Is it wrong to keep beating a dead horse?  Not when that horse keeps giving you material every time you encounter it.  Sadly, though, anyone who thought that maybe killing The Silver King for cash and prizes as per the last rant is out of luck, as he is now non-PK.  Why the changeover?  One can only assume it’s in order to more safely conduct the same sort of big commercial negotiations he seemed so happy about last time he decided to start lying and trash talking.  However, this time he’s moved into mattekar robes.  I happened to walk in on an auction Abor was conducting, and apparently getting a good price with.  Nice to see some people are keeping the market value high.  8P




I wish I had thought of this… "Hey Kynn, I uh lost *campable crafted item I can sell*, can you get me another please?"  It seems a lot easier just to ask for the money though.  There should never be a need to deceive your monarch for something as piddly as cash.

I also got this interesting note from a long time forum poster, Hick Young, who has recently come under fire on the forum for some bizarro posts.

Subject:  I’ve been annoyed with the Silver King too!
Date:  Sun, 26 Dec 1999 15:57:26 -0800 (PST)
From:  Hick Young

Dear Mr. Collins,

While playing AC, I keep running into this player named "The Silver King".  I think he the same guy who keeps bothering you as well.  He has been quite a problem ever since he crossed my path.  I think I got ’em kill or something while leveling up.  He has even has gone far as using my handle "HickYoung" to write a dumb message on your board.  The message was something about vassels and making fun of a friend who I was a vassel of.  Yet, the replies to that message made me laugh my ass off!  He even went as far as posting the message to some other boards. I’m not bitching about the message or about my good name being used like that, but I would like to say I feel sorry for this dumb guy who has to lie, cheat, and mess up everyone’s else fun.  He needs more help then I do (and that scares me).  Well I hope you have some happy hoildays and I’ll go back to being a "dumb warrior".  I need to clear my name of the crimes of bad writing and have many more emails I must send to people.  The Silver King is a loser and remember losers are selfdefeating and all that other that other shit.  You have a very thoughtful homepage and I’m glad you have strong following too.

Rask Hick Young

P.S.  Did I forget to say happy New Year hick?



The message in question was…


"To Be King" or "To suck the KIng’s Butt"
by Hick Young posted 12/23/99 11:09:41 PM

I keep out of people’s affairs and I stay away from posting on messages boards with wussy dick people – and that is what this message is about. I have been playing AC for sometime now. I didn’t want to, but my current girlfriend got a copy for my birthday and I felt that I might as well try it (to get some action… and maybe not to hurt her feelings). I created a sword wielding dumbass warrior and started to slash away at the poor monsters. I was shooting the shit with some people on AC (still relived that this was much better than UO) when all of a sudden my girlfriend finds with her life-mage-lv 45 when she asked me if I wanted to be her vassel.

I said: "What…?"

"Hick! Didn’t you read the book?"

"No I never read the book… too busy with this game."

"Look here you want to give me exp and become my peon?"

"Sure… what is in it for me?"

"You the warrior, not shit because – you the boyfriend get to sleep with the queen!"

"Don’t I do that all ready?"

"Sure but we can do some more things like…"

At this point you guys, gals, freaks, and lowerlifes from the Mushroom can get the picture.


But is it really right to suck (or be sucked in cased) butt to your vassels just to get some crapy exp and in return you have to keep on giving them token crap and such. Don’t get me wrong, AC is good but this king/peon thing is a neat idea with a little problem.  But, why do I want to become a peon when I can become a king. Nice little pyramid thing AC has… but don’t doesn’t a king need a castle? If AC had buildable castles, then there would a good chance it would turn into a 3D UO clone with no free space. Maybe I’m just knocking this clan/pyramid/triple-A group thing, but with all the jerks, dumb mages who steal kills and then turn around and blast you calling you a looter, and poor AI monsters – you think the people in charge would get there act together. Worst thing about it is that they not the real problem – the players who don’t have respect for other people are the real problem. And why should I babysit them for exp? I said my bit… I await the flamers (like any hick gives a fuck).

Rask Hick Young

Really I have no idea who posted the message.  I barely moderate the board more than is necessary to keep those GotM idiots off it.  The forum post lacks some of the elements I always see in Hick’s writing, and more misspellings and grammatical errors than Hick usually makes (although the word "vassal" is misspelled the same way in the post and the email 8P).  But people who post messages under other people’s handles are shit, and should be exposed, and so I present all the evidence here, in case anyone gives a rat’s ass.

This whole Silver King thing has got me thinking about the mentality of online gamers, especially those who take things way too seriously.  I remember the first time I got PK’ed in Ultima Online, and man was I pissed.  And the first time I fell for the trapped chest trick like a newbie.  And the first time I got my house looted with a bug.  I’ve always found the best ways to deal with these things are (1) in a way which is funny, or (2) shrug and get on with it, as there will always be losers in all arenas, and you can’t change them.  Granted, loserdom occurs far more often in an online setting, especially in a game with handles, since people somehow think that anonymity, like drunkenness, is a license to be an asshole.  Whether that asinine behavior takes the form of randomly PKing everyone in sight, using bugs or exploits to destroy their game experience, scamming for goods or money, spreading lies and rumors, impersonating people, or just acting like a pompous dick doesn’t matter.  The assholes are missing the point of playing, and (hopefully) their prickishness will come back to bite them in the ass, as it so often does.

Enough about that dead horse… I recently was on as another character, and had a heartwarming conversation with someone who revealed that it was Kynn who inspired him to play AC.  *kisses up to patron*

Executioner II tells you, "Hello"
You tell Executioner II, "hiya"
Executioner II tells you, "I notice you don’t have a patron, any particular reason?"
You tell Executioner II, "yes I’m slated to serve an allegiance"
Executioner II tells you, "Which allegiance?"
You tell Executioner II, "kynn"
Executioner II tells you, "Kynn is one of the reasons I got started playing this game"
You tell Executioner II, "really?  how so"
Executioner II tells you, "He killed one of my best friends"
Executioner II tells you, "He’s pretty hard-core"
You tell Executioner II, "ah i see… yes he is very serious about pvp"
Executioner II tells you, "How do you know him?"
You tell Executioner II, "through another mutual acquaintance"
Executioner II tells you, "Well best of luck to you"
You tell Executioner II, "thank you, same to you"

What the hell is Kynn going to do when he comes back and everyone is non PK?  Maybe get his page working again, finally.




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