It seems that no place is safe from that most pervasive and evil scourge of all, idiotic adventurers.  While travelling through the grotto, Mu witnessed a Galorn, 2nd level adventurer, running away from a gnawer shreth.  As he ran past Mu, the shreth turned on Mu (they have very short attention spans), and out of self-defense and in the spirit of aiding someone who appeared to be in trouble, Mu dispatched it.  This immediately drew the ire of the champion sprinter, who began shouting his displeasure like an idiot.  As if to pound his point home, he attempted to later attack a drudge that Mu was engaged in combat with… fortunately, his skill with blades was so poor he had little effect on the combat.  Mu watched Galorn dash ahead up the ramps to the temple, where Mu was heading himself.  On the way up, he was treated to the sight of Galorn running for his life again down the ramp, with a pair of Drudge Prowlers in hot pursit, bashing away with maces.  Out of respect for Galorn’s wishes, Mu simply whistled as he walked past the fray, looting the temple rather than interfere with Galorn’s glorious battle/foot race.

As annoying as Galorn was, even more irking is the high-level adventurer who wishes to dominate an area to the exclusion of all other hunters.  Androgen Uthersun, a barbaric roundeye of no small talents, was later seen in the grotto, apparently running his own little relay race between the temple and the room beneath, where drudge sneakers occasionally appeared.  On about the third time through the grotto and the 3rd sighting of this bizarre activity, Mu simply walked over and looted some chests in the room, which garnered Androgen’s attention.  He did not say a word, but instead entered a combat stance and then attempted to attack Sashi Mu, despite the fact that neither one had undertaken the "playerkiller" quest!  As he returned to his maniacal loop-de-loop, Mu surmised that the attack was more to send a message.  Mu certainly got it:  the message was, "Hi, I’m Androgen Uthersun, and I’m a 12th level adventurer who can think of nothing better to do than dance around the loot spawns in beginner dungeons".
Some might even argue that the grotto was too easy a crawl for Mu, who had become slightly more powerful.  However, Mu did the run for 3 reasons:  (1) it was the ONE dungeon that he was sure would not instantly trap him in a portal, (2) fighting 3 large drudges at once was challenging and an interesting exercise in tactics, and (3) to practice kung fu!  Tired of wasting precious mana on lesser enemies such as rats, Mu had begun to take his childhood martial arts studies seriously.  There has been some improvement, as can be seen in the well-executed spinning heel kick on the left.  However, his poor judgment continues to hamper his progress, as seen on the right, where he attempts to engage a skulker in unarmed combat atop some furniture, only to lose his balance and have to hold onto the monster’s filthy loincloth for balance.  Mu remembered to try to control himself later, as he fastidiously washed out his stinking gauntlets in a nearby stream.


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