tybalt has kicked Sabin from #asheron (1<=- 14°SD v9.5 PrO°1 -=> 1°(14Shut Up now before u really piss me off1)°)

Then Tybalt got a dose of Sabin talk:

fuck you im stating my opinion

At last I provide you with a link to someone of the Sabin idealology, . A note to the curious about this source, it used to be “The Call of Asheron” a news site devoted to Asheron’s Call during early phases of beta (beta 0 I think) and prebeta. In my opinion they served as a mirror of the Olthoi’s Lair and one big link to them, plus they ripped off the ACSS design completely and thus made their debute into an already shakey “Fansite Arena” (OMFG it gets rough in that arena, the politics are pretty harsh, but those stories are to be kept between the AC webmasters themselves :) It looks as though (like many others) Rocki, Raven, Ravenna, Cassie, whatever she calls herself now pissed him off so much that she deserved recognition (no comment from this webmaster who is experienced in answering accusing emails laced with profanity from this webmaster who “vows to stop me at any cost” or whatever she said).

Well it seems that with time and drink comes loosening of the tounge, bad grammar and totally shitty spelling. Go figure.

ACSS – The future of Mu’s AC rants (WE OWN YOU NOW!) :)

A guy who is just like Sabin (and former AC Fansite webmaster gone moron)

I kinda remember the last link, to something which used to be “The Hero’s Haven”. It has a funny whine about all MMORPG’s sucking. I can’t really say I can disagree with that statement, but hey, I’m a bright and cheery optimist. I try and teach these positive, life-affirming values to my valued friends, such as Constrictor, who better get cracking and earn me some more xp. Mush, ubervassal, mush!

Hey Wrathgar
by Constrictor posted 9/1/99 10:47:41 AMDid you say you were having a problem with Cassie/Rocki/Lady Whisper? I find that funny. Do you know her whole history? She’s a long time MMORPG kissup. Back in the days of UO beta she was kissing UO developer ass bigtime. She even got special powers and equipment and held a trial to ban some of the Fuckheads who were just having fun testing the game. The Fuckheads nicknamed her the hundred ham monster, because UO monsters used to drop a ham when you killed them, and she was so fat that she would drop 100 hams if you ever killed her. I don’t know if they still have the stories about her up on their site, but try if you want to see the stories. Heh.

-Constrictor aka Zashi Watta in Dereth

These were really funny stories. (Fuckheads URL edited for correctness. Duh!) Wrathgar continues hitting the sauce…

I did not know that
by Wrathgar posted 9/1/99 11:54:02 AMThanks. I figured she was following some sort of set pattern in the way she tried to dominate the dev team in the “early years”. I have seen her picture, ’nuff said. Couldn’t find any stories on their site about her, but I have heard enough, and experienced too many.

She has her own AC site It used to be on her own little domain (, but it didnt make it (what ashame). It looks as though she has quit updating her site though. Good riddens!

You could interperate that to mean that I hate her, but I merely dislike her and her attitude, it is easy to find someone in the AC community that hates her, as she has stepped on so many toes it sickens me. If only she would go PK in game, but unfortunately she was named “head advocate” by Sarneho (in game admin god himself), and they can’t go PK. If she ever does however, it will probably be the day that Dereth unites under one army to hunt her down.

The stories in question are under the tag for “Fuckhead Moments” and then “One Hell of a Day”, a story by Powerslave about going to Hades’ Playground. All the Lady Whisper stuff is near the end, under the subchapters “The Trial”, “The 100 Ham Monster”, and “Kiss Ass”. Ah the memories. I’m just glad that hosting this site and this forum has engendered so much love and mutual respect in the AC cheesy website community.

re: I did not know that
by Hearding posted 9/1/99 1:45:28 PMI’ve only had one in-game encounter with Cassie. I was stuck in a corner of a dungeon (bounced in there because of lag) and I paged for help. She came and teleported me out from under the nose of an inattentive Banderling Guard…right into a spawn of Blood Shreths and Drudges. I was around 8th level at the time I think…it was pretty funny..out of the frying pan, into the fire. I managed to escape by jumping back into the dungeon portal with 1 health point left. I had a good laugh about it and told her not to worry.

And out of game I created a web page with character creation screenshots on it. I posted it to the Olthoi’s lair forum and it was immediately deleted. So I went back and read the fine print. Sure enough it says that you can’t “advertise” another site. All you can do is add your link to the bottom and hope people get curious and click on it. Funny thing was that not a few days prior one of the semi-regular posters had done pretty much the same thing and it was ok. *shrugs*

I don’t go there any more.

I had a similar thing happen in early beta when Ogopogo Mu got trapped in a portal for about a week. Rocki/Cassie tried to teleport me out. Eventually after tons of complaint spams from me Ashtest hauled my ass out, after which he said, “k3wl!”, and I ran off and got stuck in another portal. This time I just rebooted my system about 40 times and eventually downloaded all the files.

Not many go there anymore anyway (NT)
by Wrathgar posted 9/1/99 1:59:27 PMI said NT, didn’t I?

This isn’t really much of a “rant” as it is some commentary on some stuff that got posted and mailed. It is presented here to the satisfaction of those “context” fetishists. Therefore, here’s Sabin’s emails to me, which are surprisingly civil (in a couple of senses).

Just a bit of enlightenment
Thu 8/26/99 10:04 PMI was informed the other day about you writing about my post on your AC Rant site. Your site is fine except for the fact that you take my post totally out of context making me look like a total moron. I’m not using this next comment as a threat or anything but in real life if you were to publicly do something like that you could be rightfully taken to court for defamation of character. Like I said, I don’t really mind that you make fun of me, hell it was funny enough, but I don’t appreciate you taking it out of context like you did and making me look stupider than needed.


Keep up the good work. :)

Forget the last e-mail
Thu 8/26/99 10:18 PM

After looking through the site I see why you did that with my post, IT WAS FUNNY! Just forget about that last e-mail I sent you, I now realize this is all in good fun and now that I looked at it from a normal reader’s view I see that it was funny and I’d just like to say keep up the good work, lol.

Sabin (dumbass)

Okay, I’ll try not to read any more damn message boards. Even my own.

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