Got some responses immediately on the Darktide question from the previous rant…

You asked for info about Darktide, so I figured I’d give you my impressions of it.  First of all,  just because it is forced PK, does NOT mean you will be attacked by everyone you see.  I just bought AC today, and played for about 4 hours.  In that time, I saw around 30 people total, and only one attacked me.  At this point in the game, most people are actually trying to get levels up.  For the most part, it has been no different than playing on a regular server during the beta.  If you really want info about Darktide, you might want to talk to Azile ( ).  She’s started a big clan on Darktide, which I’m planning on joining once I get a little stronger.

Bob the Lucky

Me and my friends have been happily playing on the uncrowded Darktide server since Sunday the 7th of November. None of us are PKs, none of us were mages until a few nights ago.

All of us have been attacked a few times, and a couple of us have been killed by Psycho and Mikey, two of the more notorious and higher level mages on Darktide.

Other than that, we have had no problems whatsoever with people. Most are quite friendly. Every time a new red dot pops onto the screen, you are usually greeted and assured that the dot is in fact peaceful. Quite nice, actually, and a stark difference from Beta Red.

As for war magic, I have never, ever seen it cast in a PvP battle. The overwhelming choice of PK mages is, you guessed it, Drain Health. The silliness of the range of drain health at the higher levels seems astounding. When I was killed by Mikey and his sidekick G, I was getting drained from the edge of the radar, and once, from off the edge. Running did no good, as they could get halfway back to me within twenty seconds, then drain away til they were at the edge of the radar, then repeat until dead.

I imagine that in the starting towns, it might be a little newbie-unfriendly. I wouldn’t know since we left Holtburg the minute we started the game, for climes more friendly and reasonable. My advice for adventurers that want to have a good time without the pain of PKs swarming OR crowds camping mattekar spawns: play Darktide, but get the hell out of the starting towns. Once you gain some levels, leave any town with portal access. There are plenty of towns to base out of in the wilds of Dereth that are not frequented by the big badasses or the annoying lower level newbie killers. Find a town where there aren’t enough possible victims to justify the time and effort it takes to get there. Then happily adventure your heart out.


Hmm… maybe the reports I got were from the early days of Darktide.  Now things may have calmed down.  Who can tell?  I decided to go hit the server a little bit and see for myself.  Things do seem better, since people may have finally realized that being vulnerable to the attacks of other players means that you better be nice to them as much as possible.  Take for instance, the first red dot I encountered, a 12th level mage named Xanthro.  I didn’t even see him on radar at first… stupid glare on the monitor. 

There seems to be about 800 times as much roleplaying on Darktide as on the white servers.  This is a good thing… when everybody can kill you, certain protocols and rituals pop up faster amongst those in the know in order to try and keep the peace.  Roleplaying out of fear, maybe. Anyway, I headed off to the grotto for some early pyreals, and managed to get to level 2 before encountering my first other player inside, Reefer the archer.  I decided to try the same sort of courteous approach that Xanthro used, and it worked… Reefer gave me an apple and some pyreals, and a nice increase in my war magic skill.

Sneaking back into town to replace some components and sell off my collection of cheap knives and fresh produce, I encountered Reefer again, who presented me with a nice pair of shoes.  Although I appreciate the gesture, I really must insist he bring me something a bit nicer if we’re going to keep meeting like this.

Already the "this game sux" rationale for random PKing.  For chrissakes, if the game sucks, why are you playing it?  UO’ers have been using the same thinking for years now, and it still doesn’t make any sense.





Well, not a bad experience overall.  I suppose it depends a lot on who you run into early on.  I really expected to get attacked more often, being a lone low level with no allegiance, but apparently some people have figured out that it really doesn’t make sense to keep killing newbies… crappy loot and xp.  8P  Also, the fact that EVERYONE is red leads to a different sort of mentality… on Frostfell, for instance, you may be more likely to suffer random attack just because there are so few reds to fight that everyone is looking for an opponent.  Darktide may yet grow into something interesting and unique, in time. As for the range on drains… sigh.  I’m a little leery of the upcoming change, which I’ve heard rumors about, and how drastic its effect will be.  More on this when it takes place.  I have some hope of an eventual balance, but it seems nigh-impossible to get that balance in a game which caters to both PvE and PvP styles of play.

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